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Spotted on my travels, a movie: "Lost In Translution"

Courtesy of foofers, tentacles. (Safe for work, save for the giveaway sniggering. I want to see balor wearing a t-shirt with that design. And ibneko)

Bit of a nuisance.. eBay apparently now requires one to be signed in, in order to view completed auctions. (I was idly wondering how much Ocelot might fetch - 400MHz TiBook with a bad backlight cable, so the LCD's only very occasionally viewable. Very tricky to fix. But, that'd only be pertinent if I had money to apply towards something nippier)

Chocolate rocks. (Thinking of which, what would the nutrition information label be like for the witch's house in Hansel and Gretel?)

Latest addition to the viewing queue: Man with a Movie Camera, from the Soviet Union in 1929.

For those in the UK but some distance away from London, it might be worth checking National Express for their current offer of £1 tickets (each way) to/from London, from several busier locations, and £9 for all other destinations. Presumably the catch is in whatever availability they wish to permit, but better than their usual prices.

And Mouse now has sound, yay! I noticed the speaker (in the singular, unfortunately - the first iBooks only had one, plus a normal stereo headphone socket) wire was disconnected, when performing the drive surgery recently. Handy for things like watching Powerpuff Girls episodes in the bath, where audio quality doesn't matter terribly much. (Unfortunately, I don't currently have a working pair of headphones, and I think I'll refrain from bringing the speakers in with me ^_^;;)
Blast! It's a shame I can't think of a good enough reason to go to London, as I think I could just about stretch to tickets at those prices. Even handier when you consider that I can get a free bus from Piccadilly Train Station to the coach station in Manchester. Granted, it's only about 3 streets walk anyway, but... free bus! =;)
I'd like to go to London and see the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang stage show. :)
Sounds fun, although getting from Dallas to London for £1 is perhaps stretching it a little. =;)
I don't know.. I've managed transatlantic for the cost of airport taxes. ^_^ (The joys of overbooking - in exchange for a six hour wait for the next flight, the one after was more or less free!)

Wonder what the operating costs of a teleporter will be? Is it going to be along the lines of the net, where the physical locations don't matter, as far as cost of access go? Will there need to be stations at both ends? Enquiring minds need to know!
Wasn't there some Heizenberg Uncertanty Principle problem with not being able to determine the position and the direction of an electron at the same time that made teleportation impossible at this point? *is horribly blurry on physics*
Oooh. Heh. Wonder if I still have that print-stuff-to-t-shirt print pack from way long ago........
"...what would the nutrition information label be like for the witch's house in Hansel and Gretel?"

Dammit! Now I'll have to work that out. ^_^;
Unfortunately, in Japan the people are too polite to notice t-shirts. I have worn my 'taking auditions for a japanese g/f' without eliciting any laughter or more pointing then I usually get just by being a foreigner. Only the Chinese students noticed and laughed.
Hehe! True, there is that.. and gods know, there's enough domestic weirdness on Japanese shirts anyway - if anything, maybe it'd be a sign of "going native". ^_^ (Still want to return?) How's the Japanese learning been going, btw? It'd seem being in that environment would make picking up the tongue a great deal easier, as long as not everyone insists on conversing solely in English with you. ^_^

BTW, might you have any contact email addresses, or general pointers, for conversational English teaching? I really need a change of scene badly - just whiling away the time here's no good, and if I could be in Japan instead, earning a little (which would, in any event, be a lot more than at present), I'd surely have to be crazy not to look into the option.
Before I go home for spring break, I will visit the local outlet clothing store, the places that breeds bad Engrish tshirts, and buy them for people as presents. Cheap, and good 'family' fun for all. The Japanese is much easier to learn here, which isn't to say that I can speak Japanese. But for example, I can order food, or ask for directions, and even relatively understand what the people tell me in responce.

As for English teaching, it is incredibly easy to get a job here. I prefer going to table tennis club instead of teaching, as I dont need the extra money, but anyone who wanted a job already got one here. Unfortunately, these are all part time and probably wouldn't support someone living here fulltime. What it comes down is that you usually go to a language school and you get assigned students (3 groups at the beggining). Thats about 6 hours a week, and 10,000 Yen (100 dollars). Which is really good, and enough to live on if you don't have to pay rent... which sadly you will have to. If you are a good teacher, you get more classes... and etc. That is probably not what you are looking for tho. Now, as for full time positions, I am sure they are available, but as it is not allowed for us to legally do that, I have no idea.

I think I had a link somewhere for teaching English full time in Korea, if you are interested, I could go dig it up.
Aah, that would make sense - student visa not being valid for full-time eployment. Furry 'nuff. Actually, yes, if you could find that Korean link, I'd certainly look into that as well. Not quite as handy for learning Japanese, but, it'd nonetheless be a very, very welcome change of scene, and I doubt I'd have much trouble getting back onto the net quickly. ^_^

That reminds me.. I still have to watch Ping Pong.

I also need to visit your photo gallery!
Here is the website (http://www.ftunion.com/), and here is the email where you are supposed to send ones resume(apply@ftunion.com). And yeah, Korea is a good place for internet, and the few Korean people I have met here have been really nice.

As for Ping Pong, yes, watch, and imagine me as the main character instead of whatever the main char looks like (i no longer remember). And yes, my photo gallery needs to be visited, although the net address will be moving very soon as Hypermart is a group of bastards and are kicking me off.