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Yes, it's real. (Nod to drhoz)

You dont read my posts!!!!

I posted this on the 22nd

You dont love me anymore!!!!

*giggle* Eep! I actually didn't notice, somehow. It depends when I read an entry how much attention it gets - late at night, I may just be wanting to plough through them to be sure I've not missed anything urgent, whilst other times, I'll be replying to every other entry I read. The flist's too big, really, but I keep having a terrible time actually dropping anyone, even if they only ever comment once a year (not you!).

BTW, I don't know if you've ever said much on the topic - have you ever gone 'suiting? I can't help but feel you'd be perfect for going out and about as a mascot. (In your copious spare time =:)

Those are impressive, aren't they?
I think the first time I saw that picture, I just sort of dismissed it as being a Photoshop job. It's simply implausibly big. (Or as one of the commenters said, "That's no moon!" =:)
No, those things are real... they're used for mining brown coal, IIRC. ^^
Or anything else that piques one's fancy, for that matter. =:)
*chuckles* Oh? Like? :)
You have GOT to be kidding me,.
The whole thing's fairly incredible, but it's maybe that gargantuan saw blade that really caps it off.. compare that to the size of the cars nearby. ^_^;
Holy Shit-Balls! I want one!
First thing would be to remove the bucket wheel and replace it with a cutting saw.. =:)
Jesus Quincy Adams.

(And why doesn't "Adams" stand out as much?)
Lovely icon! Had to respond here.

Bucket uses: Skimming the suburban deveopments off the landscape to return things (eventually) to their natural state.

Saw uses: Trimming those ugly fucking skyscrapers down to size.

Gigawatt lazer attachment uses: Defending yourself from the jets and missles the Conspiracy sends to wipe you out.

Giant water-sprinkler bucket: More trees and flowers!
I picked that one up from Jack Lemmon in Grumpy Old Men.
Where can I get one? Not too speedy but oh boy, it would be great for traffic rush hour! ^^
The company that sells these have a brochure in PDF that shows their entire range of bucketwheel excavators ranging from their 50-ton compact model to HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!
Aw - no pricelist? =:)

How I'd love to see the posting for one of those on craigslist.
I will never laugh at Howl's Moving Castle again.
That is seriously like the coolest thing evar!

Joke #1: My ride's here!

Joke #2: Didn't I slaughter about a bazillion Imperials inside one of those in "Star Wars: Dark Forces" on my old PlayStation 1?

Joke #3: (bumper sticker) WE DON'T BRAKE

Joke #4: If those morons at Greenpeace would let us have a nuclear powerplant, we'd already be there!

Joke #5: "Thaaaarrrr sheeeeee bloooooows!!!"

Joke #6: "The X-CavatoR! New at Six Flags Magic Mountain!"

Somewhere I've seen a slide show of what happens when you get your bulldozer too close to the bucket wheel... it gets stuck on the side, scooped up, and ends up landing on the support beams up on top.
picture them delivering the bits for assembly.
I've always thought that those things look like something Wells' aliens should have used. Forget those dinky tripods, we've got something better now!

I'd hate to think what would happen if one of those things ever tipped over. Or if the wheel dropped off.
Calling for a tow might present some problems too. =:)