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Had much fun chatting with a newly returned mycroftb and lazerus101 over in a quiet nook of the Lost Furest, in between sim crashes. ^_^ The ornj one had just been upgraded (but not in that way, though I would like to give that bit of avatar design a try), with some enhancements to the venerable Luskwood bunny. A really good time, spent chatting about many things culinary, and scripting/building possibilities and achievements. Okay, so I'm a bit of a food geek, so I found chatting about the wonders of balsamic vinegar and different styles of Bolognese sauce fun. Is that so wrong? =:)

"DRM as we know it is over." - Paul Birch, member of the executive committee and main board of the International Federation of Phonographic Institutes (IFPI) as well as the BPI Council and Chairs International. The day can't come too soon. All DRM ever accomplishes is penalising legitimate owners, restricting their use in various additional ways (only working on certain platforms, requiring the original disc be present, breaking after a certain OS version, never to be fixed as the company's long since gone, etc).

A report of free hugs in San Francisco. ^_^

Via orona_red, there's a petition (hosted, you'll notice, on the Prime Minister's subdomain) to remove the ban in the UK on blood donations by gay/bi people. Open to British citizens and residents.

I found this simultaneously encouraging and regrettable - heartening in that he'd come that far, yet only to find the power brokers against him. The Christian Coalition's new president elect, 'The Rev. Joel Hunter, of Longwood's Northland, A Church Distributed, said Wednesday that the national group would not let him expand the organization's agenda beyond opposing abortion and gay marriage.

This is the latest setback for the group founded in 1989 by religious broadcaster the Rev. Pat Robertson. Four states - Georgia, Alabama, Iowa and Ohio - have decided to split from the group over concerns its changing direction on issues like the minimum wage, the environment and Internet law instead of core issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. Hunter, who was scheduled to take over the socially conservative political group Jan. 1, said he had hoped to focus on issues such as poverty and the environment.

"These are issues that Jesus would want us to care about," Hunter said. "They pretty much said, 'These issues are fine, but they're not our issues, that's not our base.'"'

Fun costuming project.. Cerberus is making a raccoon mask in the style of that Seeed video. ^_^ (Complete with LED eyes, of course)

An interesting look at how Asperger's Syndrome plays out positively in SL.

Not a big fan of Lux Avs, Shit to mod

I'm planning on working on my own AVs in the New year
Mm, mycroftb wound up with a tricky point, where he couldn't easily tweak the area around the eyes, without affecting the eyes themselves. But the new version apparently has some nice augmentations, including the ability to swivel the ears to certain positions, and save those in one of three slots in a HUD. That's the kind of thing I'd love to see in The Ultimate OMGWTFBBQ Bunny Av, given how central to lapine body language ears are. (Of course, the SL client UI could use a lot of work in that department, so additional input devices could be used. It'd be wonderful to see on-the-fly animations, too, so someone could maybe gesture from their hand to someone's shoulder, and have the walk over to that person and placing your hand on their shoulder be carried out without having to first upload or acquire a specific animation for that action)

I'll want to see how those turn out! It's certainly an area that holds interest for me too - of course, my species focus would be slightly different. =:) I may well start on the basics now, given I've discovered the old location of where I used to live is (well, actually, just next to it, I think) open, and it's a pleasantly quiet area.. I could probably concentrate fairly well there, until I can get something permanent sorted out. Might even go for that specific spot, despite it being part of the massive Anshe Chung combine.
Bugs the hell out of me theres no decent Rat AV [Tried making my Kakera chara using the Lux Rat, but you can't enlarge the head, looks shit with Human Head hair removed etc] so that'l be my 1st full scratch build

Make a Giant [As in GIANT !] Panda AV using a 5m off the ground script and tinkering with Minis and a Quad too [Theres NO Bear Quads out there so I'm modding a Jakkal one]

Been busy making Thanksgiving and Xmas stuff on SL lately, so AV building will prob be in the new year like I said
ISTR marko_the_rat eventually went for Ninja Weasel's rat, and mixed'n'matched a bit - not a bad appearance overall, but more certainly couldn't hurt. You might consider making an otter, too, given there's quite few of them around, and none really all that ottery, with those short legs.

How does it work with quads? I understand something like my bunnies are essentially head & paws on top of a shrunken bipedal mannequin - presumably there's a choice of basic mannequin types an av can specify? (I'd like to try making a good My Little Pony =:)