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Had much fun chatting with a newly returned mycroftb and lazerus101 over in a quiet nook of the Lost Furest, in between sim crashes. ^_^ The ornj one had just been upgraded (but not in that way, though I would like to give that bit of avatar design a try), with some enhancements to the venerable Luskwood bunny. A really good time, spent chatting about many things culinary, and scripting/building possibilities and achievements. Okay, so I'm a bit of a food geek, so I found chatting about the wonders of balsamic vinegar and different styles of Bolognese sauce fun. Is that so wrong? =:)

"DRM as we know it is over." - Paul Birch, member of the executive committee and main board of the International Federation of Phonographic Institutes (IFPI) as well as the BPI Council and Chairs International. The day can't come too soon. All DRM ever accomplishes is penalising legitimate owners, restricting their use in various additional ways (only working on certain platforms, requiring the original disc be present, breaking after a certain OS version, never to be fixed as the company's long since gone, etc).

A report of free hugs in San Francisco. ^_^

Via orona_red, there's a petition (hosted, you'll notice, on the Prime Minister's subdomain) to remove the ban in the UK on blood donations by gay/bi people. Open to British citizens and residents.

I found this simultaneously encouraging and regrettable - heartening in that he'd come that far, yet only to find the power brokers against him. The Christian Coalition's new president elect, 'The Rev. Joel Hunter, of Longwood's Northland, A Church Distributed, said Wednesday that the national group would not let him expand the organization's agenda beyond opposing abortion and gay marriage.

This is the latest setback for the group founded in 1989 by religious broadcaster the Rev. Pat Robertson. Four states - Georgia, Alabama, Iowa and Ohio - have decided to split from the group over concerns its changing direction on issues like the minimum wage, the environment and Internet law instead of core issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. Hunter, who was scheduled to take over the socially conservative political group Jan. 1, said he had hoped to focus on issues such as poverty and the environment.

"These are issues that Jesus would want us to care about," Hunter said. "They pretty much said, 'These issues are fine, but they're not our issues, that's not our base.'"'

Fun costuming project.. Cerberus is making a raccoon mask in the style of that Seeed video. ^_^ (Complete with LED eyes, of course)

An interesting look at how Asperger's Syndrome plays out positively in SL.

Its good to hear DRM getting its deserved comeuppance. Rusty was always assuring me that it was doomed due to consumer rejection.

As for the blood service...I doubt the ban will be there much longer anyway. I do work for GUM on occasion, and they are more concerned about blood borne infection in hetrosexuals nowadays.
Of course, what people now need to be careful of is what other schemes such industry bodies may have in mind - but, if his prediction is indeed born out, I'll be very happy indeed to see pragmatism win the day. That said, I do remain sceptical - I fully expect HD-DVD and Blu-Ray to press ahead with their much stronger DRM. Another couple years, and the HD format players will be at the same commodity levels we see existing DVD players at, whereupon production will shift towards the newer formats, and away from DVD. Will the newer formats be as easily broken as DVD's CSS was? (Bear in mind the pivotal point there wasn't the encryption scheme so much as the leaked key from Xing Networks) I much prefer playing video from the hard drive than DVDs, as I can have a considerable collection with me without the need to carry around the physical discs (less to forget on the train, f'rex), as well as the lower power consumption with no need to keep a disc spun up, and the lack of drive noise.

That's good to hear on the bloody front too. =:) I should educate myself on the issue more, in particular who will wind up actually making the decision, and thus where people might most usefully direct their efforts.
I have never had any problem with the idea of being unable to transfer copyrighted data from one person to another. But I feel thats the only acceptable way of locking it down. To the PERSON, not the equipment. I suspect the REAL reason why the BPI favour locking copyrighted information down to equipment is that it more or less emasculates fair use copying of data between devices that are owned by the person who purchased the data.

It also more or less means that people who upgrade their equipment have to either buy the data again or jump through hoops.

They have NEVER liked the idea of the consumer being in control, and DRM was a way of realising their deepest, darkest dreams.

As for the blood thing, the evidence that the safe sex message has "got through" to the gay community seems to be contradicted by Loganberry's cited post. It could be that just the Wakefield area is area is experiencing a rise in hetrosexually transmitted infection, or the statistics could be flawed in some day. I get all my information from a Doctor that I know, so I cannot say for sure.
That was me by the way.