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If sockscatt has, or can get, a PS3, he might want to take Taco Bell up on their 'tacos for life' exchange: first person to donate a PS3 gets $12,500 in Taco Bell Bucks. The PS3 will then be handed over to the Boys & Girls Club of Stanton, California.

What a wonderful Doctor Who concert! I wish I'd been able to be there in person, but still, good that Radio Wales carried it live over the net. And I was rather pleased to see them acknowledge Delia Derbyshire's role in the original music's arrangement and realisation.

Here's the fursuit parade in full from MFF 2006, albeit with one of the most painful audio compressions YouTube's yet inflicted on the public.

Good grief.. now we hear that both Christopher Eccleston and George Takei will be joining Heroes. I might even have to sneak a peek at the show sometime..

Now this is an iPod dock I'd be tempted by, if I had one. =:)

Here's a good look at the Vista EULA, with particular regard to its implicit threat to disable the software if Microsoft feels so inclined. It goes on to explore the US legal nature of such "self help" - here, a vendor disabling their code in response to a license violation - including some case history and applicable laws.

Want some professional fonts, but don't have the budget? Try l'Abécédarienne's free fonts, courtesy of amelitatwinstar.

Nothing revolutionary, but the BBC's Six O'Clock News had a peek at SL on Monday. Not the most insightful reporter on the planet, but a pretty level-headed look all the same.

Wii explained, by those who created it.

I thought djmermaid might be tickled by these Queen of All Cosmos earmuffs that mycroftb noticed. ^_^ And these Bearhands mittens are way cute, available in fleece of various colors, plus a couple types of fake fur.

I never realised it could be possible for a Tellytubby to have a Scottish accent..

If you're in the Bay Area, and enjoyed Pixar's Cars, you might want to wander along to the Morgan Auditorium on Dec 1, when the San Francisco Society of Illustrators will be hosting Pixar Under the Hood: The Making of Cars. "A team of Pixar's creative talent, led by Lighting Technical Director Jeremy Vickery, will break down the process of what it takes to make a winning collaborative effort...concepts, component development, production fine tuning, tech tweaks...plus a few special surprises on the way to the checkered flag of completion."

Don't suppose anyone knows what's up with Taco, over on SL? foxymoonheart mentioned they'd apparently taken it down in protest at the island rate increases, which I understand have now been pushed back to Feb 2008 (for existing islands, not new ones). Is the place gone for good? I really hope not, as it was a great example of the fun one can have with a sim, and one of only a surprisingly small number of toony venues.

Sweet Valerian ep.12 is now out. ^_^

You scored as Pussy Galore. You are Pussy Galore, the heroine who worked for Goldfinger, but saved the day when you met a man who changed your life forever. And with a name like that, you have to be good in the sack too!


Pussy Galore


Miss Moneypenny


Bond. James Bond.


Honey Ryder


Aurich Goldfinger




Felix Leiter




Which James Bond character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
"Gee, I sure could go for 100 Tacos about now..."
I was just watching the Three Hundred Big Boys episode of Futurama last night, where Fry decides to spend his $300 on a hundred cups of coffee.. never quite got that far, personally. Too much caffeine just sends me into a snooze.

Hmm. Wonder what taco pie would be like.. I've heard Frito Pie's quite big in parts of Texas. Could imagine it being pretty good, actually - and I do have a definite weakness for crunchiness.
Funny, I watched that one a couple of nights ago. The "100th coffee" scene is *gorgeous*, ne?
That was quite a beautiful bit of direction. We've seen a lot of "bullet time"-related gags in the past few years, but that one gave a nod in that direction whilst still being its own joke, as well as simply quite a lovely bit of storytelling.

Reminds me, I should check when those new episodes are due - was that summer 2007?

Also an outstanding piece of storytelling, but one I doubt I can ever watch again, is Jurassic Bark. Egad.
Well, I mean it'd be a way to break the ice at a social mixer now, woulnd't it?

"So, I have.... TACOS!!!!"

But I still think that the trade isn't QUITE what I'd go for. I'd rather get the tacos fresh, ya know?
Well, you could always dunk them in liquid nitrogen to keep them fresh. Might be worth reheating them before eating, though. ^_^
If [info]sockscatt has, or can get, a PS3, he might want to take Taco Bell up on their 'tacos for life' exchange: first person to donate a PS3 gets $12,500 in Taco Bell Bucks. The PS3 will then be handed over to the Boys & Girls Club of Stanton, California.

Yay, Diarrhea for Life!

I hadn't heard about Taco going offline but if it has, that is a shame. By the way, the cost increases only effect new sims. Ones that are already online will remain at the current rate.
First prize $5,000 in Taco Bell Bucks, second prize $10,000? =:)

Yep, trying my usual Taco bookmark just gives an error on trying to teleport, and the text field beneath the landmark field says (Unknown region). The vixie mentioned the rates for existing islands had been due to rise in a couple months, apparently, in line with the prices for new orders, but that had been pushed back by a year. Easy to understand owners would be a little upset about a 50% rise with so little warning, especially one like Taco, which is essentially run out of their own pockets just for fun. Maybe I'll sniff around SL Insider and the like - see if any of them have noted Taco's disappearance.

Maybe I should try putting together something of a Furry SL Guide. There doesn't seem to be any single, handy source like that - seems ideal for newcomers, but probably would be handy for others too, given the way there's no real connection between individual realms like Luskwood and Lost Creatures. There's probably loads of furry locales and venues I've not even heard of yet, less still visited.

Re: that James Bond character quiz.
40 questions, 9 spelling mistakes.
Not bad!

Egad. That's in the running for Most Literate Quiz of the Year, then. =:) (Though QuizFarm's seem to fare somewhat better than Quizilla's these days - seems like the MySpace crowd owns the latter now. Then again, I haven't really gone trolling for quizzes in a while now, given how difficult it is to find the good/amusing/insightful ones amongst the.. others)
(Deleted comment)
*giggle* I was just thinking the design somehow calls out to be a bunny instead.. ^_^ Wonder if it's got just the iPod dock connector, or a plain headphone plug as well?

I'd never really considered a dedicated music player, but I seem to have quite enough to justify it.. still, the MacBook Pro comes first, whenever that will be. (SL framerates, ahoy!)
Pussy Galore? Bah, nothing can beat Alotta Fagina! ^^
It has to be said, subtlety isn't a strong point of many Bond characters' names, especially where the women (good or evil) are concerned.. ^_^; Still, I've enjoyed pretty much all the films, with the exception of License to Kill. Some have been better than others, of course - Goldeneye remains my favorite of the "recent" ones, with Live and Let Die another classic of the earlier ones, even if that line "But in this ever changing world in which we live in" always set my teeth grating. =:)
Well, to be fair, Alotta Fagina is from Austin Powers... a series of movies I like much, much better than the Bond ones, myself. :)
Ah, we differ on that. ^_^ I'm more one for dry than broad humor, generally - something like Absolute Power, or indeed, anything Chris Morris is involved in, such as The Day Today or Brass Eye.
I didn't watch any of those. :) That being said, it's not like I don't like dry or subtle humour, either, but James Bond at least just gets on my nerves - it may ellicit the occasional chuckle from you, but for the most part, it's pretty devoid of humour. And it doesn't really have other redeeming qualities, either, IMO. :)

But yeah, I like slapstick more than dry or subtle humour, that's true. The Austin Powers sure had their weak moments, too, but generally speaking, good humour is when I can laugh until my sides hurt. ^_^ There's some old Laurel and Hardy movies that do that, for example (maybe more than "some", too - I haven't watched that many yet), and I also love classics like "Airplane!" or "The Naked Gun".

And I still want to get my paws on classics like "The Bangville Police" or "Hoffmeyer's Legacy" or other Keystone Kop movies, too - I think the Kops are a piece of culture that's vastly underappreciated and that should never have been forgotten the way it was. :)
Broken Prototype, the Owner of Taco gave me the short answer. "Taco is gone."

It's not a protest or anything, I'm pretty sure they just decided it wasn't worth paying for a sim. It's not like they were using it to make money; Luskwood is in Lusk, and most of the vendors there were just for convenience sake.

It's a tragedy to loose such a beautiful place, but it happens all the time. Maybe if you ask they'll give you some Taco pieces to build your own Mini Taco.
Oh, poo. *sigh* That's a real pity.. Taco was one of the few toony venues in SL, and quite unusual in just being for the fun of it, rather than seeking to cover its costs through land rental or such. I was hoping that apartment block might be destined for that purpose, lightening the financial load on the owners, but I suppose not.

Hmm.. it would be rather cool to have a bit of Taco somewhere. ^_^ Hafta see what land I can wind up with - even just one of those funky mushrooms would be neat to have around the place, but the teleport point would be really nifty. I'll have to remember to ask, when I've somewhere to put it.