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Only audio, but BBC Radio Wales will be carrying Sunday's Doctor Who concert in Cardiff live from 6pm (10am Pacific). It'll subsequently appear on BBC1 over Christmas. Listeners outside the UK might need to make use of a proxy to appear to be coming from within the country.

Cyriak's animation mix - a compilation of b3ta animations of impressively surreal proportions. Trippy stuff, with a cool videogame style soundtrack too.

The trailer for Paprika suggests it'll be an anime feature to watch out for, particularly coming from Satoshi Kon, late of Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers, and looks to be even more of a mindtrip than before. Oddly 80s animation style..

Finally, real mobile net.access might be coming to the UK - 3's launching flat-rate data. Details remain sketchy, but one main leg of the plan is Skype - rather than trying to ban it, VoIP will be part of the core of it all. Pricing will be available in December, expected to be "lower than £18/month" on top of their existing mobile plan.

Following on from a conversation with mycroftb, I was wondering if anyone knew how quickly rabbit fur grows, compared to human hair. Is it roughly the same timescale? I was just pondering dyeing my fur, if I could, and wondered how long it'd take for the color to grow out again.

Assuming it wasn't made for them, does anyone recognise the soundtrack on this Wii commercial?

Pet skunks

Oooh.. someone's posted a little clip of "Butterscotch", a toy animatronic pony I noted a while back. She doesn't walk, unfortunately, but her head movements are rather cool to see - and she'll apparently take up to 200lb on her back. ^_^

This thread from AppleInsider talks about the much rumored Apple cellphone, including contributions in the comments from someone claiming to have worked on part of its functionality. Nothing revolutionary like teleportation, but if the claims are true, they'll be applying the same iTunes/iPod seamlessness, much as Microsoft did with the Zune and WMP.
*giggle* Every panel's a classic, ne? The one I excerpted's just too cute, and then there's the gonzo effect of long fangs (which I hadn't known about - though all mustelids have pretty effective fangs, as any badly behaved ferret will happily demonstrate). ^_^ If I were a skunk, I know there'd be a couple new icons coming out of that..
Yeah, people do tend overlook a skunk's teeth with all the concern over their other abilities. But they are quite good little predators. The icon idea is definitely tempting, though I'm hardly a domestic skunk, and a spotty one at that. But it's hard to find decent skunk pictures to use, too.
I do like the skunk's attitude - they just want to be left alone to do their own thing. If you try to be threatening, they won't do the usual thing of trying to attack with teeth, or running away, but a nicely non-violent method that seems to work quite well. I say we give lapines the ability too. That'll show those foxes and cougars. =:)

I'm hardly a domestic skunk

Oh, I don't know.. you seem to be able to cook quite well, and take pride in a certain degree of tidiness.. ^_^

it's hard to find decent skunk pictures to use

That is one benefit of being a bunny now, I'd have to say. ^_^ Good red panda photography isn't all that common, though I suppose they do receive a reasonable amount of attention, by unfortunate virtue of being desperately uncommon. I might not be a panda any longer, but the idea of having a large area of woodland exclusively for red panda hangouts would be appealing - I dare say they'd get on fine with the rabbits as well.

I knew someone who had a pet skunk, though unfortunately not while they still had her - sadly, she proved their point about obesity, as the previous owner had taken a mostly laissez-faire attitude, giving her table scraps and anything else she'd eat, leading to what sounded like a very portly bundle of fur indeed. Sounded like she was lovely company, though. ^_^ (Cacomistles are also meant to be very good companions - supposedly once quite popular company for gold miners in California)
I say we give lapines the ability too.

Sure, why not? It would certainly make bunnies much more interesting. Not that they need any help in that area.

That is one benefit of being a bunny now, I'd have to say.

I can imagine. Actually, I have found a number of good skunk pictures, but the black fur is a problem. With as little skill as I have at making icons, a lot of them turn into little black blobs when shrunk to LJ icon proportions.

sadly, she proved their point about obesity

That's a shame. At least they didn't starve her, but that sounds almost as bad. I guess that's the trouble with being such a laid back animal.

Cacomistles are also meant to be very good companions

Oh yes, I'd love to have a ringtail, too. They're quite lovely little animals in their own right, and they're rapidly becoming an absolute favorite of mine.