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moth_wingthane passed on word of the coolest watercraft ever: single and dual seater dolphins.

Here's an amusing TV spot for soap.

And Zen comes up with another lapine masterpiece. Not really worksafe, but such a heartthrob..

Ever wondered as to the underlying technological and philosophical bases of Bender?

So CNet dropped a pair of Clovertown (quad core Xeon) processors into a Mac Pro, to see what kind of speed improvements they'd realise: some, but not huge, obviously depending highly on just how easily the application decomposes into parallel operations. CineBench saw the greatest improvement, Quake 4 virtually nothing.

I came across this eleven minute short, and thought it well worth sharing: Zoo. Directed by Bert Haanstra in 1962, it's simply people watching other animals, them watching back, and us watching all of them, set to a hep jazz soundtrack. It's a most effective piece, very well edited, and the score indeed adds to the work, an integral part of it, not merely audio wallpaper. You can find it over here.

Clovertown? Sounds like something Judge Doom would think up.
I was thinking more a disco track - "Won't you take me to.. Clovertooown, won't you take me to.. Clovertooown?"

Such a pity Intel never retains their codenames into product launch. ^_^ (If only marketers would listen to engineers more often! Firewire was just a codename, but it stuck - and the OS X big cats were, until His Steveness realised they were pretty cool monickers, and deemed 10.2 to officially be Jaguar. (Then Panther, now Tiger, with Leopard coming next Spring. I still say they should've gone with rabbit breeds)
I hate FA...
(Deleted comment)
*giggle* You need to post a pic or two sometime. ^_^

Sounds like he should get you Butterscotch - the resultant cuteness might be quite something.
(Deleted comment)
"Little bunny"? Not so little.. :-9 Mmmm, bunny feets..