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There's something inexplicably hilarious in skateboarding mannequins (FLV). It's a Japanese clip, of course.

mycroftb noticed this clip (FLV) of what happens if you place a viscous cornstarch mix into the cone of a speaker fed with a loud 80Hz tone. It's very cool to watch. And if you fill up a pool (FLV) with something like that, but much more watery..

What could be better than zombies? Gay zombies! "In this campy spoof of classic B horror flicks, a plucky young sissy’s idyllic birthday weekend is crashed by a group of libidinous gay men - turned into ravenous flesh-eating zombies."

If you had a paid account during LJ's outage the other weekend, you can go here to claim a week's extension as compensation. (This expires at the end of next Monday, Nov 20)

An interesting addition to SL: IBM's "Incubator" initiative launched in a recreation of the Forbidden City, in conjunction with the Chinese government. Naturally, the CEO appeared in a suit. Now, if we could have only quietly switched his av for, say, a bunny..

Possibly merely a token offer, but Hamas suggests a peace conference with Israel. Still no sign of formal recognition of Israel, however.

Two trailers of possibly good films: The Painted Veil, and Bridge to Terabithia. Edward Norton's pretty much always worth seeing, though I'd say his definitive role remains that of Fight Club; and the latter might be able to capture some of that otherworldly wonder, though the CG looks - presumably deliberately - quite stylised. Or cheap.
Your posts are always a delight! ^^ Way to go! I truly enjoy them!
*grin* You can blame furs like mycroftb for some of it all. Especially artwork postings. Mmm.. I need to get caught up with my FA messages sometime.

I just like sharing these bits and pieces that have come my way - if I can't actually be physically present to chat with friends about them, LJ makes a pretty good substitute.
Totally agree. Me neither, I'm a busy fox. But I've been reading your postings for quite a long time, wherever they come from, even since you had you old red panda (super cute) avatar. I changed my userpics and username too. Used to be a coon, now the foxie thing suits me better.

BTW, that simpsons movie, man, I loved the bunny intro, f*ck the simpsons movie! That bunny is a cutie! (I still have a weakness for bunnies). Peace!
(Deleted comment)
Oh, cool beans! So their tag line of it being a well-regarded title isn't just puffery. ^_^ How'd the trailer strike you?

I don't suppose we might see some lapinity within? ^_^
MEEP! I approve of your fun findings, particularly the pool-of-not-water!
It really looks like fun, ne? ^_^ Seems like it'd make an excellent Candid Camera style prank, too, if you could make up the water to be nicely clear - replace someone's pool water with that, invite them out, then happily prance across the surface. (Bonus points if within the Bible Belt. =:)
And don't forget taxidermy frogs making whoopee. o.o

Also, I'm not sure I can resist an auction titled "I don't know what this is. If you want it, it's $4.00". ^^
'Course, the biologist in me is yelling out "THAT'S NOT HOW THEY DO IT!" =:)

Someone, at some point, made money by stuffing frogs, it seems.. perhaps you could get him to throw them in, if you bought the spectrum analyser. ^_^

I used to have quite a good junk box (well, okay, room), including some unidentifiables, and some I could identify, but never really use, like a waveguide from a Concorde. On the other paw, now I have Hyzenthlay. ^_^
*chuckles* Yeah, indeed, that's not how they do it - which is why the whole thing's even more bizarre. :)

What's a waveguide?