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Rummaging through the piles of cast-off postings from some of the folks I've bumped into here, I was reminded of Ricky, from ASB. Seeking to remind myself of the other's name on said shirt (sadly, long since out of print), I did what any geekfur would: a-googling! Hi ho the merry-o, googling into the sunset! (Best chanted along with accordion accompaniment)

Which turned up this shirt instead.

pant pant pant

I need a diversion. How about rotary engine fishtanks?
My God, it's like the Macquarium all over again!
*grin* It's a classic. ^_^ (So to speak) I'm surprised I've not seen anyone do something similar with a CRT iMac case, though.. maybe the shells are simply much trickier to obtain cheaply.

I like the nautical effect of the bolts around the edge, too.. really quite nicely done. ^_^
There are two iMacquaria on this page.

I still happen to be using mine for its original purpose, though!
Good grief - they're actually selling complete ready-made converted tanks! I think I'd say the Cube one is my favorite, though - a nicely understated elegance. Though probably not much space for fish, which could be considered a drawback.. but, I suppose one could just as easily have a little marine garden.

Such a pity the Cube didn't sell well - easily one of their nicest designs, I felt, and even the ad deviated from the rather tiresomely homely spots they've tended towards. (On the other paw, the iPod ones are pretty good - certainly, they've caught on in popular culture. As VCL has seen..)

Oooh! And it's drawn by Smudge. I chatted with her very briefly at FC2004!
I dunno...they're both very sexy! ^_^
...alright, you've wrenched it out of me, Ricky is soooooo much sexier! You'd have to go this far to really get me hot over mechanics. It would be perfect, if you had Ricky in a suggestive pose on top of the device. Oh *spooge* just thinking about it!

Seksay. :D
Oooh. Me, I want one of the original kind of rotary engine. These are much cooler, nobody would ever make an engine that works like this anymore.