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w00t! DJ NeonBunny mixes again: Disco Dance. ^_^ Easily recommended.

Whoa.. there's some serious pseudoscience in the Life Technology Tesla Purple Energy Shield. "The idea is, that tachyons pass trough untreated aluminium plates without hindrance. By anodising the surface of the aluminium, they develop a field that slows down tachyons. Thus the aluminium surface gets charged with subtle energy/information."

EarthBound/Mother 3 won't be receiving a release outside of Japan - so one group's taking it upon themselves to offer a fan translated version, as mycroftb noticed.

Next Wednesday sees the first live HD broadcast from space, aboard the ISS. In the US, it'll be carried on Discovery HD Theater at 0830 Pacific.

Does anyone know what's up with Yiffstar? Hopefully it's just some glitch, rather than being out for the count..

I was quite tickled by these survey results of Unitarian Universalists:

'Whereas "human reason and knowledge" was called very important by 96 percent of UU congregational leaders who took part in the multi-denominational Faith Communities Today (FACT) survey released early this year, the Bible was termed only "somewhat important" by 50 percent and had little or no importance to 48 percent as a source for worship and teaching. God's presence, at best, was sensed significantly by only 25 percent in church and somewhat by another 36 percent.'

'Casebolt offered 20 labels, including pagan, atheist and agnostic in his Midwestern survey. Humanist was again a clear choice (54 percent), but agnostic (33 percent) beat out earth-centered (31 percent). Atheist was picked by 18 percent and Buddhist by 16.5 percent. Pagan and Christian tied at 13.1 percent. "That the typical respondent felt the need to circle three or four terms to describe his or her theological views" demonstrated the complexity of many UUs' outlook, Casebolt said.' - note the presence of "atheist" as an option. ^_^

Regardless of political affiliations, this review of Donald Rumsfeld's fighting techniques is definitely giggleworthy.

Be sure to view to demo movie clip of this new condom that takes one second to put on. Very spiffy.

mycroftb spotted this fchan thread - I shan't explain it. NSFW. But amusing. ^_^

Hornby's buying Airfix, which might give huskyteer some comfort.

By way of discopanda, this cute little javascript hack. Load a page with plenty of images, such as a LJ Friends page, then paste this into the address bar. (It's portable, so it should work on any browser you like)

javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.getElementsByTagName(%22img%22); DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=(Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5)+%22px%22; DIS.top=(Math.cos(R*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5)+%22px%22}R++}setInterval('A()',5); void(0)

Here's a neat little story of one man's foray into politics in Vermont; an individual can make a difference.

drhoz noticed that the camp featured in "Jesus Camp" has closed, for "at least several years".

Ah, that's much better.. finally got around to sorting out more of the room, tossing ancient bills and statements, keeping most of the little trinkets from my travels (I don't tend to buy souvenirs - my momentos tend to be trivial things like a ticket stub from seeing a movie, or a bill for an excellent meal, or just the odd tourist pamphlet, like the ones for Cambramatta or the Petronas Towers). I could even dare to show the room off to a guest at this point. ^_^; And best of all, that sorting turned up the headphones - I'd been using some cheapie earbuds, but these noise cancellers (an exceptionally thoughtful gift, just before a long flight) are particularly comfortable, and offer a much richer sound. Mmm, time to enjoy some of This Binary Universe in good quality. ^_^

And many hugs to giro_batol for his old PowerShot A200. ^_^ That'll be perfect for getting various bits onto eBay, as well as maybe the odd photo from my wanderings. Perhaps the nearby park has some alluring autumnal hues on show..
Ah, as I remember (it's been a while) the theoretical tachyon *speeds up* as it loses energy (and a quick check of Wikipedia agrees). So, this little aluminum keychain fob is pumping energy into tachyons to slow them down? If anything, the information flow would be from the aluminum to the tachyons along with the energy flow.

Sheesh, they can't even get the woo-woo right. Of course, the above statements would mean the little fob runs out of stored energy quickly and must be replaced often, so maybe that was the idea.
Wow, they've come up with a metaphysical sedative! Doubtless they'd want to verify their claims under, say, surgery. =:)

Except it'd mean giving money to such fraudsters, it'd be fun to open one of those up and see if there's anything in there at all. Not that even such a revelation would have any impact on its sales, I'm sure. And I dare say they do manage to sell quite a few of them, too, just as those fuel tank stickers did indeed seem to sell, or similar stickers to rejuvenate cellphone batteries.. *sigh* To be fair, quite a good part of such gullibility likely comes from a simple lack of scientific understanding - it's as Clarke said, really. For many people, a lot of technology may as well be powered by magic. (Which is not to say a lot of technology can't be magical - isn't it amazing to be able to zoom across the skies and land halfway around the world, looking down upon the highest clouds as we go? Or even natural happenings, as illustrated by that DNA replication visualisation I posted a little while back - now that's</a> something to inspire wonder)

I need to search that site - perhaps I'll be lucky and uncover a promo video. That couldn't help but be entertaining. ^_^
Yiffstar has been transferred to new servers after a critical hardware failure. Lots was lost but Toumal is rebuilding it to be bigger, better etc. So it will be back :)
Ack! That can't have been a lot of fun to encounter. :-P Very good to hear it's all in paw, though - I dare say most of the stories can be re-uploaded by the authors and readership. Maybe we'll be lucky and have a bonus tale or two from Von Krieger in celebration upon its return. ^_^
There really needs to be a scientific equivalent to Godwin's Law. Basically, anyone pushing a healing or free energy technology by invoking Tesla's name is immediately badged an idiot and/or charlatan.

It's a shame, really. It's not that Tesla did anything wrong - on the contrary - just that every dimwitted pseudoscientific creep wants to ride the man's coattails, following his reputation for being an eccentric genius and a showman. Stamping "Tesla" on your pet theory or product does not suddenly exempt you from any and all scientific scrutiny. As if they're trying to say, "They thought Tesla was mad - but in the end he was right! I am too!"

The poor guy must be spinning in his grave. Hopefully in a wire-wrapped coffin with magnets in his pockets.
Ha! ^_^

It is rather tragic, as inevitably they drag Tesla's name down with them, coating his work in this gel of Bermanian babble.

I wonder if I could go into business making Official Archimedes Plutonium Collectibles?
So many of his private papers were supposedly confiscated by the government after his death, it leaves room open for people to make anything they want of his name and ideas. Some of the ideas people propose have a legitimate amount of possibility behind them. Lots may be bull, however.
*downloads the Neonbunny track and waits for it (the download, that is, not the track) to finish*

The post about that aluminium tampon look-a-like was great - I took the liberty of syndicating that blog as actionskeptics, too, in case you're interested. :)

Rumsfeld's fighting techniques were funny, yes... although I kinda missed "the chicken out", or something along those lines. :P

Those condoms are neat, too, as is the fchan thread (mmmm, platonic solids ^^). :)

Nice story about Bernie Sanders, too; it sure shows that you can make a difference, although I think he also got lucky.

Good thing that the camp's being shut down, although I have the vague feeling that it will simply reopen again in a few years when nobody recalls the whole thing anymore, possibly under a different name.
Oh, handy! I like reading weblogs "in line" with LJ - I just read it as it comes along, no separate app to fuss around with, no little Dock icon reminding me quietly that there's stuff you haven't read yet, don't you want to read it now, huh, huh? Don't you? =:) I only just got around to adding pharyngula, despite seeing it credited on places like BoingBoing plenty of times.

Part of me, I admit, wants to go selling little anodised capsules along with a lengthy burbling on how it "works".. but I couldn't really live with myself. Yet, I suppose, the buyers are giving them their money purely freely, even in the light of such claptrap (what a wonderful word!) - they really are being given what they want. (Much like the 30% who still remain loyal to Bush..)

It was quite wonderful to behold, ne? The previous week, Bush had been quite clear that Rumsfeld would be staying, and now we learn his departure had been in the works for several weeks. His replacement's not looking too wonderful, either, with quite a hand in the whole Iran/Contra scandal - but, if there might be some actual realism thrown into the decision making now, I could overlook his past deeds. Hopefully the Democratic takeover will mean that wretched debacle will finally come to an end. Wonder if he'll wind up retiring on the new ranch the Bush family supposedly (wonder if it's been positively confirmed?) picked up in Paraguay recently.. =:)

I just found that condom video so neat to watch. So easy! ^_^ Condoms may sound easy in theory, but ye gods, they can be fiddly in practice..

True, Sanders is in Vermont, which has a strong tradition of being fiercely independent politically - but, even Jerry McNerney prevailed in his recent Congressional bid in CA-11, deposing long-time incumbent Richard Pombo, quite a heavy-hitter within the party, and head of the House Resources Committee. And that without even much support from the Democratic party, to begin with - his is one of the true "netroots" success stories. He's one guy I'm hoping we'll be hearing more of.
Yeah, reading feeds inline is neat, isn't it? I really like that, as well - it's one of the greatest LJ features, I think. :)

Yeah, I sometimes think I should try to scam people that way, too; a few friends of mine and me once considered selling "nuclear power filters" (plug them into your power sockets, then plug your appliances into the filters, and they will automatically filter out all power coming from nuclear power plants), but since that's actually a verifiable (and false) claim, it might actually have gotten us in trouble. :) It's probably better to stick to vague things like "energy" and the like (incidentally, one company once sent me a catalogue full of new age stuff; glossy full-colour print, perfect binding, several hundreds of pages. I guess it shows that they do make a lot of money with that crap...)

Hmmm, a ranch in Paraguay? Makes you wonder whether they're preparing a safe retreat in case of a civil war; I can't really imagine that the shrubs would move out of Texas otherwise. :P

Yeah, condoms can be fiddly, can't they? I hope this one will pick up... :)
I wonder what those purple tampon critics would have made of my final-year uni paper on warp physics. :P

I've seen some screenshots of that Mother 3 translation the other month. Looks spiffy fun. ^_^ They were translating it in instalments rather than the whole game at once, I believe.

Didn't Yiffstar go kablooey the other year as well? Their hard drives went poof.

""Freedom's untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things". Listen to Millie Donny, people!

My Airfix planes usually turned out assembled like Homer's barbeque set.

I can Powershoot too if I flex my muscle just right ...

Well, if you make scientific sense, all is well. ^_^ It's essentially a matter of winding up with claims that can be experimentally tested, I feel. Electricity and magnetism were once poorly understood - only with the pioneering work of people like James Clerk Maxwell was their interconnection made clear.

Warp physics? All I managed was a simple scanrate converter using only plain small-scale logic devices.. monochrome, as I didn't want to get into the complexities of color formats as well, though I did cover the basics of NTSC, PAL, and SECAM along the way. (Really quite cool , when you think about it - shoehorning color on top of existing b&w broadcasts, whilst at the same time leaving existing b&w viewers unaffected. And now we have monitors running at 1920x1200 and above, purely digitally..)

Ah, that'd be an interesting way of doing it! Hopefully they'll be able to give people some idea of the timescale for the project, as it progresses. I can understand they'd be reluctant early on, as you just know there'd be people wanting to hold them to any estimate given, unconcerned this was all being done as a labor of love.

Hmm.. there might've been some downtime before, yes. Hopefully not too much was lost (doesn't anyone back up important data?), but it ought to be simple enough for authors and readers to resubmit anything missing. For me, the main area of interest was - surprise! - the transformation stories.

There's the thing with freedom - it isn't safe. =:) Eliminate all routes to misdoing, and you wind up eliminating that which you sought to protect.

And let's not forget Homer's spice rack. ^_^ (Thinking of which.. we could do with one here.. =:)

I can Powershoot too if I flex my muscle just right ...

Have you contacted the Olympic Committee with a view to adding a new game to the event?
SL was a fucker today. It made me near cry. I lost hours on the git because the ongoing database fuck-ups that are wrecking peoples' inventories brokea major project I had built for Teen SL and then poofed away into nothingness some vital components in the project that I can't replace because they're not available to buy on Teen SL and I can't take my teen avatar back to the main grid to buy more. :(

SL is becoming a joke. >_>
Oh, gods, that sounds like a hell of a time, and not the good kind. *sigh* Worse still that it sounds like you can't "just" redo it all.. that really stinks. Can a Linden help on the missing components?

**hughughug** Time, maybe, for unwinding with something animated, like Finding Nemo. Or some good furry poartwork. (Or Robin Hood, which can be both at the same time)

I dare say the rocky road will continue for a little while yet - their mad dash for growth has worked, putting greater stress on a software architecture that doesn't sound terribly well designed. For all that, though.. it can be such fun too, ne? >>hug<<
I still haven't got my bits back. Maybe I never will or maybe LL will do an item return once they've 'fixed' the database issues.

I LOL'd at their blog entry where they said "It's fixed now" and they were deluged with comments saying "no it ain't!". Four hours later, another blog entry: "It's not fixed after all". As someone said on the blog today, the complaining about the service is more fun that SL itself!

I think things would be a whole lot more reliable if Philip Linden follows through with his interest in letting folk host the SL software on their own servers and only pay a lower fee for accessing LL's user database.

As has been commented, having a Google-like Tao philosophy management structure where you let the staff do whatever they feel like instead of giving instructions from the top only works if the product they're selling isn't fucked up nine ways to Sunday. Google can afford to let their employees play basketball and sit on bean bags, because their browser WORKS!

*hugs lovingly*

Ah. I'd wondered what the story was behind that "socialist" Senator from Vermont.
Of course, "left wing" in the US, at least as far as elected officials go, is a somewhat different matter to elsewhere, such as Britain - you won't find many like Ken Livingstone or George Galloway in the US. =:)

Still, it sounds like Pelosi's preparing some decent first steps, such as raising the minimum wage, and I'm hearing talk that they'll be pressuring the White House into committing to a phased withdrawal from Iraq. With Baker's report pointing out various parts of The Bloody Obvious™ as well, and Rumsfeld gone, perhaps that can finally come about. And even talk of accountability for the decisions made - what a concept!
I do like that Javascript thingy! ^^
Fancy turning it into a Firefox extension, so it can be activated at the click of a button? =:)
Not really, given its about 500 times easier and just as effective to drag all the Javascript, drop it on the shortcut button bar, and instantly have the same thing. =:P
That javascipt is awesome.

And hurrah for the closing of Jesus Camp!
I was a little surprised when it actually worked.. I'd been half expecting it to be something IE6/XP specific.. ^_^ (Why no, I've never played with AJAX yet)

It's so good to find a real use for javascript. And it really does look cool on a Friends page, ne? ^_^
Oh yeah, the Neonbunny track finished downloading, and it's quite nice indeed, yes. I also listened to his other stuff, but I've got to say that there seems to be a direct correlation between the age of the track and how much I like it (the older, the less). Curiously enough, so far at least, this is true without exceptions.
Thanks for the plug!

This particular mix, I had I made as a demo in hopes of being able to dj for the dances at some fur cons. AC, I think i'll be dj'ing. FC, who knows. Cons are tricky places, as the people who handle the dj's, usually hire them based on thier own tastes and what they want to see for a party, rather than what the greater population likes. But hey, if they don't book me at FC, maybe I'll luck out and they won't have anything booked for the Monday night dance, and I'll be able to dj for that again.

And yea, I'm getting better. I hope anyways. That's natural. Anyone who gets worse with time is doing something wrong. Only been dj'ing for about 3 years now, and my music library is growing, as are my skills. Plus, for most of the first part of my dj experience, I only had a crappy little $200 mixer system. I've recently updated to a new system that costs over $2k. And practice helps too. I got to dj at almost a dozen different festivals over the summer season, and am now getting a chance to dj at nightclubs in the bay area once or twice a month.