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Plenty of good news in the US elections - a healthy Democratic majority in the House, including a personal favorite, Jerry McNerney deposing senior incumbent Richard Pombo in CA-11. In the Senate, some gains as well, including the removal of another senior figure, Mr Santorum. Four of the six required Senate gains have been called, with Tester in Montana and Webb in Virginia seeming confident their slender wins will be declared. It therefore appears the Senate will belong to the Democrats. [Edit: CNN's results calls Montana for Tester]

Good to see Ratatouille will be getting good support on the gaming front - THQ's going to be launching their game simultaneously on eleven platforms. ^_^ (OS X, Wii, DS, PSP, PS2, PS3, Windows, GameCube, GBA, Xbox 360, and "wireless devices")

The Register's launched their foray into the wild world of podcasting: RTFM. Check out the first one here, and expect similar reverence as the text version. =:)

BareFeats compares a rev.A MacBook Pro (Core Duo) with a rev.B (Core 2 Duo) over here, with mostly predictable results, though with one notable exception: it seems Rosetta performance is much improved on the newer processor. Whilst other tasks ran somewhat faster than the speed bump would account for, Photoshop results were dramatically different (57 vs 94 seconds in one test, 115 vs 200 in another).

As plushlover noticed, this latest teddy creation from Michelle Lamb is quite remarkable.
It's actually from a page of Max BlackRabbit's "BunnyBoyz" story, from Genus Male issue 3. Rickay there is easily the character I'd want to be.. ^_^

Here it is. =:) There's no real plot, but that's not been known to spoil anyone's enjoyment of it..
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Mm, seems fine from here.. my web setup's pretty simple, even if it is distributed across four systems around the world. =:) (Me with the original files, the primary DNS, the web front end, and the actual server. Multiple routes to the warren, you know)
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Gack! Given your neck of the woods, I'd've expected something THX. Even in the hinterland, I'm getting upstream 30dB SNR, -32dB, and downstream 21dB SNR, -25dB, according to the router. Line seems pretty clean, though I barely use it for anything but data. ^_^
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Ye gods.. that's surely something BT have to solve. Unless it's a cable line. It's nothing simple like a DSL filter gone bad, maybe? Though even that seems to have widely varying effects - here, I couldn't tell any difference, other than every call made or received made me lose carrier. :-P Thankfully, we managed to retrieve the one from the last place. (It's been a good device, too - just some basic 3Com home/office box. I'd prefer more advanced routing options, like giving unauthenticated WiFi users access to the net, but keeping them out of the LAN, and ideally, permitting WPA2 any access, and no encryption==only WAN access, but I'm not sure if that's even supported by any single chipset. Ideally, I'd like WPA2 for me, WEP for the family stuff, and nothing for the DS, given how brain-dead their idea of network comms is)