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Plenty of good news in the US elections - a healthy Democratic majority in the House, including a personal favorite, Jerry McNerney deposing senior incumbent Richard Pombo in CA-11. In the Senate, some gains as well, including the removal of another senior figure, Mr Santorum. Four of the six required Senate gains have been called, with Tester in Montana and Webb in Virginia seeming confident their slender wins will be declared. It therefore appears the Senate will belong to the Democrats. [Edit: CNN's results calls Montana for Tester]

Good to see Ratatouille will be getting good support on the gaming front - THQ's going to be launching their game simultaneously on eleven platforms. ^_^ (OS X, Wii, DS, PSP, PS2, PS3, Windows, GameCube, GBA, Xbox 360, and "wireless devices")

The Register's launched their foray into the wild world of podcasting: RTFM. Check out the first one here, and expect similar reverence as the text version. =:)

BareFeats compares a rev.A MacBook Pro (Core Duo) with a rev.B (Core 2 Duo) over here, with mostly predictable results, though with one notable exception: it seems Rosetta performance is much improved on the newer processor. Whilst other tasks ran somewhat faster than the speed bump would account for, Photoshop results were dramatically different (57 vs 94 seconds in one test, 115 vs 200 in another).

As plushlover noticed, this latest teddy creation from Michelle Lamb is quite remarkable.
Mmm, indeed so. Okay, so bunnies don't have footpads (they're just uniformly furred), but WTH - they look so cute on him anyway. ^_^

I'm really quite happy about that simultaneous release. I dare say it'll turn out to cost them very little above any other development cycle, too - much of that cost comes in the development of the game strategy and logic, the scripts, voice work, sound effects, and so on. Bringing all that to any additional platforms can, with due care not to lock the programming architecture to a specific platform (at least, without particular reason, such as unusual hardware capabilities), be just a one person task - all the moreso if graphics and audio are handled by portable APIs like OpenGL and OpenAL.

Ahh, still seven months to go until the movie's release! Can't Pixar offer nice people a lil' advance screening?
I don't mind. It means I'll be well rested after FC and able to focus on all the ratty merchandising that will come out with it.
Ooh, yes, the merchandising! Ack. I'm normally perfectly able to resist any such consumerist temptations, but this could be quite dangerous. For me, let alone for you.. perhaps the rackety-coon will have to be entrusted with your cards next summer. =:)

Ah, to work somewhere like Pixar - where everyone realises full well they're doing some really cool work, creatively and technologically (not that the two are separate), and can have fun doing their best in an atmosphere that encourages such. I suppose tbyte wasn't too far off that spirit, albeit on a much smaller scale.. gods, that was a fun place to be involved with. ^_^
I laugh when I see a particularly trashy example of merchandising tied to Cars, because I think to myself, that's exactly the kind of crap I'm going to be clamouring for come June next year if I don't keep myself in check. Don't worry, I'm sure risitn will draw the line at the Ratatouille toothpaste.
MEEP! Pawz! Happy yiffy pawz! Ya, the pawpads are not technically correct but THEY ARE EXPRESSIVE and that's what counts!