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Plenty of good news in the US elections - a healthy Democratic majority in the House, including a personal favorite, Jerry McNerney deposing senior incumbent Richard Pombo in CA-11. In the Senate, some gains as well, including the removal of another senior figure, Mr Santorum. Four of the six required Senate gains have been called, with Tester in Montana and Webb in Virginia seeming confident their slender wins will be declared. It therefore appears the Senate will belong to the Democrats. [Edit: CNN's results calls Montana for Tester]

Good to see Ratatouille will be getting good support on the gaming front - THQ's going to be launching their game simultaneously on eleven platforms. ^_^ (OS X, Wii, DS, PSP, PS2, PS3, Windows, GameCube, GBA, Xbox 360, and "wireless devices")

The Register's launched their foray into the wild world of podcasting: RTFM. Check out the first one here, and expect similar reverence as the text version. =:)

BareFeats compares a rev.A MacBook Pro (Core Duo) with a rev.B (Core 2 Duo) over here, with mostly predictable results, though with one notable exception: it seems Rosetta performance is much improved on the newer processor. Whilst other tasks ran somewhat faster than the speed bump would account for, Photoshop results were dramatically different (57 vs 94 seconds in one test, 115 vs 200 in another).

As plushlover noticed, this latest teddy creation from Michelle Lamb is quite remarkable.
I do hope so. The US can be such a force for good - it's now up to the Democrats to prove they can take on the substantial problems at hand, and turn them around. I'd like to see Jerry McNerney's experience with wind energy, for example, to be reflected in some large scale deployments - with each farm, the development and manufacturing costs would be lowered, with skilled technical jobs required along the way, towards a form of electricity production that's quiet, non-polluting, risk free (coal mining isn't a safe business, even now), entirely renewable, and without any trade links into dangerous lands. It's only one part of the solution, of course, but there's much that can be done.

Ah, all my artwork collection's purely local. =:) Mostly, it's just from the usual places - FA, VCL, DA, and so on. I really need to go through it all sometime and tag it - that way, I could set up a smart folder to contain all images with "bunny" or suchlike in the comments, or use Spotlight to fetch particular images based on such keywords. If only BA were a touch more prolific - he does some especially fun buns. As does Charon2, for that matter. :-9 Uploading it somewhere might be an idea, though.. I've seen some basic hosting deals for as little as $5/mo, and I'd like to secure such a platform for QTSS streaming into SL anyway - I've a thought or two developing there. =:)
All in due time, hopefully it won't be as long as before.

I'd really like to see that be done. Any bunny art is good, just would like to see it all in one place. But thats just me. One of these times I've gota catch you on SL and bring you to my island.
It could be quite an auspicious Congress. I'm particularly hoping the newcomers, like McNerney, who haven't spent much of their lives in politics, will be able to make a real difference in such matters - energy policy's really stagnated in the US for the past couple decades, to the benefit of nobody but the oil companies. The car companies and union leader alike, sad to say, both opposed improved fuel efficiency, claiming that would give competitors an advantage.. and now look what's happened to the US car industry as a result. Whether there are any people ready to really shake things up, I don't know - it's not an industry I follow more than casually. But one person can make a big difference - just look at His Steveness over in Cupertino. Trouble is, there seem to be so very few top executives who really have passion for what they're doing - so often, we're left with the impression they just have to be good bureaucrats, draw their mind-boggling salaries, and things will just carry on, most of the time.

Mm, I'll have to look into a proper server, once things settle down financially. I've got some reasonable webspace as is, though - much of the task would be the sheer sorting. :-P

Your island? An expansive lapine hangout? Kewl. ^_^ I know once I have the money, I'll be going for an island eventually - it's just the startup cost that's the killer. *sigh* Such a pity, as there's so much creative potential in SL. For now, I'm more looking for a more modest plot to call home, and bring the old residence back into being - large jacuzzi, fireplace, couch & cushions, bedrooms, attic.. really was a lovely piece of work. (Not mine, but the designer's fine with it)
There are systems out there for cars that increase gas milage but no one can make them cause the oil companies own the patients on those devices.

If ya like I could help you out with sorting them out but where to upload them tooo....

Actually I am an Admin of a sim and I have my own little island to my self. When ya have a chance contact me in SL and I'll see what I can do to get you a small plot of land as your own. Let me know.
You've got hotmail! ^_^ I've elaborated on the situation in that email.
Now I understand, thank you.
We await your magical words that might render my life snowy. ^_^