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Plenty of good news in the US elections - a healthy Democratic majority in the House, including a personal favorite, Jerry McNerney deposing senior incumbent Richard Pombo in CA-11. In the Senate, some gains as well, including the removal of another senior figure, Mr Santorum. Four of the six required Senate gains have been called, with Tester in Montana and Webb in Virginia seeming confident their slender wins will be declared. It therefore appears the Senate will belong to the Democrats. [Edit: CNN's results calls Montana for Tester]

Good to see Ratatouille will be getting good support on the gaming front - THQ's going to be launching their game simultaneously on eleven platforms. ^_^ (OS X, Wii, DS, PSP, PS2, PS3, Windows, GameCube, GBA, Xbox 360, and "wireless devices")

The Register's launched their foray into the wild world of podcasting: RTFM. Check out the first one here, and expect similar reverence as the text version. =:)

BareFeats compares a rev.A MacBook Pro (Core Duo) with a rev.B (Core 2 Duo) over here, with mostly predictable results, though with one notable exception: it seems Rosetta performance is much improved on the newer processor. Whilst other tasks ran somewhat faster than the speed bump would account for, Photoshop results were dramatically different (57 vs 94 seconds in one test, 115 vs 200 in another).

As plushlover noticed, this latest teddy creation from Michelle Lamb is quite remarkable.
Flanders is pretty much the same as in the English version - I'm not sure how close his German voice is to the English one, but it certainly fits him, at least. :)

Yeah, impeachment would be nice, although it's hard to say whether it's likely or not. I suppose the republican brains could decide to commit regicide if things get too bad for the party as a whole, but they'll fight tooth and nail to not let that happen in the first place, of course.

Oh, and would you really? ;)
Getting the right voices, of course, is crucial to an animation (or, I suppose, live action too) dub - that's where anime used to fall down terribly often, with actors that sounded as if they were reading their lines out in front of a class. In the past few years, though, that's improved greatly, in part thanks to the efforts of Pioneer (now Geneon), who've done some remarkably good work - the English dub of Cowboy Bebop (a particularly fun, stylish series) was entirely listenable, with actors that really caught the nature of their characters, and indeed, even sounded fairly similar to their Japanese originals. (I always go with subtitles where possible, all the same)

It's difficult to tell what the Republican reactions will be like. There are some reasonably sane figures within the party, but all too often, any show of independence from the White House is shortly followed by an agreement with their position, and an end to any dissenting calls. I'm hoping that leading a country into a war under false pretences, with the horrendous consequences we're now seeing, added to the approval of torture (not only waterboarding, but lethal beatings as well - one instance involved the "pulpification" of the prisoner's legs. They now suspect he was just a taxi driver), will have its consequences for those who made those choices.

What rabbit would ever want to be caught in a briar patch? =:)
*noddles* Getting the voices right is important, yes, and I think that's where less successful series fail, too - if they don't sound good, people just won't want to watch them (again). Interestingly enough, BTW, the Simpsons aren't perfect in this regard, either; Grampa's voice changes occasionally, although I have no real idea why (maybe the voice actors they use keep on dying? :)). He's just a minor character most of the time, so it's not really a big problem, but it *is* rather annoying and distracting, and I wish they'd avoid that. Ah well.

Mmm, yeah, one can hope, but I'm not sure whether it's realistic to hope or not. I'm not terribly familiar with how much outrage is needed for impeachment, but in general, it seems to me that as long as things just happen to foreigners, many US-Americans simply won't care all that much. :/

Hmm, I don't know. You? ;)