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Are you familiar with the Christmas Kangaroo (FLV)?

Try this track for size - it's "Gaffaman", by Gameboj Hitparade. Imagine power rock, inspired by classic videogames, fronted by an accordian. ^_^

otter3 might like this TF sequence mycroftb found - and check out the suit referred to in the comments! (And related to that is also this image of Project Rukario)

Something Positive takes a walk through a Hell House.

The Japanese Agriculture Ministry is reportedly contemplating a system of certification for Japanese restaurants abroad, to distinguish them as being of a required level of quality and authenticity.

Those within reach of Cardiff might discover a new-found appreciation for panto, with John Barrowman in the lead role of Jack and the Beanstalk. ^_^ (Running from Dec 16 - Jan 27)

Yay! AnimeForever have apparently picked up Sweet Valerian as a project, with eps. 7-9 now out, following on from Death Squad's earlier translations of the first six. Each episode is only about three minutes long, so the storylines are all very simple, usually involving the three girls transforming into superhero rabbits.

Fancy living in Zzyzx?

Oh, gods.. now SL's going to see its own version of Big Brother, with the news of the show's production company setting up a house in SL, the winner to receive an island.
That suit (referred to in the comments) is sexy. ^^

The article on the certification system could probably be interesting, but for some reason "Click here to buy this article for £1" doesn't sound appealing (WTF is it with ridiculous prices, anyway? I could buy the entire newspaper for today for less than that).
It's really something, ne? I'm going to have to fetch all the pics, I think. For artistic reference purposes, you understand. ^_^ I just wish one of the gallery packages around would offer the stunningly simple option of "give me everything in this sub-gallery as a single archive file". Even back in the age of coal-fired computers, an ftp repository could do that - just issue an mget on the directory in question. Grar. Still, it'll be worth ploughing through them all in this instance. ^_^

Agh! That pay-archive's really annoying! And the article's only a couple days old, too.. well, foo. I'll have to remember either not to link to articles from the Indie, or save them as PDFs locally and point to those instead. :-P Sending them to an archive after a fortnight or so might not be so bad, but that only appeared on Saturday! There wasn't all that much more - basically just noting that they've been finding it a bit problematic that a lot of Japanese restaurants outside the country tend to either play fast and loose with what's "Japanese", or simply aren't that good. This way, they'd be able to certify ones which met their criteria for genuinely offering Japanese food. Could be quite a good thing, I'd say - having that seal of approval could be quite a feather in the cap for a restaurant, much as an entry in the Michelin guide denotes particularly good quality.

Ahh, to perform a tour of top Michelin restaurants.. ^_^ (Only problem, aside from not being a cheap notion, would be the dress code some of them might require. I'm really not one for formalwear)

Aaa.. LJ's being a pain with its db again. :-P
Yeah, something like that would definitely be nice, and thinking about it, I have no idea why no gallery tool offers something like that, other maybe than the fact that it might use lots of memory and CPU time for larger (sub)trees, which not every webhoster might offer. But then, that's not a reason to not implement the functionality at all, of course.

Yeah, that's what I thought after reading the abstract of the article as well - it seemed to me that the paper wanted to create the impression that they'd try to crack down on restaurants who didn't get certified, maybe try to prevent them from calling themselves "Japanese" or something similar, but I had the feeling that that was probably just the usual attempt to get people a bit worked up so they'd read the entire article (and, now, pay for it, too). :) Something like a Japanese Michelin (even if it's just a "seal of approval" rather than a star rating given to *extraordinary* restaurants) would be nice...

No, I don't particularly like dressing formally, either, but it could be fun to use some unusual formal dress, like the formal Scottish Highlands dress or so. ^^ They still might not let you in, but if they didn't, they'd just show their ignorance... (this would probably work best if you're going with a friend who's wearing "regular" formal clothes, BTW; the staff would just have to assume that you're a visitor from Scotland or so, so they really couldn't turn you away. :))

And LJ's DB is always a pain, I think. :P
Aack.. every time I come to reply, I see that DJ Rokario image.. oh, so cute, so shiny, so infectious.. =:) (The transformation is initiated simply through touch, unless you happen to be carrying a strong solvent with you at the time)

Mm, you'd think such a facility would be an option for admins to enable where they chose. It's quite a nuisance, as it seems everyone plops their furcon photos into such galleries - but at the end of it all, I'd far sooner just fetch a big stack of full resolution pics, and then go through them at my leisure locally, than have to wait for each one to load in turn. Of course, with some hosts, bandwidth is a concern, so they might prefer people not retrieving 10GB of images - but why put up so many pictures in the first place, if people aren't meant to look at them all? Thumbnails serve their purpose, but they're usually small enough to only give a vague impression of what's going on. (For me, it's sometimes easier, of course - I can just look for what might be long ears =:)

Yes, the "sushi police" tagline was rather misleading, unfortunately, making it sound as if they'd be equally concerned about diners' etiquette as about the food, perhaps with undercover agents waiting to pounce. *grin* Reminds me of that scene in Tampopo, with the slurping.. >giggle< Ah, such a fun film. I've not yet seen Ososhiko ("The Funeral") by the same director, but that also sounds like a worthy production, playing on Japanese tradition and sensibilities.
*noddles* I don't know that movie, unfortunately.

Ah well. :) Yeah, I agree about galleries; expecting people to go through hundreds (or possibly thousands) of unsorted images is pretty delusional. Images should definitely be organised in some way - tagged, grouped, or whatever. :)

And yeah, I'd rather download images in one big file and then go through them locally, too, not just because of faster loading, more options and less braindeadness (browsers make *lousy* image viewers), but also because I may want to preserve them, anyway. Oh well; maybe it's time file a feature request for some of the better-known projects. :)