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Are you familiar with the Christmas Kangaroo (FLV)?

Try this track for size - it's "Gaffaman", by Gameboj Hitparade. Imagine power rock, inspired by classic videogames, fronted by an accordian. ^_^

otter3 might like this TF sequence mycroftb found - and check out the suit referred to in the comments! (And related to that is also this image of Project Rukario)

Something Positive takes a walk through a Hell House.

The Japanese Agriculture Ministry is reportedly contemplating a system of certification for Japanese restaurants abroad, to distinguish them as being of a required level of quality and authenticity.

Those within reach of Cardiff might discover a new-found appreciation for panto, with John Barrowman in the lead role of Jack and the Beanstalk. ^_^ (Running from Dec 16 - Jan 27)

Yay! AnimeForever have apparently picked up Sweet Valerian as a project, with eps. 7-9 now out, following on from Death Squad's earlier translations of the first six. Each episode is only about three minutes long, so the storylines are all very simple, usually involving the three girls transforming into superhero rabbits.

Fancy living in Zzyzx?

Oh, gods.. now SL's going to see its own version of Big Brother, with the news of the show's production company setting up a house in SL, the winner to receive an island.
I've driven past Zzyzx before. Used to have a much better quality picture of that sign.
Sounds like driving past is the most sensible option, too. =:) Mind, it does make me want to found a town named Plugh.. (I really otter get a copy of the classic Adventure running on Hyzenthlay sometime. I'm not sure I ever finished it when I first played it, as it was on a University system where the "local" computer club meetings were held)

'Course, for odd place names, Britain has, perhaps, more than its fair share.. ^_^
Timbuctoo is right up the road from me. All this time I thought it was in India.