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The cutest letter opener ever (FLV), bunny powered. ^_^

Now this could be fun.. 'Executive Koala narrates the story of a koala bear who happens to be an executive in a pickle company. While trying to finalize a deal with a korean kimuchi company, Koala finds his girlfriend murdered. He becomes the primary suspect and has to prove his innocence.' It is available on DVD, but no subtitles; the trailer is here. (I wonder what became of the suits used in the Anabukin-chan ads.. that was a truly gorgeous rabbit)

In case you were wondering what happened to LJ on Saturday: "Our sysadmins have been hard at work dealing with some unexpected issues arising from our power maintenance last night. (The power maintenance itself went well up until we started bringing back the unavailable servers, and at that point we suffered a power loss event that took down a number of critical machines.)"

Yay! Now there's a decently sized shelving unit in the room, I've been able to go through most of the bags and boxes from the move, and in the process, unearthing some useful bits and pieces, such as Hyzenthlay's DVI-VGA adaptor - so now I've got the junk PC's 15" CRT hooked up and displaying a wonderfully unobstructed view of Dark Nek0gami's "Orange Bunny" pic. And that can only be a good thing. ^_^ This way, I can keep an eye on AIM and email while SL's occupying the main display entirely, without having to drop back to windowed mode.

fleetfur noticed Fur-Piled has updated - to snag the new pages:

curl "[179-183].jpg" -o "fp#1.jpg"

Here's a scene from the off-Broadway production "Evil Dead: The Musical". Could quentincoyote wish for a more romantic date venue?

If you've considered giving OmniWeb 5 a try, but been put off by the price, they're having a November sale - down from the usual $30 to an easily palatable $10, or $15 for a 5-user family pack. The unlicensed version's good for 30 days of use, which counts only days when it was running, rather than starting counting down from the first launch. You can find it here - OS X 10.4.6 or later required, Universal Binary.

Another little toy someone could send me for Christmas.. Sony's 1080p projector, on special for $6400. =:)

Bruce Schneier makes some excellent points on perceived risk versus actual risk here.

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