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Poll #860027 OS X browser preference

Which OS X browser do you tend to use most of the time?

lynx and friends
other (specify in a comment)
Dunno much anout OS X, but I /hear/ it's possible to trick 8.1 into running on a 68030... Is that true? Would it work on my LC-II?

I maxed out the RAM if that helps any, although either way I'm tempted to install RAMDoubler (Also heard of something called RAM Charger that works differently doing other things - wonder if the two are compatible??)

I wonder what the biggest size HDD an LC-II can use is??

This page - Installing OS 8 & OS 8.1 on 68030 Macs - gives the following list of suitable models:

Macintosh IIci, IIfx, IIsi, IIvi, IIvx, LC III, LC520, 550, 560; Performa 275, 450, 460-467, 600; Color Classic II; PowerBook 150, 160, 165, 165c, 180, 180c; PowerBook Duo 210, 230, 250, 270c.

Also 12 megs of RAM and 44 megs of HD space. No mention of LC-II compatibility, but I know nothing about Macs so can't help any further than that.
Actually, on an LC-II, adding two 4MB sticks to the 4MB onboard makes it claim to have 10MB RAM. :D
[X] I don't use OS X, I just want to see the results.
To see the results of a poll without submitting a response, just click where it says Poll #860027 (or whatever number the poll happens to be), then click on [ View Poll Results ]. Often you can even see who voted what by clicking View Answers on the results page. :D
I'm not *that* stupid, thanks. :) But it's nicer to see the results inline - and besides, a poll where I haven't yet voted *compels* me to vote. :P