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A singularly cool bit of design: a furry watch, as momentrabbit noticed. Sadly, it's only a design concept - but such a good one.

bosn might like this final minute from Wednesday's South Park, featuring sea otters. ^_^

What vegetables (I'll include mushrooms, for this purpose) do you particularly enjoy? Any particular preparations that really elevate them? For me, brussels sprouts are best boiled quickly with orange juice, a little water, and cilantro/coriander; or, for that matter, barbecued, wrapped in bacon, letting the porky juices permeate the sprout. Cabbage can be really good, too, especially red cabbage with a little sugar, vinegar, and cloves. And broccoli can be wonderful stuff, either just steamed quickly in the microwave by itself, or served with a good helping of lean spicy ground beef and some Campbell's nacho cheese soup (surprisingly low in fat).

These rabbit stamps are rather cute. ^_^

A personal angle on the validity and benefits of stem cell research - highly recommended.

You've seen the "press button - receive bacon" hand dryer icon, ne? Well - how about actually making a bacon dispenser? There must be piles of deceased hand dryers around, and someone mechanically enterprising could surely rig up a mechanism to release a slice of (cooked) bacon upon demand. The unit could be affixed to a wall with a few of those nifty 3M sticky pads, suitable for a quick, covert installation..

Only for extreme geeks, so arbutus might enjoy this too - Every Character has a Story, exploring the history behind each character in Unicode. Did you know the tréma and the diaresis share the same space in Unicode, as their appearances are almost identical, despite quite different linguistic functions? (Amongst other folk, this caused the Deutsche Bibliothek concern, as they need to preserve the different marks accurately)

Fans of driving games might like Test Drive Unlimited - how well it plays remains to be seen, but the stills aren't a bad start. (And happily, it allows play over the net, not just ad hoc, which seems to be missing from many PSP titles)

This non-partisan list of lousy US political websites is worth a giggle, including one politico's use of a pig for his "under construction" image, and another's bizarre recipe for margeritas.

Torchwood "Ghost Machine" - still plenty of ragged edges (HollywoodOS, "This was not meant for us", Owen blowing his cover, and then not realising what he'd been told was a honking big clue), but, this time around, I could actually feel sympathy for many of the people involved. It's no Who, but it's certainly taken a few steps in the right direction. (And Cyberfun next week, yay! Splott? That's fine. I've seen one bus route ending in Wyllie)

Doctor Who scores a repeat hat-trick of National Television Awards, again landing Most Popular Drama, Actor, and Actress.
I've been wondering, is there a full-pic version of that icon? Not just that one but also the one by Fel and the 0r0ch1 tail pic. ^.^
Make the envelope too shiny, and they'll pay attention to that, not what you have to say.. ^_^;

I can't remember where each came from, but they're all going to be some combination of the usual places - VCL, DeviantArt, FurAffinity, et al.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Actually, It's Splot. Splott must be a hard T, Splot allows for Ianto's "Splo'" pronunciation. And google does come up with a few relavant hits for "Splot, Cardiff".

As for veg, I mostly like veg that doesn't taste like veg. Onions, Mushrooms, leeks etc. But I did have some flippin' gorgeous veg in Prague: Spinach and (separate meal) Cabbage, I think. Done up with various other flavours in there, they were.

No look at me. I've been watching so much Torchwood, I'm thinking with a Welsh accent, so I am!
Onions! We have an expert on the subject amongst us, you know. =:) Sweet onions (as from Walla Walla, and Maui) can go really well on a pizza. (Surprisingly enough, so can peach slices - a much better choice for sweetness than pineapple, I feel, but rarely available as such an option. But then, ham & pineapple just doesn't work, for me - the ham's not strong enough against the tart nature of the fruit; pepperoni's a much better match)

Mmm, English vegetable preparations are often rather dull, though there are some highlights, like roast parsnips, leeks in a white sauce, and cauliflower with cheese sauce (or, indeed, browned butter). Shame, really, given the wealth of delicious roots to be found. But hey, I'm a rabbit. ^_^

I say! By the end of the series you'll be a Swansea native. =:) (True, the show is set in Cardiff, but the accents certainly aren't)
Cabbage was thought, by the ancient Egyptians, to prevent drunkenness. And they built temples to honor the cabbage.

foxbrush and I have seen the significance of the cabbage for some time.
Have you performed research into the matter? You could be up for an Ig Nobel, you know.

Rabbits, of course, have partaken of such wisdom for some time, as illustrated by the first seven pages linked from here. Just occasionally a little.. enthusiastically. ^_^
Hm... veggies.. I can eat them all, but my favorite must be albergines (eggplant). There are so many yummy ways to prapare it :9
Ooh, interesting choice! I admit, I've not really played with them much - almost all my experience with them has been in moussaka, easily one of my favorite Greek dishes. :-9 There's something I need to try making sometime.. I did actually strike a good balance one time, using relatively little oil to blanch them, half-steaming them instead. (Left to themselves, they'll soak up a prodigious amount of oil)

Got some favorite preparations in mind? Do you cook much?
That watch is neat.

As for vegetables, I do like mushrooms, carrots, green beans (if they're prepared well), potatos (again, if they're prepared well), red cabbage and red beets. I can't think of anything else right now, though; I hate all other kinds of cabbage, as well as leak, brussel sprouts (ewww!), broccoli, zucchinis, eggplants, and most other things. :) I'm more of a fruit person than a vegetable person really...

The entry on stemm cell research is rather moving; I may copy that.

(As for the diaresis and umlaut, BTW, I've noticed that in the past, too - I never really encountered problems because of it, but it did bug me that two unrelated things were lumped together just because they looked similar.)

Hmm, Test Drive Unlimited. I remember playing Test Drive 1 a long time ago, in glorious 4-colour CGA. ^.^

And finally, regarding the list of lousy political websites... I see your giggle and raise you a laugh. :)
I admit, at first I overlooked the fact it was just a design concept.. that's a watch I'd actually save up for, and I don't even wear one normally. ^_^ (Most of the time, I'm near some kind of clock, or maybe I'll have a phone on me. I do have a cute Lola Bunny one, though =:)

Are you more of one for crunchiness in carrots? I've never really taken to thoroughly cooked vegetables - there's just something fun in the crunchiness of a pile of vegetables tossed into a good stir-fry a minute or so from the end, just long enough to get them hot, rather than especially cooked. Snow peas, asparagus, mangetout.. :-9

Fruit? Hmm.. well, I'm quite a fan of Aapples in particular, especially the more tangy varieties like Granny Smith. (Pressed and fermented is another favored presentation =:) Pomegranates are tasty, though rather a lot of work. Pears, including Asian pears, peaches, bananas, pineapple.. (though again, quite a bit of work, but worth it) I'm not so much one for berries, generally, though I'm fond of strawberry and raspberry in various dishes. Properly ripened persimmons are quite delicious, too.

I wonder if TDU and TD1 are related.. heh! Indeed so, though the lineage is a bit twisted at this point. ^_^ Ye gods, but game graphics have come a hell of a long way in really not much time.. what will the PSP9 be capable of? ^_^ (Assuming the PS3 doesn't manage to kill Sony.. gods know, they're going to have some big development costs to pay off, and Microsoft's perfectly willing to continue losing money on the games division for years to come) Come to that, maybe I should transcode the retrospective they made for the DVD of The Last Starfighter - it goes into some mild detail about just how ground-breaking the production was at the time, with much of the software basically having to be written from scratch.
"Replaceable strips of valuable natural or artificial fur."

Natural fur? Harvested from baby mice?
Well, they need use the ones from the mouse organ somehow.. =:)
(Deleted comment)
It'd be a load of fun to try bringing even just the principle of that watch into reality, ne? As mejeep notes below, there'd be costuming possibilities too, to be able to raise one's fur up - though I suppose it'd be more the canines who'd be interested. (Do rabbits raise their fur at all?) 'Course, as momentrabbit first mooted, having a furry watch like that as part of one's body would be pretty damn cool. ^_^

Skifi does do some wonderful things with Curr and the gang.. =:) I need to check up on his VCL page again sometime, and see if he's more active elsewhere now, like FA.
We knew we'd always get our place in the sun! Mwahahahaha!

Icon fodder abounds!
Such a pity that didn't air before Halloween.. that "I shall smash your skull like a clam on my tummy!" line would've been so much fun to play at opportune moments. =:>

Never mind - I'm thinking a friend could use it in the show he puts on every year, over in the East Bay. (Though he seems to get good enough reactions with eerie sound effects boosted by a 300W subwoofer..)
re: the furry watch: I'd like the module that makes the fur stand up for making the fur of plushies and fursuits really move in reaction to things.

re: South Park: the river otters shall prevail for their greater diversity, size and intelligence!

re: rabbit postage stamps: I have the US/USSR otter stamps, and many ferret/weasel ones! Even the recent "Southern Florida Wetland" series has a mink! Mink mink mink!

The "receive bacon" must be a recent meme, I've seen that on the college hand dryer.

re: stem cell research: That's the most wonderful argument I've read in favor of the research.

re: Every Character has a Story: friends at AT&T used to work at a typesetter company and talked of technicalities of ligatures, glyphs, kerning and such, so I recently looked that up on Wiki. So many things I never learned in calligraphy :"/

re: veggies: I've always liked raw carrots.
I'd love to try some experiments with electrostatic fur erection. For something like a suit, if the basic notion actually worked, it seems like the wiring could be simplified by making the grid relatively coarse, compared to that depicted in the watch concept. Would have to work out just how much it'd need simplifying, given you wouldn't want to be walking around in a nest of wiring.

Again, assuming the basic idea could be made to work, a prototype clock might be practical to construct at home..

Ooh, Russian otters? Those sound worth seeing, given the fundamentally different artwork styles that tend(ed?) to prevail in the USSR, versus those in the West. (Ah, Misha! Always thought he was one of the cutest Olympic mascots. Gods know, we've had a few clunkers lately, though the Salt Lake City ones did feature a very cute (of course!) snowshoe hare..)

Mmm, raw carrots! I need to pick up a pack of baby carrots next time at el supermercado. I have a terrible weakness for crunchy foods, and potato/corn chips aren't really the best means of satisfying that need. Just on their own, of course. I've never quite gone for the idea of having these delicious vegetable platters, with crunchy broccoli, celery, carrots and so on, only to have them drowned in overbearing blue cheese or ranch dips. (And usually fairly cheap tasting ones, too) Can't seem to find any romaine at the moment, unfortunately.. one of the few times I will go for a dressing is in a Caesar salad. Mm, that fresh crispiness of the leaves, that hint of fishiness in the dressing, that delicate tang of parmesan, and ideally, some tastily seasoned croutons.

I'd like to try my paw at calligraphy again. It's been years, but I really used to enjoy imitating popular fonts freehand, with one particular success being Old English, which I could write out really quite well. There's definitely much to admire in good hand-lettered comics, by the same token, Cerebus being an outstanding example. (Reminds me, I need to pick up the final volume sometime, when I can.. think I had all of Going Home)