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Console wars: Sony vs Nintendo vs Microsoft. Fight!

I was checking down this list of parts for the rev.A TiBook, and noticed an.. unusual entry in the "Misc" section.

If you're in the UK, and are looking for a fun break away from home, austin_dern noticed that Oasis Air is currently offering Gatwick-Hong Kong flights from £75 each way. (I couldn't get the flight search to work, though - kept returning me to the front page) They're intending to run Chicago and Oakland service later on as well.

mycroftb spotted this neat edit: Tony Blair: Should I Stay or Should I Go. Brilliant. ^_^ Not nearly as seamless as Chris Morris' "State of the Union", but great fun.

Somehow, this seems so very wrong.. peanut butter slices.

For a game suitable for children, Animal Crossing: Wild World does have some amusing clothing options available.. I've now got all four characters wearing a bodice (including the boy =:), gas mask, and bunny hood. ^_^

Yay! LJ comments are working for me again. (Yesterday, I had to check my last entry manually for any new comments)
Going to try your own version of that video? ^_^ Very nicely produced - that's the power of good editing and smart camera angles. (Just wish they were talking about next-gen handheld consoles.. but I've not heard a peep about a successor to the DS (which had better include WPA2 support this time :-P), and Sony seems to have its hands quite full with the PS3 for now, both in tech resources and finances)

Mm, "wacky" is pretty much the single word for the site. It's an extremely corporate look, just as anything involving something fairly dull or miserable like banking will invariably have a couple cozied around a monitor, looking so pleased, image fading to white at the edges, everyone appearing as perfectly made up as possible short of being rendered.

Oooh! I'd completely forgotten about JF! I should see if the ISOs are floating around out there. Indeed, I've got a few titles myself, from my Virtual GameStation days, back before SCEA decided to try taking down Connectix. (I've even got my original VGS v.1 CD, hot off the burner at MacWorld - they were so keen to get them out they were using CD-Rs, not pressed discs!)

Wish I still had my Gex standup, but he went back in San Diego. :-P Such a cutie. So shiny. ^_^ Did you ever see a Gex mascot around? Seems like he'd be a fun one to play..