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Console wars: Sony vs Nintendo vs Microsoft. Fight!

I was checking down this list of parts for the rev.A TiBook, and noticed an.. unusual entry in the "Misc" section.

If you're in the UK, and are looking for a fun break away from home, austin_dern noticed that Oasis Air is currently offering Gatwick-Hong Kong flights from £75 each way. (I couldn't get the flight search to work, though - kept returning me to the front page) They're intending to run Chicago and Oakland service later on as well.

mycroftb spotted this neat edit: Tony Blair: Should I Stay or Should I Go. Brilliant. ^_^ Not nearly as seamless as Chris Morris' "State of the Union", but great fun.

Somehow, this seems so very wrong.. peanut butter slices.

For a game suitable for children, Animal Crossing: Wild World does have some amusing clothing options available.. I've now got all four characters wearing a bodice (including the boy =:), gas mask, and bunny hood. ^_^

Yay! LJ comments are working for me again. (Yesterday, I had to check my last entry manually for any new comments)
I'll have you know I liked the Flower Power first generation iMacs, too. ^_^ But the iLamp was the family's pinnacle - so cute, and highly practical in use. But not quite up to the performance of the current revision.. (what kind of SL framerates do you get?)

I do have a tangeberry iBook as well. Or had, given the PMU seems to've died, so it'll get parted out for presentation on the almighty eBay. It began life innocently enough as a tangerine model, but when I replaced the main board, it was simpler just to leave the lower case of the new one attached. So it's blueberry underneath, tangerine on top. ^_^