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Console wars: Sony vs Nintendo vs Microsoft. Fight!

I was checking down this list of parts for the rev.A TiBook, and noticed an.. unusual entry in the "Misc" section.

If you're in the UK, and are looking for a fun break away from home, austin_dern noticed that Oasis Air is currently offering Gatwick-Hong Kong flights from £75 each way. (I couldn't get the flight search to work, though - kept returning me to the front page) They're intending to run Chicago and Oakland service later on as well.

mycroftb spotted this neat edit: Tony Blair: Should I Stay or Should I Go. Brilliant. ^_^ Not nearly as seamless as Chris Morris' "State of the Union", but great fun.

Somehow, this seems so very wrong.. peanut butter slices.

For a game suitable for children, Animal Crossing: Wild World does have some amusing clothing options available.. I've now got all four characters wearing a bodice (including the boy =:), gas mask, and bunny hood. ^_^

Yay! LJ comments are working for me again. (Yesterday, I had to check my last entry manually for any new comments)
Apple had so much left over from unsold orange iMacs that they had to work it into the MacBooks...

Me, I'm waiting for the Blue B-

... no, I can't finish that sentence, it's just not right. ;)
I'll have you know I liked the Flower Power first generation iMacs, too. ^_^ But the iLamp was the family's pinnacle - so cute, and highly practical in use. But not quite up to the performance of the current revision.. (what kind of SL framerates do you get?)

I do have a tangeberry iBook as well. Or had, given the PMU seems to've died, so it'll get parted out for presentation on the almighty eBay. It began life innocently enough as a tangerine model, but when I replaced the main board, it was simpler just to leave the lower case of the new one attached. So it's blueberry underneath, tangerine on top. ^_^