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Console wars: Sony vs Nintendo vs Microsoft. Fight!

I was checking down this list of parts for the rev.A TiBook, and noticed an.. unusual entry in the "Misc" section.

If you're in the UK, and are looking for a fun break away from home, austin_dern noticed that Oasis Air is currently offering Gatwick-Hong Kong flights from £75 each way. (I couldn't get the flight search to work, though - kept returning me to the front page) They're intending to run Chicago and Oakland service later on as well.

mycroftb spotted this neat edit: Tony Blair: Should I Stay or Should I Go. Brilliant. ^_^ Not nearly as seamless as Chris Morris' "State of the Union", but great fun.

Somehow, this seems so very wrong.. peanut butter slices.

For a game suitable for children, Animal Crossing: Wild World does have some amusing clothing options available.. I've now got all four characters wearing a bodice (including the boy =:), gas mask, and bunny hood. ^_^

Yay! LJ comments are working for me again. (Yesterday, I had to check my last entry manually for any new comments)
Just a little something Mabel and Sable had for sale one day. ^_^ I could order some, if you feel like visiting Bunnyton.

Wish I could find the crown again - I've only seen that once, soon after I started. At 800,000 Bells, it was a little out of my reach at the time, when I was busy trying to pay off the 20,000 Bell debt for the first stage of the house, with little more than shells and native fruit. :-P
There's actually a hat that is even more expensive; the Pharoh hat. It's basically a big gold pharoh face like from a sarcophagus. XD

I've seen it a couple times and the crown a couple times, but not enough money to get 'em.
Really? I'm not sure I've ever seen that - but then, some items are much rarer than others. I've never found the moon for sale, and the Lovely Kitchen only just turned up last week.. wonder if that makes my Lovely furniture collection complete. (I did get the complete Mush collection, though I didn't see much of an HRA bonus as a result - I thought I'd read in one of the guides that would give an extra 30,000 points)

I do have the similar sounding Mummy's Mask, or whatever it's called, which comes with that "curse" of making you fall down while running. (Oddly, neither that nor the gas mask prevent you from enjoying coffee at The Roost =:)

I wonder how you're meant to afford the ultra-expensive items? One portrait (Pelly, ISTR) was something like one billion bells.. if I wanted, each harvest in Bunnyton can net me around 250,000 Bells, but that's still a long way from affording that! Maybe it's just a nod to hackers tweaking the game files.. ^_^
It makes a wierd sound when you put it on, and I wouldn't be surprised if it made you fall down, but I'm sure it was the Pharoh's Hat or something similar.

I've never seen the moon in Nook's shop, but I got one from Wishy the Star. I didn't really want it since it doesn't suit my decoration scheme. Boy did that sell for a lot!

You can make rediddleiculous amounts of money from the turnip trade, and there's Wishy the Star, and fossils, and other things besides the fruit.
It sounds like something different, as this mask was only something like 12,000 Bells. I was amused to notice that if you fall down while on the beach, you do indeed leave a person-sized impression on the sand.. ^_^;

Ahh, Wishy! I should go wandering around at night more, yes. And then there's the occasional balloon drifting by, of course, which I finally realised you need to try shooting down from the "north" of the village.. I'd tried many times before, and even what looked like hits didn't have any effect. I've only seen Gulliver's UFO once since that "discovery", though - but I got an Arc de Triomphe out of him, which contributed to Coco's travel theme. (How does Wishy escape planetfall all the time?)