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Michael J Fox advocates stem cell research, a potential route to a cure for conditions such as his Parkinson's Disease, in this campaign spot for a current US candidate.

If you're a lupine fan, or just feel like helping some wolves, consider helping the Dancing Brook Lodge in Newport, New Hampshire:
We are fighting to keep our current location open and save the lives of our 46 wolf-hybrids. On Tuesday Oct 24, 2006 Judge Edward Tenney of Newport District Court ordered that all the animals have to be moved off our property by Dec 8 2006 or the town is to take custody and the animals would be put down.

We have started a mail-in campaign to the judge and selectman of the town of Lempster. If you support our mission and want to help please send these people letters voicing your concern and support.

We are also in desperate need of money for both our legal defense fund and relocation fund.

lifemetercomics brings us this outstanding Halloween-themed videogame shirt design.

In the US, emergency contraception - such as "Plan B" - is sometimes difficult to obtain. Enter Emergency Kindness, a network of volunteers: "If you are having trouble procuring EC, we will do everything in our power to get it to you before your 72 hours are up."

patch_bunny noticed this rock formation listening to an iPod.

Here's an educational look at the effects of running a fast graphics card in different PCI lane modes. Their results indicate a slight loss going from 16x to 8x, but a much more noticeable change dropping to 4x.

So, the Merom MacBook Pros are out - not much news, given Merom vs Yonah doesn't show a great deal of difference. There's a small speed bump, Firewire 800 returns to the 15" models, and memory's doubled, so the 17" ships with 2GB (as two modules), expandable to 3GB. Same GPU (256MB X1600 Mobility), same prices. Seems like it'll take the forthcoming Santa Rosa chipset to make real changes, and there doesn't seem to be much new on the mobile GPU front at the moment.

Torchwood - I'm not sure yet. There's plenty I like about the show, its premise and characters, but the first two episodes suffered from some ragged plots. (And as for the method of escape in ep.2, erg. Not sure I'd want to be anywhere near that creep) I'll be following it, though, and enjoying it. Cool going that it's one of the earlier shows to benefit from the HD treatment, too.

Captions, anyone?
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*giggle* That does work a bit too well. ^_^
"Please tell me you're done ironing my ring decals on.."

Are they machine washable?
No, that'd be the tattoo version.

Oh, look! He woke up! :D
Oh, gods.. now every time I see a red panda, I'm going to be thinking of that icon. ^_^;

*giggle* I think I should make a sticker of that and place it on the red panda's sign at the San Diego Zoo, when I finally get to visit the place again. (Or Taronga Park, for that matter - another uncommonly cool place, built on a hillside, with particular care towards interesting environments, and a lack of cages, where possible)

The pac-image wins big for amusement and sheer 'Why didn't I think of that idea??' value. ^_^

The r in rock looks like a c when underlined ...

Caption: "Why did I have to be a feckin' redneck hunter's pumpkin?"
It's quite inspired. ^_^ Would be sort of geekily fun to make up appropriate costumes/hats and pose for that..

Ooh, that reminds me.. I should check if there's anything new in show_your_cock2. =:)

Hee! Oh, did you see this Dalek pumpkin?

What happened to Show Your Cock 1? Did it break? *just realises what I typed - ouchie!!*

From first glance that Dalek pumpkin looks a bit crap until you *really* look hard at it and see the detailing and then you think "Wow, that IS cool!"
I think that notion would elicit a wince from any gender. ^_^;

It's a chibi dalek! As they note, they're a bit constrained by the size and shape of pumpkins - it's just so cute, even if it's doubtless as hell-bent on universal conquest as the others. Probably more effective, when you think about it - who's going to run from that?

(Just, no, please.. no Cyberbabies. The only babies that look cute don't belong in the hom.sap. family)
OK, now THAT is neat concept for a pumpkin! :-D

As a jack-o-lantern, it isn't that scarey though. ;-)
Just wait until you realise its blaster is fully functional. =:)

(Is LJ sending you comments notifications okay? 6A seem to've given up on me as of last night)
Is LJ sending you comments notifications okay?

Sorry, couldn't answer that question too easily while away on a trip. Yes, it seems to be sending stuff. Not too sure if it is exactly everything though.
Oooo! That rock formation is nice! They had a bit about it on CBC tonight but I thought it would be one of the usual blurry "Face on Mars" formations. That one's really tight! That reminds me, must do a post on the face I found on Titan.
I suppose if you're a god, or just some guy with really cool tech (what's the difference? Shades of Arthur C Clarke..), making a face on a planet or moon wouldn't be all that big a deal. And it's a pretty cool Valentine's Day surprise, too.
Reminds me of the first D.R. and Quinch story where they reform the surface of the earth to read like insults in alien writing. Shades of drunken alien college students!

Hey! They got it online! Well worth the read.