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By way of an intermission, I thought I'd offer up the first two episodes of a new anime - each is only a little over two minutes long, so they're really more extended bumpers of a sort.

Behold the cuteness. ^_^

Shibawanko no Wa no Kokoro ("Shibawanko's Spirit of Tradition"): "It is based on a picture book. The main character, which is a dog, teaches Japanese tradition and manners."

The torrents can be found here, and I've made the files available in two forms:

- high quality as received, 1280x720 H.264/MP3 AVI, suitable for fast systems, and
- lower quality downsampled to 640x352 H.264/AAC MPEG-4, suitable for most others.
You know, that's actually wonderfully insightful to Japanese culture.

*yoinks* you know, youre vids are actually making my MFF show a LOT better. :)
It is surprisingly well done, ne? Of course, not only are the customs a matter of education, but even the style of artwork, with that lovingly brush-stroked look.

Hmm.. have I shown you Pleix' work? That's rather at the other end of cuteness, I should warn, in the case of their video for Plaid's "Itsu".. I think it's now available on DVD, but I still have the old QT files they released. Their other works are worth seeing as well, but that's the jawdropper.
Pleix? Not familiar with it, actually. IT's ok, I've got... 10+ gig on here already. :)
Oooh.. I really should upload it. It's quite memorable. ^_^ Pleix are a sort of artistic collaboration group - they've got several other videos out, all pretty neat, but it's this one that stands out for me. I've not heard anything else by Plaid, but there's a DJ on SL who's well acquainted with their work - I dare say I'll hear more of them and other creative electronica in the future. ^_^

(Irksome - seems LJ's decided to stop sending me notification email)

Here you go..
OH! The "pork" video!

Yeah, saw that a long time ago. Not my kind of music, I keep waiting for it to lead somewhere.
Awww! Here's hoping the animation is as cute as that pic! Thanks loads for the efforts to distribute.
It's quite simple animation - might even be Flash, actually, based on the original book's paintings. But it's so pleasantly done, with the occasional live action shot, that it fulfills its purpose entirely.

I do hope the fansub group in question continues with it. ^_^
Watching right now...
Ooo! Good engrish!
"This worth dog with a lot of judgment is Shibawanko"
"Watering makes the ambient fresh"

I like the cat as a piece of art. True y'know. Wha? Don't use stuffed animals for decoration? Well shit, I'm outa here! "Even when they are cute?" Wadafug? *sigh* I suddenly have an enormous disrespect for japanese culture! Seriously cute vid though, thanks.
*giggle* Indeed, it's a pity the subs weren't soft, for external editing.. it seems like someone doing it on a casual basis, as I don't recall the group acronym. Normally, of course, a fansub passes by several people before it goes out; but, still, it really doesn't matter that much, when the results are this cute.

And no plush buns? That feels almost discriminatory, darn it. ^_^; At least they could show it's fine to put the bunnies back once the guest has left, hein?