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While searching for an online copy of "Invasion of the Bunnybots", one of my favorite TF tales (I have a copy, but it seems to've vanished from the web - but I think I recall who wrote it), I stumbled upon this BunnyBot, which is a little different to the ones I'd been looking for, but weirdly adorable. ^_^

I also discovered that Rimle not only has work on TransFUR, but his own page also.

Breakfast was a quickie, but worked quite well - some dirt cheap chicken flavor ramen, an inch of wasabi, dash of salt & pepper, and a thinly sliced up chicken breast briefly marinated in oyster sauce and a few fermented black beans. I'm even tempted to execute a reprise later today. Some tiger prawns would also go very well, but, alas, there are none, as the prawn fairy has not seen fit to visit me this week.
Ill email you the link to the authors page when i get home from work. YES the author still exists as does 'HER' page. (note the quotes around HER) However the page has changed dramatically and is devoid of links to old art/storys. But when i direct you there youl immediatly recognise it most likely :)
Yay! I think I recall the author, but I've not really tried to make contact yet. It'd be such a pity if the story were left unavailable.. IIRC, a followon story was in the works, but only in a conceptual stage.

Oh, my.. mezcal, mango, and tamarind. Bizarre. I may have to try that again.