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While searching for an online copy of "Invasion of the Bunnybots", one of my favorite TF tales (I have a copy, but it seems to've vanished from the web - but I think I recall who wrote it), I stumbled upon this BunnyBot, which is a little different to the ones I'd been looking for, but weirdly adorable. ^_^

I also discovered that Rimle not only has work on TransFUR, but his own page also.

Breakfast was a quickie, but worked quite well - some dirt cheap chicken flavor ramen, an inch of wasabi, dash of salt & pepper, and a thinly sliced up chicken breast briefly marinated in oyster sauce and a few fermented black beans. I'm even tempted to execute a reprise later today. Some tiger prawns would also go very well, but, alas, there are none, as the prawn fairy has not seen fit to visit me this week.
an inch of wasabi

Oh, it's such yummy stuff! Not the easiest condiment to find in the UK, though.. only some of the megasize Tescos seem to carry it, and not necessarily to any effect. I was so pleased at finding some in one in Cardiff last year, but didn't I just have to go and note to the cashier that it was past its sell-by date.. *sigh* (The price-checker zipped off on his rollerblades, only to confirm they didn't have any that wasn't, and wouldn't sell it to me)

This current batch came from one of my old haunts, the Ranch 99 in Fremont.. a dangerous, evil place, with many, many unfathomable temptations. Mmm, unknown snack foods.. [Homer drooling sfx]

I could just go for some wasabi peas now.
*giggles* Mmm, pocky. :D

I like english mustard. I can eat it with a spoon, that's how much I like it. :D
Mmm, good mustard is an essential in any larder. ^_^ Wonderful with a juicy bratwurst, straight off the grill from a Hamburg schnellimbiss.. although, come to think of it, last time I was there, there seemed to be far fewer street vendors. That's something the UK and the US could use more of.. although the kebab van appears to be becoming a staple of British late night cuisine. ^_^

Wonder if there's anywhere in London or Buckinghamshire that could offer me a tasty beef tamale? Good ones are difficult to find, but so worthwhile.. best I've had were from El Cholo in LA. Even the masa was tasty.. sadly, all their locations are in SoCal, so I don't get to enjoy them very often. On the other paw, there are a couple Juan Pollo not far from stego_s_aurus.. simple stuff, done really well.
Where are you at the moment? :)
Well.. they weigh the mayor here upon the start and finish of their term of office. Quite a unique ceremony. ^_^ (Supposedly to guard against them growing fat off the taxpayers' money. It's noted, however, that the ceremonial gold and suchlike is only worn on the first occasion, not the second..)
If that's the case (yes, I did have too much spare time to look this up), you ought to visit Watership Down itself someday. You're nearer than me at least. =:(
Oo, that's not a bad idea.. of course, I'd first need a few spare shekels - and, for that matter, someone with (a) a vehicular contraption with at least one passenger spot, (b) a license to operate such. It'd be fascinating to see how the film and the actual scenery match up.. and, indeed, whether there are bunnies to be seen thereabouts. ^_^

You must have seen this site before?

I'm afraid not.. it's not currently loading for me, unfortunately. Aha! It's just changed a little.

Changing. Mm. Need to see some Sapphire & Steel..

All your transuranic elements are belong to us!
And what happens if he *has* gotten fat?