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This brief clip from a recent George Stephanopoulos interview with Bush is perhaps a little unbelievable, but, there he is, unequivocally denying his own most beloved soundbite: "Listen, we've never been 'stay the course', George." Yet, some things never really change, as this Salon story recounts of Bush's days at Harvard: 'Bush, by contrast, "was totally the opposite of Chris Cox," Tsurumi said. "He showed pathological lying habits and was in denial when challenged on his prejudices and biases. He would even deny saying something he just said 30 seconds ago. He was famous for that. Students jumped on him; I challenged him." When asked to explain a particular comment, said Tsurumi, Bush would respond, "Oh, I never said that."'

rabitguy found this gem: Jethro Tull: The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles (FLV).

We're coming ever closer to the commercial reality of flexible displays, it seems. Only monochrome for now, but 150dpi and 10" across, in the prototype shown; they hope to move to mass manufacture in 2008.

Has anyone heard of The Mouse and His Child, from 1977? It's not familiar to me at all, but sounds at least worth seeing - IMDb only lists it as available on VHS, unfortunately, and long out of print.

eliki noticed a new comic, Catena - "funny, cute, lively, furry and all about cats". Well, "new" - new to me, anyway. ^_^; Very good artwork, too.

Latest casualty of Sony's all-consuming obsession with control: Lik-Sang goes out of business. How forbidding imports can be legal I'm not sure, but there you go. Or, as Sony put it: "Ultimately, we're trying to protect consumers from being sold hardware that does not conform to strict EU or UK consumer safety standards." - despite all the hardware being manufactured with all EU & UK safety regs in mind, regardless of intended destination.

And proving you can indeed fool some of the people all of the time, L International has apparently managed to secure a $45m distribution agreement for computers that may, at some point in the future, ship, eg "a quad-core notebook that will used a touch-sensitive colour OLED panel instead of a keyboard" and a 'fully programmable GSM cell phone based on Microsoft Windows Mobile or Symbian OS and a fully fledged personal computer capable of running multiple operating systems, including MS Windows XP and Windows Vista 64-bit edition' with 'a five megapixel camera that can take "TrueHD (1920x1080) 30fps progressive video"'.

silvertomcat noticed this regrettably brief glimpse at Tron.. on Ice.

Regarding special people, though, Ozy & Millie finds some perfect words.

I just found out about this myself from Eurogamer. sony the utter bastards. I didn't believe the story when I first read it... Lik-Sang was fantastic for importing games before they're in this region. This movement kinda encourages piracy as a way of getting stuff from Asia before it's out here. There's always Play Asia but they've already given in to Sony as they won't ship PSP games to the EU. I hope a Lik-Sang replacement shows up.
Absolutely - I've used them, when Me & My Katamari was months away from its first release outside Japan. How on Earth Sony can rationalise this to be in their favor, I've no damned idea.

And as for that pathetic "safety" argument.. WTF? Like they say, all PSPs are made with worldwide safety regs in mind - far simpler to make one box they can sell all around the world, with as few changes as possible. And a pleasant move it is, too, given you only need a plug adaptor to use a PSP anywhere in the world as a result, whereas you need a new PSU for a DS. But there too, as I recall, Lik-Sang offered different wall warts to match.

But, yes, this doesn't seem to be anything new - SCEA couldn't abide Connectix' Virtual GameStation, and lost in court when Connectix demonstrated they'd followed clean reverse engineering practices. So, they bought VGS instead, and dropped it down a deep hole; their press release at the time gushed about the new possibilities this would afford everyone. *cough*
The "safety" argument /is/ pretty stupid, since if you think about it, that means that they're saying that they sell /unsafe/ products, doesn't it? :P
Indeed, I was reading the other day about how some technical standards, particularly from the EU, are winding up raising standards worldwide, on the basis that for most home electronics, it's simpler to keep the number of variations of models down to a minimum, meaning everyone winds up with the better combination of standards.

("Yeah, these wall warts are for Thailand. No-one really minds if they spontaneously explode there.")

So, what are the odds of someone at Sony stating the really obvious: we're doing it (a) because we can, (b) because we want to, (c) our lawyers needed feeding anyway.

*sigh* Such a strange company. The PSP's a magnificent bit of engineering, but with every firmware release comes a new attempt to block homebrew development and game copying. Why not simply release a cheap devkit so people can play around?

(And with the PS3 likely to be a drain on Sony's finances for some time, I suppose we needn't anticipate a PSP2 any time soon. Odds on it having BlueMD or some other deliberately unique medium? =:)
That is such a sweet cartoon :)
O&M remains one of the best cartoons around, I'd say, online or in the papers. That one's a wonderful example of why. ^_^

So - how did you wind up meeting the skwrl?
Hehe blame LJ :D

I found his journal - I forget how now - and started making lots of comments. Then he started a chat on MSN one afternoon and we arranged to meet and chat that evening. We chatted, and then chatted more and the rest, as they say, is history :)
Yipe! Microsoft responsible for eternal happiness? I faint now. =:)

Mm, it can work out that way.. I fell in love by way of a posting on alt.tv.tiny-toons, enquiring about the design of a Furrball plush someone had won in a local radio call-in competition. (It faded away, ultimately, but with many wonderful times to treasure)
I saw that O&M this afternoon and just melted into an orange-furred puddle. Beautiful!
It's a lovely feeling when you can read something someone special's written, and feel a fuzzy glow within, even if they're just running off their groceries list. ^_^ It's not just what they're revealing, but that it's from them, hein?
*nods lots* It's the context that matters most, not the content!
I found a torrent of Mouse and his Child; I should get it later tonight - not sure how I'd get it to you, though. Speaking of obscure animation, you wouldn't happen to have a copy of "The Talking Parcel", would you?
Oh, cool beans! I wonder why there's seemingly never been a DVD release? It certainly sounds at least reasonably good, and gods know, quality's hardly a prerequisite for appearing on DVD.. as my copy of Alien Seed proves adequately. ^_^; Far from the lowest rating I've ever seen on IMDb, but well down there with the dregs.. (yes, it is that bad. I just saw it in Streetlight Records for something like $5, and thought it'd be worth adding to the cheese collection)

Even if for no other reason, something featuring Peter Ustinov is inherently going to be at least enjoyably purely for that. Such a lovely voice.

"The Talking Parcel"

Why, yes I do. ^_^
Aha! We'll have to trade somehow. Admittedly, I have actually not read the book nor seen the full animation of The Talking Parcel. But I caught the last five minutes of it, dubbed into French. Twice. This is the kind of luck I have with television, but anyway, I was intrigued to know what the heck was going on. :)
Definitely! For receiving, I could set up an ftp account easily enough; for sending to you, a self-hosted torrent's probably best, as I can keep that throttled to 26K/s, which allows me to continue with usual net.proceedings without slowing anything else down. Or there's that physical mail I hear about, but I'm absolutely lousy at remembering to go along to the special locations where one must deposit items for transmission.

BTW, have you seen what Kemonozume is like? It's rather a good storyline, told with a variety of somewhat unorthodox artwork styles.
BTW, did you happen to notice this tale of When Librarians Go Bad?
Hello, I just so happen to find your lj of The Talking Parcel. I thought to myself, "OMG, another person out there who knows that awsome animation!" I was beginning to think I was the only one who seen it. No one else knew what the heck I was talking about when I started randomly singing the "sailing to warewolf island.." jingle, or "moon-carrot pie". I havent seen it since I was a child and have been searching for it ever sence. Im not alone!
Awww. I do heart the Ozy and Millie strip so much.
Being an email sort, I've known it more thusly than in person, but it is a wonderful feeling when you see the name of someone special pop up in the inbox.. you know you'll enjoy reading it, without knowing the barest detail of what it addresses. Because it's from them.

(So how come O&M remains purely a self-published enterprise, and things like Happy Musings get picked up for syndication? It's a weird world sometimes.. on the other paw, I could imagine going the commercial route would mean all sorts of editorial restrictions, and for all I know, might wind up not even paying very well, given the way music labels and movie studios tend to pocket virtually everything)
Ah, The Mouse and His Child... A real tearjerker from when I was a kid. I have a used copy on VHS. Watching it now, there are a lot of downright bizarre elements to it.
Still likeable.
No small help from Peter Ustinov, of course.

Treacle brittle!
Oh, it's of a bittersweet nature? Eek.. I should prepare myself, in that case. I remain puzzled why it's so scarce now - no DVD at all, and only a long expired VHS run. Do you think it would sell now, or might it feel too dated? Not that I've got more than a few empty glass bottles to try exchanging for the rights.. but someone must be able to give it a new lease of life, surely, given what else manages to crawl onto DVD.

Ah, Mr Ustinov.. what a wonderful guy. Not just that highly distinctive, lovely voice, but a genuinely personable individual. Still, we do still have Stephen Fry. ^_^

No, no, treacle sticky.
Well, I was kind of an easy-weepy kid, to be fair. I haven't watched it in a while, though those who've seen it, even if the last time was like 1981, still remember something of it. Maybe because it can be so trippy and complex, with a smatter of 'WTF' moments. ^.^
Father and son mouse are part of the same toy, and have to rely on others to wind them- they long to be seperate, self-winding individuals. They're innocents in their travels, and often exploited- everything from chopping wood to stealing candy. Our man Peter U. plays- to the nines- a despicable rat whose drug of choice is 'treacle brittle'.
Worth watching, though YOMMV. ^.^
Just a lil' comment to say thank you for sending your friend who was looking for some costume bits over to us. Much appreciated!
*giggle* Well, you've got such cute goodies on offer. ^_^ (Though there do remain some without photos, like the bunny tails. Everyone should be able to see such tufty goodness!)

Hmm.. you could always experiment with a vendor in Second Life, too. Something basic needn't be expensive at all, though there's always the question of where - the Furnation SkyMall is so packed and with multiple levels, it's a definite risk people would never find you. Maybe some of the clubs, like Pawprintz and Rainbow Tiger, would be willing.
Shame about Lik-Sang. :/
Yep, they're definitely amongst the good guys. *sigh* I really dislike this kind of import limitation - it feels like a restraint of free trade, one of the underpinnings of the EU. Still, I suppose there's a long way to go yet.. in the UK, f'rex, it's illegal to commercially sell imported DVDs, on the basis they've not been certified by the British Board of Film Censors. But who's going to pay to mount such a challenge?

I suppose we can hope they may resurrect themselves in some new form - Hong Kong is if nothing else known for its entrepreneurial spirit. ^_^ (Wish I'd been able to visit before the handover.. sounds like it's been permitted to retain a good deal of its freewheeling nature, at least)
*noddles* Yeah, it's rather strange, isn't it? I remember that there was a reasonably high-profile case in Germany a few years ago regarding cars - VW had sued a company who bought new VW cars in other EU countries (Italy and Spain, for example, IIRC), re-imported them to Germany and sold them for a price that was considerably lower than the price VW itself sold new cars for here. However, they (VW, that is) lost.

As for Lik-Sang... I've got to admit it all seems a bit weird to me. Why does a company based in Hong Kong care about a ruling of the British high court at all? Hong Kong's been returned to China, after all, so the most I would've expected would be a "Dear customers, we're sorry, but we don't ship to the UK anymore" (possibly with a "wink wink nudge nudge", too).

Oh well - with some luck, they'll just come back under a new name.
Awww. A smile broke out over my face after I read that O&M comic-- it's so sweet. =:) I haven't been reading and of my webcomics since coming here, because my net access has been so comparatively rare... but I should start keeping up with that one.