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Perhaps the most beautiful music video I've seen: Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You into the Dark (FLV). So deeply sad, hopeful, wistful, melancholic, and loving.

mycroftb just introduced me to the I Can Eat Glass Project: 'The Project is based on the idea that people in a foreign country have an irresistable urge to try to say something in the indigenous tongue. In most cases, however, the best a person can do is "Where is the bathroom?" a phrase that marks them as a tourist. But, if one says "I can eat glass, it doesn't hurt me," you will be viewed as an insane native, and treated with dignity and respect.'

Make random Sam & Max stuff, win stuff! And there are new S&M goodies to peruse in Telltale's store, including a spiffy b&w sketchbook, "The Age of S&M", and a Max skull & crossbones shirt.

'This is Steve's first Sam & Max book in about 10 years, and it's full of never before seen concepts, doodles, and other Freelance Police-related works of art. Some of our favorite parts are the inside-cover sketches of Sam & Max, along with notations, that Steve made as guidelines for the people doing the animated series, and the list of lines and scenarios that the censors cut from the episodes. (Example: "Please do NOT show Max biting down on a battery while standing in water.")'

In the US government's tireless efforts to protect the American populace from foreign threats, its citizens are now free from the risk of Vegemite.
It sounds a bit like a trial run, really, given the lack of women's shirts entirely - I can't imagine they don't think Max doesn't have fans of both genders. And as these are actually "printed" shirts (I've got two of the other design), rather than made on demand à la CafePress, I could imagine there being a substantial minimum order for outlying sizes.

Still, perhaps you could drop them a line, and enquire - maybe they'd be up for making suitable sizes available through an on-demand printer.

Sort of peculiar, of course, that Vegemite's banned on the grounds of containing folic acid, yet genetically modified crops are entirely fine (and entirely unnecessary), hormonal treatments in meat, and sugar just about everywhere you look.. sweet is nice, sure, but why pump yoghurt up with it? A deliciously creamy yoghurt's great by itself, or some fruit slices, granola, or chocolate chips tossed in. And trying to find sparkling water with a twist of fruit in it can be difficult and expensive - almost all such drinks feel compelled to load themselves up with sugar or artificial sweeteners. (I wonder what a sweetener-free cola would taste like?)
*noddles* I could ask them, but experience shows that they're not likely to do 5XL shirts. 2XL, maybe - but not 5. :/

And yeah, it's strange, isn't it? And it's even stranger when you consider that folic acid is apparently specifically added to flour (in the USA, at least) in order to ensure that people get enough of it. Given that, the ban on Vegemite makes even less sense.

Also, even if there were an adverse effect of folic acid that the ban were (or should it be "was"?) supposed to counter, outright banning the import of Vegemite would be a rather heavy-handed and unreasonable thing to do.

As for yoghurt, I actually like sweet(ish) yoghurt, but it doesn't have to be sugar for me. :) I'd be just as happy with artificial sweetener.

And cola without sweetener... hmm, I have no idea. I imagine it would taste bitter, yucky and generally unappealing, though (although people are certainly already drinking bitter and yucky stuff, beer being one prominent example, so it might still sell).