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Perhaps the most beautiful music video I've seen: Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You into the Dark (FLV). So deeply sad, hopeful, wistful, melancholic, and loving.

mycroftb just introduced me to the I Can Eat Glass Project: 'The Project is based on the idea that people in a foreign country have an irresistable urge to try to say something in the indigenous tongue. In most cases, however, the best a person can do is "Where is the bathroom?" a phrase that marks them as a tourist. But, if one says "I can eat glass, it doesn't hurt me," you will be viewed as an insane native, and treated with dignity and respect.'

Make random Sam & Max stuff, win stuff! And there are new S&M goodies to peruse in Telltale's store, including a spiffy b&w sketchbook, "The Age of S&M", and a Max skull & crossbones shirt.

'This is Steve's first Sam & Max book in about 10 years, and it's full of never before seen concepts, doodles, and other Freelance Police-related works of art. Some of our favorite parts are the inside-cover sketches of Sam & Max, along with notations, that Steve made as guidelines for the people doing the animated series, and the list of lines and scenarios that the censors cut from the episodes. (Example: "Please do NOT show Max biting down on a battery while standing in water.")'

In the US government's tireless efforts to protect the American populace from foreign threats, its citizens are now free from the risk of Vegemite.
In the US government's tireless efforts to protect the American populace from foreign threats, its citizens are now free from the risk of Vegemite.

I can only applaud that... Vegemite is utterly disgusting anyway. =;) Mind you, if it turns out that they're also banning Marmite, then I think cries of "something must be done" will echo through the homes and offices of the nation!
I admit it - I'm not much of one for Marmite either. ^_^; But maybe it's one of those flavors you begin to entertain after one's age reaches double digits. I couldn't stand mushrooms or tomatoes until I was about twelve, although I loved cream of mushroom or tomato soup. (I lay no claims to consistency =:)

Will any of the major parties take up the cause of promoting Irn-Bru and Vimto to the world, though, or let such native drinks be snuffed out in the face of the Coca-Cola Company? (Assuming they've not bought both up by now, of course) And Tango, too, most definitely including their commercials.
They probably will bad Marmite it contains Folic Acid as well :)

Maybe there is a market for making yeast extract with out the added vitamins.

Comerically you can buy yeast extract with the salt and flavours in it so it would only be a case of mixing it with water and putting it in jars :)

Vegemite never tasted quite right to me, although i have tried the Marmite Clones and can't really tell the difference.

I cloned Borvil once, and ended up with something that was better, as it was almost pure Beef Extract with proper herbs spices and salt. It didn't get launched though as the source of the beef extract was too high in some minerals.

Now that Borvil is veggie and a pale substitute for the real thing, they even put raw rice fragments in it to minic the bone fragments it used to contain:( They may be a market in it.
Now that Borvil is veggie

Ah; I have good news on that score. According to the official site, beef extract is back! =:)
Interesting I had heard that it was something to do with the main market being in Asia where they add it to their porridge, and that they had all gone veggie!

Secretly i though it was a cost cut... Guess other people thought the veggie version was crap then:)