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Perhaps the most beautiful music video I've seen: Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You into the Dark (FLV). So deeply sad, hopeful, wistful, melancholic, and loving.

mycroftb just introduced me to the I Can Eat Glass Project: 'The Project is based on the idea that people in a foreign country have an irresistable urge to try to say something in the indigenous tongue. In most cases, however, the best a person can do is "Where is the bathroom?" a phrase that marks them as a tourist. But, if one says "I can eat glass, it doesn't hurt me," you will be viewed as an insane native, and treated with dignity and respect.'

Make random Sam & Max stuff, win stuff! And there are new S&M goodies to peruse in Telltale's store, including a spiffy b&w sketchbook, "The Age of S&M", and a Max skull & crossbones shirt.

'This is Steve's first Sam & Max book in about 10 years, and it's full of never before seen concepts, doodles, and other Freelance Police-related works of art. Some of our favorite parts are the inside-cover sketches of Sam & Max, along with notations, that Steve made as guidelines for the people doing the animated series, and the list of lines and scenarios that the censors cut from the episodes. (Example: "Please do NOT show Max biting down on a battery while standing in water.")'

In the US government's tireless efforts to protect the American populace from foreign threats, its citizens are now free from the risk of Vegemite.
(Deleted comment)
I was quite teary by the end. ^_^; So beautiful, showing how love need never cease.. but then, I'm a hopelessly romantic sort.

Indeed, the style must have been a bit of a nod to the Beatrix Potter tales, ne? Even aside from the narrative, just the look of the video was quite noteworthy. I'd say I'd love to find a good quality version, but then, how often could I actually watch it?
In the US government's tireless efforts to protect the American populace from foreign threats, its citizens are now free from the risk of Vegemite.

I can only applaud that... Vegemite is utterly disgusting anyway. =;) Mind you, if it turns out that they're also banning Marmite, then I think cries of "something must be done" will echo through the homes and offices of the nation!
I admit it - I'm not much of one for Marmite either. ^_^; But maybe it's one of those flavors you begin to entertain after one's age reaches double digits. I couldn't stand mushrooms or tomatoes until I was about twelve, although I loved cream of mushroom or tomato soup. (I lay no claims to consistency =:)

Will any of the major parties take up the cause of promoting Irn-Bru and Vimto to the world, though, or let such native drinks be snuffed out in the face of the Coca-Cola Company? (Assuming they've not bought both up by now, of course) And Tango, too, most definitely including their commercials.
(Deleted comment)
I'm not sure anyone really knows.

It's not Marmite, however. =:)
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(Deleted comment)
The trouble with proclaiming that you can eat glass is that one day someone will insist that you prove it! In a foreign country, probably at gunpoint!
*giggle* Well, the thing to do there would be insisting on having a drinking competition to prepare properly for it, and be confident in your ability to outlast your opponent. ^_^
That Max crossbones shirt is neat, but as usual, they only have it up to XL. What the fuck is up with that? I know not everyone's as tall as me (I'd get a 5XL if they had it), but not even offering XXL seems idiotic to me. I hope one of those guys is checking out referrers, reading this comment, and realising that they just lost a sale and a customer, too. Idiots. >_>

The story about Vegemite is pretty silly, too. *headshakes* We all knew the USA are paranoid already, of course, but this is really totally ridiculous. Well, at least it fits in with all the other totally ridiculous stuff, I guess...
It sounds a bit like a trial run, really, given the lack of women's shirts entirely - I can't imagine they don't think Max doesn't have fans of both genders. And as these are actually "printed" shirts (I've got two of the other design), rather than made on demand à la CafePress, I could imagine there being a substantial minimum order for outlying sizes.

Still, perhaps you could drop them a line, and enquire - maybe they'd be up for making suitable sizes available through an on-demand printer.

Sort of peculiar, of course, that Vegemite's banned on the grounds of containing folic acid, yet genetically modified crops are entirely fine (and entirely unnecessary), hormonal treatments in meat, and sugar just about everywhere you look.. sweet is nice, sure, but why pump yoghurt up with it? A deliciously creamy yoghurt's great by itself, or some fruit slices, granola, or chocolate chips tossed in. And trying to find sparkling water with a twist of fruit in it can be difficult and expensive - almost all such drinks feel compelled to load themselves up with sugar or artificial sweeteners. (I wonder what a sweetener-free cola would taste like?)
Soft spot in my heart for Cutie.

As to Vegemite, I did try it once; absolutely horrid stuff. Still, my ex-roommate was fond of it, and so I feel sad he'll not get his fix, as it were. Terribly silly U.S. policy anyway, I say. :p
I may well have to pick up the DVD hawthorn pointed out, once things settle down a bit on the financial front - quite simply an excellent work, though simultaneously so tragic, yet hopeful at the same time.

I'm not sure I've ever actually tried Vegemite. There is some Marmite in the kitchen, which I might actually try sometime - it's been ages since I last did, and at the time, that bitterness and saltiness really didn't appeal. Of course, I may well have spread it much too thickly, as well.

Wish I could find "plain" yeast spreads around - they seemed quite commonplace in German supermarkets. Quite tasty, even for one as meat-inclined as myself. Will US Customs now be searching packages for illicit Vegemite, as well as Canadian generic drugs?
A former coworker of mine collected odd phrases in foreign languages. One which I remember in Russian, translated phonetically to the best of my memory, was

"Ya val shabeek.
Schneemie schvoi leefcheek."

Which translated to, "I am a magical being. Take off your bra."

He successfully used it as a pick-up line with a Russian girl, too. He was quite the character.
*giggle* Definitely a better line than "was your father in the military?" ^_^ I wonder if opening lines like that are another casualty of the age of IMs and virtual realities? Difficult to tell - I've never really gone dating, and never out somewhere randomly hoping to *cough* meet someone.

Have you heard any particularly bad lines? ^_^
I can't watch that right now, too painful. Very good though.
That image of one of the couple lying there, mouth almost closed.. *sigh* Even though it's simply a story, I keep wishing I could change that situation..