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The names of The Film Crew may be familiar to some select elite - Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy. Perhaps you'll cast your vote as to what movie they should tackle first. ^_^ (Maintaining karmic balance in the world, King Features launches Happy Musings, for those who find Cathy and the Family Circus too edgy)

I thought I'd share a sample track from BT's latest work, This Binary Universe - track five, 1.618. It's sold as a CD plus a (Region 0, NTSC) DVD, which holds visuals for all seven tracks, with stereo 24 bit PCM audio, and a full DTS 5.1 version. For around $14/£11, it's an easy choice to make.

On the goofier side, meanwhile, there's a fun video for The Pinker Tones: Karma Hunters. And the video for Beck - Cellphone's Dead, courtesy of Mr Gondry, is quite cool too.

I am profoundly grateful to mycroftb for noticing iGlow hair gel - turn your hair into a glowstick. ^_^ The gel itself glows, rather than being merely reactive to UV.

Ritterschlag, a dragon training video.

Keith Olbermann offers a historical perspective on other "emergency" legislation passed in previous years, for only the very best of reasons.

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I have no idea.
At the other end of the scale of humanity, some beautiful sentiments on the tragedy of the recent Amish school shooting. For all the wretchedness that may occur, there is such love.

Chax, the handy iChat patch adding things like tabs, just saw an update to v1.4.6. Main little feature that's new to 1.4.6 is that the tabs can now be torn off, for easy separation.

Dinner: a chicken balti pizza, with some sliced turkey and shiitake added, plus some paprika, and plenty of garlic.

mycroftb noticed this sequel (NSFW) to Complication 5's earlier "Bear Riding" image.

Mmm. If I rub the middle segment of one finger swiftly flat across Hyzenthlay (my PowerBook, I hasten to add), it yields a soft, low acoustic buzz, akin to the county's smallest cello. Actually, fingertips work quite well too, it seems. Look, I warned you I'm easily amused.
I find it somewhat disturbing that you actually know your county's smallest cello and what it sounds like. ;)

Jokes aside, though... that comment by Olbermann was great, and it's good to know that journalists like him (or like greg_palast and others) still exist. I think I'll repost his comment, too.

The dragon training video was cute, too. :) And the title was rather funny; I'm not sure if you're aware, but while "Ritterschlag" means "accolade" (i.e., getting knighted), it also can literally be interpreted as "knight slap", which certainly fits what the dragons were doing. ^.~ (Oh, and on a side note... I want a cage like that. MMMrrr.)
*giggle* Well, it's something of a duty to be well-informed about civic matters. =:)

I'm quite impressed by Olbermann. I fear he may be preaching to the choir, but perhaps he can help illuminate the dangers present in actions such as the elimination of habeas corpus - a severe step indeed, and something I very much hope the Democrats will restore, should they regain both the Senate and Congress next month. (How likely that is, of course, is anybody's guess - but while it's been generally held that they'll retake Congress, the Senate had seemed much less likely. Yet, in the past few weeks, the number of competitive races for both houses has been rising, rather than the usual pattern of polls tightening up by now. As a result, the Democrats have been pouring money into new campaign funding, in the hope of securing as many of these seats as possible)

Ah, good reminder about Greg Palast! I should check out his work again.

Ha! Okay, that's a cute pun in the title. ^_^ Beautiful work, ne? I'd like to find a high quality version somewhere. Pity the princess didn't have a collar and cuffs, but I suppose they couldn't go too far.. =:) 'Course, if I'd directed that, I'd probably have had to find some way of working a transformation into it.. mm, I could just go for a new TF tale or sequence now. Perhaps I'll settle for catching up on my huge FurAffinity backlog.. ^_^;
*chuckles* Yeah, a collar and cuffs would've been great - some nice, heavy iron shackles. ^.~ MMmmm... naughty bunny, making me think naughty thoughts. ^.^

Anyhow... with regard to politics again, I'm not sure if he's preaching to the choir. crooksandliars.com probably is (although the choir probably still likes being preached to, too), but MSNBC is probably mainstream enough for him to reach people that otherwise might not know about these issues.

It'll be interesting to see how the elections turn out, too; however, if there'll be Diebold equipment involved again, I'm not sure how accurate they will be. Even *if* the Democrats win, there'll still be the question of whether they wouldn't have won by a higher margin (and whether they wouldn't've have gained more seats) in a fair election...

Still, I'm keeping my claws crossed for them, of course, and I hope that they will do the right thing and repeal those laws that abridge or even outright remove the fundamental freedoms without which a democracy cannot function.

Ah well, we'll see.