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I stumbled upon a machinima show, TrashTalk, in particular a highly snarky Second Life vacation. But there's just something about this 17 second clip that I just love.. (Mildly NSFW) Now do you see how easily amused I am?

ysengrin provides a synopsis of the Military Tribunals Act, now signed into law. As such, the accused may be detained in secret, indefinitely, with no requirement for a trial; should one come about, inconvenient evidence may be withheld, and torture permitted in order to extract whatever result is desired.

There seems to be sufficient cause for optimism on the part of the Democratic party, though, that they're opening a line of credit for some $10m to help propel Senate races, not only Congress; where normally the number of competitive elections would now be narrowing down, the scope of the Dem's hopes is this time increasing, with Ford looking quite hopeful in Tennessee, for example.

Tower 8 is a Flash-based epic work; the first part's just gone up on the site, after a year in preparation. The large version can be downloaded here (it's a Flash-based site, unfortunately, and their webserver doesn't set the mimetype correctly, causing it to load as a text file otherwise). And there's a bunny. =:)

Meet Roger Dean, architect.

And at the other end of the budgetary scale, fleetfur might enjoy the new Scrat short, No Time For Nuts. I wasn't all that taken by the characters in Ice Age, but Scrat's the exception - and this is, frankly, as good a piece Blue Sky's produced since Bunny. Wait for the montage in the middle. =:)

For some private fun, you might try a Wartenburg Wheel (picture NSFW) - apparently on sale there for one cent. Delivery is apparently about $9 in the US, $13 to Europe. (Thanks to schnee)

mycroftb pointed me towards a comics community worth looking into: lifemetercomics. "Life Meter is a collection of comics and cartoon art inspired by our love of videogames. It is intended to showcase illustrated tributes in a vast range of unique art styles, while maintaining respect for the characters and their gameworlds."

Mm, not bad at all! Dinner was some prosciutto tortellini in peppercorn sauce, which I jazzed up with some shiitake and sliced up lean bacon, plus a small sprinkling of garlic powder and smoked hot paprika.
(Deleted comment)
Oh snap! I wonder if anyone might've snagged the FLV of it since it's very easy to download the video files using a Firefox extension like Video Downloader.
yeah.. I've missed that too. :/
Probably we'll have to wait till november and the Ice Age 2 dvd...
Look down. ^_^
Oooh.. thanks :)
Even easier than that - this was Google Video, remember. GVI = AVI, more or less. To which question the answer would be yes. ^_^
Voilà. QT7 gives stuttering audio, presumably because the AVI's not being handled by the DivX plugin, but VLC and Mplayer are fine with it.
Positively dastardly of them. I don't give a hoot about Ice Age 2, but that was actually good. =:)
So is "Bunny in a Ball Gag" going to be some kind of tag for kinky SL stuff?
I'll see what I can do. =:)

It's just got such a catchy ring to it, ne?