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Well, if momentrabbit's going to link to Whovian fan music videos, I'll point out Bagi the Material Cat Girl, by way of mycroftb.

Here's something some folks may not have come across before - an episode of a relatively obscure Aardman production, Rex the Runt. This one's a particularly surreal episode: Under the Duvet.

Another RL company joins SL: Reuters, covering events in both worlds.

I had to think of sockscatt on reading this brief tale of technological woe. ^_^

nicodemusrat pointed out a most amusing perversion: replacing OS X's panic image (as displayed on such an occasion) with a BSOD. ^_^;

This is quite an.. unusual exercise video. Because, after all, nothing says "aerobic workout" like "poodles".

Handy - you can now download the entire CIA World Factbook, weighing in at an impressive 38MB for the complete zip archive. (I was wondering what North Korea's imports and exports were)

Discover the nature of workplace sexual harrassment in this video mycroftb found. (NSFW, as is this related image)

The Energizer Bunny, off-duty. (NSFW)

"Cupcake", with delicious frosting.

And I felt this Opus cartoon was really quite sweet.
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Tags: anime music videos, bagi, cia factbook, kernel panic, opus, os x, poodles, rex the runt, sexual harrassment
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