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Well, if momentrabbit's going to link to Whovian fan music videos, I'll point out Bagi the Material Cat Girl, by way of mycroftb.

Here's something some folks may not have come across before - an episode of a relatively obscure Aardman production, Rex the Runt. This one's a particularly surreal episode: Under the Duvet.

Another RL company joins SL: Reuters, covering events in both worlds.

I had to think of sockscatt on reading this brief tale of technological woe. ^_^

nicodemusrat pointed out a most amusing perversion: replacing OS X's panic image (as displayed on such an occasion) with a BSOD. ^_^;

This is quite an.. unusual exercise video. Because, after all, nothing says "aerobic workout" like "poodles".

Handy - you can now download the entire CIA World Factbook, weighing in at an impressive 38MB for the complete zip archive. (I was wondering what North Korea's imports and exports were)

Discover the nature of workplace sexual harrassment in this video mycroftb found. (NSFW, as is this related image)

The Energizer Bunny, off-duty. (NSFW)

"Cupcake", with delicious frosting.

And I felt this Opus cartoon was really quite sweet.
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that poodle video is so wrong melts my brain
It's so very tempting to take a still from the opening portion and draw an anchor on one bicep and a corncob pipe. ^_^

Where's ma girrl?
Oh, that so needs to be a voice posting. =:)

Reminds me, I never did see that recent CGI feature starring him.. though as I recall, austin_dern didn't feel it imperative to exhort us all to witness this animated miracle post haste. *cough*
heh, I had come across the full Bagi anime movie awhile back when doing a random search on a torrent site. Not a bad movie :P
I should watch that again - I remember very little about it, other than a rather tragic ending, having only seen it once in 1992. That's kept me away from it since, really.. but should I let such an end keep me from enjoying all the rest of it? Surely not.

Ah, to have a Tezuka/Miyazaki marathon someday with good furry company. ^_^ (Maybe with some Kemonozume episodes to really complicate things =:)
I have a copy of the video as well. It's an older anime movie, but definitely has its tender moments, and the end certainly is bittersweet. And yes, such a marathon would be lovely. :)

I saw the poodles a few days ago. They burn my eyes. x.x
I think Whispers of the Heart would have to be in there, ne? It's one of the least fantastic (in the literal sense) of Studio Ghibli's works, but still one of my favorites - the scene where the grandfather's band and the two of them are just in that jam, everyone playing, her singing.. there's something quite magical. And Totoro, well, what more need be said? ^_^ (Did I ever show you that excellent Gordon Lightfoot/Totoro AMV?)

If I were in charge of a furcon's video programming, I know I'd have to slot the poodles in somewhere. The reactions would be priceless. =:)
Yes, very good story; I only wish it was longer. And you know what, I've never actually seen Totoro. o.o I don't think I've seen that AMV either, eep.
True, that was one of their shorter works, more's the pity - Spirited Away, by contrast, felt much more the right length; quite an epic tale, in all.

Ohh! Oh, you must remedy that! Totoro's iconic not merely for being one of Miyazaki's first works, but an outstanding one at that. The story's essentially quite simple, and holds the earlier gentle pacing, forming part of its charm.

Yay! Found a link for that AMV: here. It's set to Gordon Lightfoot's "The Pony Man" - quite an ideal musical selection, and Lostboy manages to edit it into something encapsulating the wonder felt on enjoying the feature itself.
Odd.. I never received LJ's notification for your comment. Everyone else's came through fine - wonder if that's LJ being flaky, or my inbound email.
I've had the notification email arrive hours or even days after a comment has been posted. I think it's just lj being wonky.
Mm, could well be.. LiveJournal doth move in mysterious ways. Though not nearly as mysteriously as Linden Labs sometimes. ^_^;
heh, the cupcake pic is not so safe for work either - his sheath is showing, is that really frosting he's slurping?

Nevermind, definitely not frosting ^.^;;;
Yum, buttercream! ^_^
You know, I always enjoy your entries. They're just so full of nifty stuff and bunny goodness that is usually NSFW :)

Love that Bagi video, it's been so long since I've seen it.
*giggle* It is such great fun being a bunny. ^_^

I really should watch Bagi again someday - but that ending's kept me away for years. But then, I avoided Watership Down for a long time, on the basis of the tragic tone of Bright Eyes. (Speaking of which, there's an.. alternate version thereof here =:) You might recall that being sampled in Osymyso's memorable Fiver to Bigwig)