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I do like the sound of this. ^_^ (Thanks to otter3) "Androgyny rules in Zerophilia, Martin Curland’s audacious feature about a fictional chromosomal abnormality that wreaks havoc with one’s genitals. When the virginal Luke (Taylor Handley) is energetically deflowered by a mysterious Englishwoman he encounters while camping, the incident triggers a dormant condition known as zerophilia, which causes sufferers — if that’s the word — to spontaneously change their sex. Thereafter, every orgasm comes with a price, and it’s not one you can charge to your credit card."

I'd never realised the old Mac game Short Circuit was based on a traditional Chinese tile game, but, indeed - it was something of a reworking of Shisen-Sho. Hence my surprise and enthusiasm when I saw this OS X version thereof, now with Universal Binary goodness. Buy lots of licenses! ^_^

The fantabulous tale of Jopsy Pendragon and his Gizmotronic Particulator.

The Age held quite a decent, though brief, interview with Kermitt Quirk about SL. Amongst other things, it looks at his Tringo game, which has since been picked up by Nintendo for RL distribution.

Spray now have a dance version of the Cadbury's Flake theme available for download. It works surprisingly well. ^_^ Would be fun to see a video made up for it, splicing together the ads from across the decades.. someone needs to throw that into a furdance set, just for the reactions. =:) (And if you've missed out on their version of the theme from The Raccoons, go there now!)

rabitguy noticed an OSS implementation of Flash, gnash. A Windows executable is available; for OS X, you'll need X11 to be present. One big point for its existence is that it takes advantage of OpenGL, permitting much more efficient, smoother playback.

Now that's just funky.. I've got an 85MB video file, and a 25MB audio file. If I add the two together and export it as a single file, it comes to.. 235MB. It's almost as if the audio's being decoded into PCM, but the file's properties show as just the H.264 and AAC tracks. Most peculiar.

Interesting.. seems Nicaragua's planning a canal to compete with Panama's, offering the ability to carry much larger vessels than the latter can currently support. Who will pay the estimated $18b cost? The US has plenty of reason to be interested, but Nicaragua may prefer keeping financial distance, in favor of China.

"It's vile. It's more sad than anything else, to see someone with such potential throw it all down the drain because of a sexual addiction." - Mark Foley, to the St Petersburg Times, Sep 12 1998, commenting on Clinton/Lewinsky.

Bunny for the day, here seen in the company of Mr Bear, by Complication 5. (Via mycroftb. NSFW)
(Deleted comment)
Lovely plumage. =:)
I badly wanted to look at that bunny picture, but its NSFW. I now have to wait till I get home. :o(
Now this is where a smartphone with a good display would come in handy. ^_^ (I wouldn't mind getting something along those lines sometime - main thing would be tri/quad band operation, and the ability to act as a modem, ideally via bluetooth. And if I wanted to actually type anything, a full keyboard)
Damnit! After all that waiting, its a bloody FurAffinity site.
GNASH is coming along nicely, but it still doesn't seem to fully support Flash 7, while Adobe has already released Flash 9. I'm not sure if there's anything strictly new in Flash 9, but I know there's quite a bunch of Flash movies that require Flash 8, at least...

So I wouldn't recommend using GNASH just yet, unless there's no alternative.
If it means I don't get "This movie is known to trigger bugs in the SWF decoder" on just about every flash object, I may look at Gnash.

All we need now is a package called "Dennis". Perhaps Beano could be an Open Source JavaBeans?
Pity gnash isn't a registered trade mark - then it'd be gnash®. =:)
I wonder if that requirement for 8 would typically be due to actually using features new to that version, or just a byte in the metadata saying as much. The latter, of course, could be spoofed.

I think I'll dig up the X11 installer package and take it for a spin. The official plugin works fine, but it'd be quite cool to have even smoother playback, as well as the opportunity to nose through the source and understand what routines are responsible for particular features and operations in a scene.
*noddles* To be honest, I don't know, but I recall that when Flash 8 came out, almost all new submissions on Newgrounds started including a disclaimer that they wouldn't work with earlier versions. That particular practice died down again ultimately, but I guess that's just because pretty much everyone is using Flash 8 (at least) these days, anyway.

Pity the GNASH website's so crappy (like most FSF software pages, unfortunately) - it'd be nice to have a feature matrix that indicates what has been implemented (and in which version), what is being worked on, and what doesn't work at all yet, broken down by the Flash version in which these features appeared.
I found a song today with lots of critters in it! It's by Pink Floyd and it's on the Umma Gumma Studio album. The song is called "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Toegether In A Cave and Grooving With A Pict".


Oops, make that "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave and Grooving With A Pict". Damn e's always getting in the way. Aren't vowels popular enough?
That's a new one to me. ^_^ There does need to be more overtly furry music in the world, like that Run With Us cover. The Watership Down soundtrack, too, is quite a gem of orchestration.