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Woohoo! Nanosaur II: Hatchling is coming next month. Pangea's posted some screenshots, such as this one. 'Course, whether Ocelot will actually be able to usefully run it remains to be seen.

And Mozilla's renamed Firebird to Firefox, complete with spiffy new logo. ^_^ (Though the site's crawling along at the moment)
And Mozilla's renamed Firebird to Firefox

Not *another* rename. I thought they'd settled upon a branding strategy after the last big batch of renaming, which was supposed to avoid any more rebrands. Ah well, it's a nice logo anyway. =:)
And that wasn't even that long ago, was it? But, yes, I think this is a change for the better, even if they got the species wrong. Did I mention "fire fox" is one of the colloquial names for red pandas? ^_^

Hm. Wonder if FoxxFire's ever drawn a red panda? (Linked image definitely not safe for most office environments)
Actually, I'd guessed that Red Panda bit already. I seem to recall it cropped up somewhere in the thread on Slashdot (That wasn't you was it. =;))

Linked image definitely not safe for most office environments

Well, I use Office 2000 when I'm in Windows, so it must be safe for tha... *blinks* Eek! I really hope the uni doesn't monitor too closely what is accessed through their connection. =;)
I haven't seen any Foxxfire Red Pandas and I have all his art CDs... But, the new mascot is lovely! You know that one of the front-runners for the Linux mascot was a fox (wearing shades, drawn by the furrydom's own Al Mackey). Hmmm, I wonder if Foxxfire's website will see an increase in hits from this. >:)
Oooh. Their logo needs tailrings.