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Rather cool demo of LiveMove, the app Wii developers use for recording Wiimote gestures they want to recognise.

rabitguy spotted a most helpful band of fellows: "By leveraging existing electronic voting technology, Election Consultants enhances the voting experience, which ultimately ensures a desirable election outcome."

In the Oslo Natural History Museum, 'Geir Soeli, the organiser of "Against Nature" (the world's first museum exhibition about homosexuality among animals, according to Reuters), said: "We may have opinions on a lot of things, but one thing is clear - homosexuality is found throughout the animal kingdom, it is not against nature."'

'The presence of UK armed forces in Iraq "exacerbates the security problems" and they should "get out some time soon", the head of the British Army has said.'

I must find out more about a Milwaukee band, The Frogs. "Centering around brothers Jimmy Flemion and Dennis Flemion, guitarist and drummer respectively, the Frogs added bassist Jay Tiller in 1983. That same year, Jimmy began wearing what was to become his trademark stage gimmick, a pair of six-foot bat wings." "In 2004, R.T. Rybak, then (and currently) mayor of Minneapolis, crowd-surfed at a Frogs concert at First Avenue, an extremely popular nightclub in the Twin Cities, fulfilling a promise made earlier in the summer when the club temporarily closed due to financial difficulties."

A good weblog to try: Miss Snark, the literary agent. Also where I came across an excellent Hunter S Thompson quote: "The [publishing] business is a cruel and shallow money trench. A long plastic hallway where pimps and thieves run free and good men die like dogs. There is also a negative side."

If you're looking for more ~shiny~ attire, skintightrubber.com looks like being worth perusing. They've got a good range of colors, styles, gauges, and options available, at quite reasonable prices.

Quite a handy little app: flvThing. It has but one purpose in life, one way in which to ingratiate itself with its user - it plays FLV files, leveraging the installed Flash plugin. So, it can't transform them into more portable formats, but it will handle any such files - including ones on MySpace, which appear to use the newest version of the format, which few such utilities can process.

America's Most Fonted: the seven worst fonts, and the people who use them. Special mention to the client mentioned in the comments: 'I think he was also the guy who used "font" as a verb -- as in, "Can you font those letters up?"'

Flatland: the Movie.
And for those without Mac (or even with, if you like), I highly recommend VLC Player.
There is a caveat - third-party apps with no Macrobe involvement won't necessarily be able to handle all FLV files. Here, at least, VLC doesn't know how to handle that teddy bear costume, presumably using the latest incarnation of the format. But it's fine with most of the GooTube stuff. Pity it doesn't respond to drag & drop of FLV files, though, at least in the OS X version, but I suppose one could just set the app to open a given FLV as VLC or similar.

VLC rocks, in any case, as does mplayer. ^_^ Between those two and QuickTime Player, it's a rare file indeed that's so poorly compressed as to confuse all of them. VLC's UI could certainly use an overhaul (in the prefs department especially), but it's capable of just about any format under the sun, with no messing around with identifying and downloading individual codecs.
VLC's UI is indeed very much simplified, and I admit, I typically only use it for files that my Media Player Classic can't view. Incidentally, for those Windows clients, I do highly recommend the latter; it's all but replaced my Real Player and Quicktime, except for imbedded web content.

Odd though, that you're having trouble playing that teddy bear video with VLC. Mine seems to play fine. I have had a couple other files not work with it, however; of course, to be fair, I could not get those video files to work with any of my media applications. You probably are right about the Macrobe, though I've not personally experienced it thus far.
Hm - I wonder if the Windows and OS X versions handle flash video files differently? As I recall, the Windows version hooked into the Windows Media libraries to offer complete WMV playback, which obviously isn't an option for the OS X version. Thankfully, that's not something I run into often, and Flip4Mac works very nicely where I do need WMV playback, given it's a licensed product. By all accounts, it's a much better bit of code than WMP was. ^_^; (Better yet, as it's a QuickTime plugin, if you pay for one of the non-free versions, you can then import WMV into any QT-based app like any other source media)

I still wish the QuickTime Player (as opposed to the QuickTime group as a whole) group would beef up the app into something more than just a basic player/editor. MPEG-4 offers good chapter support, f'rex - being able to author such files would be a nice bonus. Easy selection from a choice of audio streams would be good, rather than having to go into movie properties and uncheck the streams you don't want. Soft subtitle support would be very cool, but probably extraordinarily unlikely - only geeks even know of such things as SRT files. ^_^; Maybe I should try my paw at a fully featured QT player.. not so much to make money off it, as just a fun programming exercise. Still, I think I'd be better off diving into OpenGL.

Ooh, is that icon your own work?
Ooh, is that icon your own work?

Hehe, well I created the icon, anyway. The three images I found from a Japanese website, a promotion for "Helen the Fox," which looks to be a very heartwarming story about a boy who finds a fox kit, who's mother died. He and his family takes in the kit, who the boy names Helen, but the boy's father (whom I think is a veterinarian) finds out that Helen is deaf. Well, needless to say, I really want to see the movie at some point, although I doubt there'll be English subtitles.

I almost downloaded flvThing, but then I noticed it was for those weird computers that only self-described artists use. ;)

Regarding the "most fonted" article, I think I should comment on this quote from TFA:

These days, just like an e-mail from an "@ aol.com" address has a distinct lack of credibility, an e-mail written in this font makes the sender seem ridiculous and out of touch.

Technically true, but personally, I think that *any* email message written in a particular font makes the sender look ridiculous and out of touch. HTML email does have its uses, but just like a 1995-style "zOMG lookit me homepage!!!11" web page doesn't compare to a well-designed site, an email written as HTML just for the sake of being able to use different fonts etc. only really says "hey everybody, look at me, I'm clueless!".

That being said, the article was quite funny. I particular like this quote:

Curlz MT is not a font; it's a cry for help.


I was about to say I've used styled email on a few occasions, to be able to use a little italicising or bolding, but that might well be going as RTF rather than HTML. Trouble is, of course, marketers are in a universal deadly embrace with HTML email - so I'll occasionally wind up with email "pages" that are too wide/tall for my viewer pane. Add in the fact I have inline HTML images turned off, with a button to explicitly load them, and most such email doesn't tend to look terribly impressive. If it ever did.

I admit, the article caught me straight off, with Comic Sans at the top. Though, to be fair, the comments do note that there are sometimes appropriate uses for it, such as - amazingly enough - within the context of comics. It's still much overused, but it can fit in properly in the right setting. As opposed to, say, medical records.. ^_^;;

Curlz, hee!
*noddles* There probably *is* a place for every font, but most of the time, you don't need more than the basic ones - stuff like Helvetica, Times New Roman and Courier. :) Also, what many people seem to consistently forget is that one of the most important things about font design is subtlety; using a slightly different font for your website, for example, is perfectly fine, but if most users will stop and say "hey, this is a font I haven't seen before!", you've overdone it - you've distracted from the actual content. Presentation is good, but it should always, well, present the *content* — not itself.

Or at least, when you want to present some sort of content, as opposed to being creative or artsy. :)
Their puppy play area is a bit lacking, no muzzles at all!
Really? That seems like an essential. Though, being a bunny, I wouldn't really know - we're too sweet and innocent to need such things. ^_^

Bunnies... sweet and innocent? Sure! The big lie! I see through that facade!

Yes i think that a nice muzzle, and one of those anally fitted tails would be better purchases than the dog mitts. True they are more expensive
(Deleted comment)
Oh, those are rather cute! And probably fairly easily modified into hooves, too, with a little more liquid latex, plus even a little fiberglass for a complete hoofy look.. I wonder if the site offers a wishlist feature? ^_^
See my comment above. They are nice but not really an essential item for puppy play. IMO
I usually use Arial for anything professional, but I really like using Comic Sans MS for... you know... comics?

I also use it in my SL store to label my toony products.
That Election Consultants site better be a satire. Actually, that fits since the whole US voting system is a joke.

Can't wait to see Flatland. Loved that book! Next challenge... do Rudy Rucker's follow-up romp through Cantorian trans-finites... White Light!

Nice to see da bunny butt in useage. Such a cute tail. Uh Ooh... no badboybunny on yer friends list? Danger Danger!
It does sound like they'll be taking some liberties with the source work, but that's hardly a new cinematic phenomenon - but it's a wonderfully refreshing line, compared to Hollywood's terminal love of remakes (come on, Psycho? Why did that need a new version?).

My, those were some interesting 'suit files you were searching for the other night. =:)
Ha! What else but Hollywood could take a SEVEN page story, or a TWELVE page story and turn em into a full length movie? ("A Sound of Thunder" and "Harrison Bergeron"). It was late, I didn't read much of the synopsis (28.8 blues *sigh*). Still all in all a very surprising book to make into a movie.

Mmmmrrrr... I freely confess to an attraction for a saucy yiffable fursuit. Hey, there's worse things! *grin*
(Deleted comment)
Noooo! And hide all that furry yiffable goodness! Perish the thought! Catholic school-girl outfits... that's the ticket!
Thing is, its quite erotic not knowing what is being hidden :)
And red and blue would actually work against a light plaid pleated skirt, too..
*grin* Or, in my case, the only fur.. if a UK furcon ever happens (it'll probably be a LondonFurs meet that just gets too big to simply call a "meet" - that Christmas bash sounds suspiciously like a mini con), someone's got to put on a skit on that theme.
The Wii interface looks .. amusing. I support exploring alternate input devices such as haptic interfaces, but I got better stuff free from a contest: mems gyros for roll/pitch/yaw using Zigbee wireless. I don't see how the Wii controller is any different from the P5 gesture glove, which was just an LED implementation of the Nintendo PowerGlove.

re: fonts. I agree with the sentiment. I remember the day a newsletter editor "experimented" with a sans-serif font. It was unreadable and ugly, and friends were more hopping mad than I!