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Ah, it's official: Torchwood will debut on BBC3 only. First ep will be on BBC1 simultaneously, on Sunday Oct 22, but the rest are for BBC3 only, until the New Year, when it'll be repeated on BBC1. Interesting that they'd choose to hand BBC3 such a coup, but presumably uptake of digital terrestrial and satellite's broad enough now to permit such a move.

rigelkitty spotted a new study published in The Lancet, which estimates some 600,000 deaths in Iraq due to the post-invasion violence. The report can be downloaded in its entirety here.

Finally, I got around to watching Buffalo Boy, a tale of 1930s life in Vietnam, the title taken from the livelihood of those who'd take locals' buffalo away to higher ground when the floods came, for a fee. It's a raw tale of abandonment, and of the essential need for others' company and assistance, in conditions that make those endured by Steinbeck's folks seem luxurious. Beautiful and harrowing, it manages to convey the feeling of life at that time surprisingly well, even given the cultural gap for a foreign audience.

It's heartening to see some nations continuing to look forward and dream, with news from Sweden that "the state agency SSC has carried out a technical study showing that it is indeed possible to put a little red cottage on the moon." (Thanks to befrafa)

So very cute! razzlfraz found this video featuring a giant plush teddy bear that they'd turned into a costume.

otter3 noticed this interview with Nicholas Meyer, director of The Wrath of Khan. (Also uncredited screenwriter for it, as well as involvement in the two others I'd consider the best of the series: writer on IV, and writer & director on VI)

XaoS is a good fractal generator, with plenty to choose from, along with various coloring modes, and an autopilot mode. (OS X, Linux, Windows; or, for older versions, BeOS, OS/2, old Mac OS, and DOS)

A possible sign of corporate retrenchment? It appears Sony's pulling out of LCDs entirely. A little surprising, given the ubiquity of LCDs in new TVs, with plasma remaining a good contender at the upper end - the volumes involved would seem to be still sustainable, as opposed to, say, cellphone and PMP displays, now wholly a commodity offering, though still with differences of quality between manufacturers, and different grades.

Not all that many people probably know of Eudora, but, I still have a soft spot for said mail app. ^_^ It's just been announced that future versions will be free and open source, coming in the first half of 2007, and will be based on Thunderbird. If they manage to make a smooth transition of the underlying engine, I'll certainly give it a try. Mostly, I get along with OS X's Mail quite well, though it still exhibits design quirks that irk me slightly, such as taking a second or two to switch between mailboxes, where Eudora would bring them up instantaneously, as well as leaving mailbox selection in the menubar, rather than as a pane; for something only requiring occasional access, a pane seems an inappropriate UI design choice.
That bear costume is cute... the proportions are too far off for me to find it sexy, but still, it's an interesting idea to take a plushie and turn it into a plushsuit. ^.^
For me, there's just that special appeal of actually being a plushie. ^_^ I suppose you'd inevitably sacrifice some visibility, though you might well be able to see something just through the fur.

So, all I need to do is find a very cheap 6' bunny.. =:)

(Though I did once open up an inflatable orca as an impromptu costume of sorts - worked quite well, in fact. Not one for public use, however)

For me, there's just that special appeal of actually being a plushie. ^_^ I suppose you'd inevitably sacrifice some visibility, though you might well be able to see something just through the fur.

Oh, yes, I feel the same way, too... but there's a certain point where a plushsuit becomes *too* unrealistic for me to really enjoy it anymore. :) It's kinda like with "toony" (as opposed to realistic) fursuits; these can be very cute indeed, but once they go beyond a certain point and venture into "super-deformed" territory, they just lose all appeal to me.

In any case, if you come across a 7' wolf plushie (or any 7' plushie really), do let me know. ;)

And that orca sounds interesting, too. ^^ You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of it, would you? ^^

You too, huh? *giggle* I think there's a strong sense of innocent there, to be all big and cute and cuddly, to love and be loved without all the drama or hardships that come from daily stress and such. At least, that's how I view it. It's one of the reasons I like fursuits as much as I do; it has a strong effect on people's perceptions, they become more open, more relaxed and in general happier. (This, barring the exception of the rare few who get creeped out by such costumes, usually due to a bad childhood experience, I've found...)
they become more open, more relaxed and in general happier

I think the same can be said for those within the fur as well, ne? ^_^
Oh definitely. And trusting too, I'd think, considering how difficult it would probably be to get out of such a thing. But it's not entirely unlike the feeling of mutual trust between a person and a regular plushie. I think all this is definitely part of the magic of it all. :)