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Beer for the day: Bath Ales' "Wild Hare", an organic golden pale ale, with a calculated sharpness of hops, but not lacking the essential maltiness - here from wheat and barley - of a good ale. Ratebeer page here.

sockscatt pointed out this video of MIT's "Whiteboard", demonstrating a cart drawn on it; the program understands that the wheels will carry it down the slope, and animates the consequences.

If you ever heard The Firm's "Star Trekkin'", you'll remember it.. and here's the video (FLV download). Boldly going forwards, 'cause we can't find reverse

Or, for a classic bit of 80s synth: Visage - Fade to Grey (FLV).

And speaking of YouTube, you've probably noticed that it's been confirmed: Google's buying them for $1.65b in stock. No word yet as to whether the founders have called Mark Cuban to say "nyah nyah nya-nyaaah nyah".

Good Amiga interview here. But only five people working on OS5? That's not a large team for an application, let alone an OS; but, if they can pull a hare out of their hat, I'll be watching.

If you're within reach of Cardiff, Nov 19 sees a Doctor Who concert at the Millennium Stadium: "Composer Murray Gold and the Doctor Who team are working together with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the BBC National Chorus of Wales to stage the show. The star-studded concert, which will take place at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, will feature the BBC National Orchestra of Wales performing selections of Murray's celebrated incidental score, accompanied by a host of stunning visuals from Doctor Who.

The audience can also expect live appearances from some of The Doctor's greatest enemies including the Daleks and Cybermen. David Tennant has confirmed that he will be on hand to take part in a question and answer session alongside Russell T Davies and Murray Gold." (And four days later, the Scissor Sisters are in town =:)

shep_shepherd noticed Germany is being kept safe through vigilance: 'A large area near the town of Halle was cordoned off after a "flabby red, orange and green substance" was found by the road, Reuters reported. Fire officers in protective suits spent two hours inspecting the substance before concluding it was jelly.'

An interesting article on Archer Daniels Midland, one of the US' largest agricultural corporations, examining their recent promotion of ethanol as a fuel. (Coke lovers have them to thank for high fructose corn syrup, too)

So, Tower Records is/are history. They've been sold to a bidder that intends to liquidate the company, for $150m.

For the Bay Area folks: two CompUSA stores (3201 20th Ave, SF and 3149 Stevens Creek, SJ) are closing, with 30-60% off most stuff, and "at least 15%" off computers.

Word comes down from Studio Ghibli that Miyazaki himself is embarking on another project, for mid-2008 - but no other details have been revealed as yet. (His son is directing the studio's next release; they're not entirely in accord, with the father apparently expressing his artistic objections via another studio director)

Rather cool photo taken by deffox of lightning around wind turbines.

And sphelx noticed the quite wonderful auto bird turd emergency kit from Grumpy Girl.
Apparently, you've merged into one being in my subconscious. ^_^;

Oh, CompUSA's prices are often fairly horrible. But, as you say, they're handy on occasion - like when I wanted to see if the VisualDSP++ IDE would run happily under VirtualPC (and more importantly, the ICE driver), so we went out to the nearby CompUSA and picked up a copy, with remarkably satisfactory results. (Got to love the pricing - with XP Pro, it was something like $250, or naked, about $200)

But I suppose the same story's repeated in many retail sectors. I was just reading an article the other day about an independent bookseller that, faced with price competition from net.retailers, chose to modify his business fairly drastically, cutting stock greatly, and opening a cafe inside instead. Seems to have worked - people come in, browse books, and enjoy a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere in which to peruse them. Makes sense - you can't hang out in Amazon's cafe, after all; they're making better use of the fact they're a bricks & mortar store.
Apparently, you've merged into one being in my subconscious. ^_^;

*chuckles* :-)
This is my photo, and this is my Foxie's. We end up photographing a lot of the same things... :-)
It's when we're both in the same photo that you have to watch out. One never knows what to expect. ;-)