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Just a quickie to note that there's now a trailer for Torchwood. ^_^
Well, you're kinda buying into the same mistake that the digital TV people (and Blue Ray DVD and.. well DVD and CD and...) people make.

Most people have a threshold where cost vs quality balance out - so increasing quality isn't in and of itself enough to move them to pay more for something.

As HDTVs drop in price more people will buy them, but most people aren't buying home theatres yet either. :)

As for CPU power, I don't know how fast your system is, but 1,6GHz P4 or higher is recommended by KWorld for their DVB-T stick and you can get a USB2 DVB-T stick for like 20 pounds if you look around.

I'm told that EF had kind of out grown the usual castle in Nuremburg and might even be moving to Belgium next year... so it's hard to say.

I'm not sure if you're still in the UK or if you're in the US at the moment, but it can't be that hard to hop an EasyJet or RyanAir flight to EF... gotta be cheaper than Feral. :)