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Just a quickie to note that there's now a trailer for Torchwood. ^_^
Wow! That's all I can say... well maybe a few things about Cpt. Jack there, but I'll leave those unsaid. :)
Now I'm going to have to watch The Empty Child again.. ah, now there was a debut. ^_^

(And then, of course, the climax with the Dalek invasion.. oh, gods, that was quite a piece of television. The license fee isn't cheap, but I'd say it's worth it just for the few shows I do watch/download. After all, cable's hardly free, and even then, you're still stuck with 33% ads. How's the Canadian digital TV system? Is there a Freeview-like digital terrestrial free-to-air offering?)
Yes, ATSC, except it's tied to HDTV, and it's not really promoted like DVB-T is in Europe or Asia, and not surprisingly, there are very few options for computer capture of it. I think KWorld or Happauge just finally came out with a USB tuner that can do NTSC and ATSC.

I'm picking up a hybrid analogue/dvb-t tuner stick for my impending visit to EuroFurence next year. I want to see Bernt das Brot again! :)
Ahh, the HD tie might serve as an impediment. (A pity, of course, given the wonderful quality achievable - I need to upload a clip or two sometime to help illustrate the difference in clarity) Certainly, digital terrestrial's been quite well promoted in the UK, where Freeview offers quite a good spread of channels, all free-to-air, with the boxes coming in at around £30 and up. As I recall, as in the US, this is in preparation for shifting to 100% digital TV in a couple years - it seems that'll be fairly easily achieved.

As for HDTV, though, that may yet remain a satellite-only option. I may look into that, purely for the resolution, but I'd need something more powerful than Hyzenthlay to decode broadcast streams - even 720p is pushing things, given the volume of data being shuttled around, and MAXBUS never breaking above 166MHz.

Still, that gets into gadget territory, when the far more important matter is what's shown, and who to watch it with. ^_^

EuroFurence does sound like a pretty cool time. I might be tempted to get along there sometime, and similarly Feral - both break from the usual generic hotel venues, and my impression is the food and drink offerings around EF are rather better than the usual buffet fair. ^_^ (An Iron Chef event at a con could be fun.. it'd be fearsomely difficult to arrange, though)
Well, you're kinda buying into the same mistake that the digital TV people (and Blue Ray DVD and.. well DVD and CD and...) people make.

Most people have a threshold where cost vs quality balance out - so increasing quality isn't in and of itself enough to move them to pay more for something.

As HDTVs drop in price more people will buy them, but most people aren't buying home theatres yet either. :)

As for CPU power, I don't know how fast your system is, but 1,6GHz P4 or higher is recommended by KWorld for their DVB-T stick and you can get a USB2 DVB-T stick for like 20 pounds if you look around.

I'm told that EF had kind of out grown the usual castle in Nuremburg and might even be moving to Belgium next year... so it's hard to say.

I'm not sure if you're still in the UK or if you're in the US at the moment, but it can't be that hard to hop an EasyJet or RyanAir flight to EF... gotta be cheaper than Feral. :)