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Have a look at this trailer for Tachiguishi Retsuden, the latest work from Mamoru Oshii, known for Avalon and Ghost in the Shell. Then remind yourself it's about people who work in fast food.

Via relee, a somewhat novel machinima: 'After challenging viewers to make him a Jedi hero, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert described "an actual dream" of his. It featured a squadron of Nancy Pelosi clones, Soledad O'Brien in a gold bikini, and Karl Rove's sail barge. Silver & Goldie Goodman recreated Stephen's dream, bringing his fighting spirit to a new level of super heroism.'

There was some good discussion in the comments on the Linden weblog here, over the nature of Second Life's political structure, including the assertion that, in essence, it's an absolute monarchy at present.

GameSLave is a handy reference Wiki, listing all the games being offered in Second Life, within various categories such as Adventure, Board Games, Casino, Roleplaying, and Trivia.

Squirrel lovers - or just fans of good animal photography and artwork - might want to check out a new community, fun_squirrels. Russian an advantage, but not required. ^_^

Good electronica of a crunchy ambient nature (if perhaps a bit too easy with the echo) from a fur: Schrödinger's Dog - Synthetic Rust.

Fancy a TARDIS? Yours for only $4500 or so, buyer collects from Chicago.

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