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mycroftb pointed out this outstanding video: the Free Hugs campaign. Simply brilliant. ^_^ Feel like doing likewise?

Now this is something of an unusual music video, from a Russian singer, "Vitas" - and bear in mind the only voice you're hearing is his. maus_merryjest is the one to offer an expert opinion thereon, of course.

Another bunny with a pancake on his head. =:)

"Top House Republicans knew for months about e-mail traffic between Republican Mark Foley and a former teenage page, but kept the matter secret and allowed Foley, R-Fla., to remain head of a congressional caucus on children's issues, Republican lawmakers said Saturday." (Here's one example chat he held) Said committee is the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus, which includes sexual predator laws in its purview.

This G4 Midnight Spank bumper starring monkeys (everything's funnier with monkeys) has to be seen.

Kirk and Scotty, in a commercial for Powergen's market flotation in 1990.

Here's another promising lycrawear source: Spandexman. Quite reasonable prices, and a decent selection. Because the world needs more ~shiny~.

Via moth_wingthane, news from LiveJournal of two new aspects to the site: sponsored communities, and sponsored features. The first is fairly self-explanatory, though it remains to be seen how companies choose to use such - a dumping ground for press materials wouldn't be of much benefit to anyone, but a genuine forum for discussion with the people involved could be quite worthwhile. The first such community will be supporting Michel Gondry's new movie - will MG be an active participant, or will it just be a cheap alternative to making a bespoke site for the movie? (First indications suggest the latter, unfortunately) The thought occurs: why would a company bother sponsoring a community, when they can already get one for either free or nearly free?

The less alluring aspect, though, is in sponsored features, such as an SMS gateway - and here, if you choose to use that feature, even paid users will be treated to whatever self-promotion the company chooses to include. No. That's a significant part of why I maintain a paid account - there's plenty of advertising around already, and I prefer to pay for the service directly. It may begin with an obscure service of little interest, but the scope of such advertising is unlikely to shrink rather than expand.

Every fur can relate to this Lio strip involving a werewuf. Wonder if they'd be interested in selling it as a t-shirt.. how good is full color shirt printing now? I'm still impressed by the quality and durability of the (regrettably long out of print) Associated Student Bodies shirts.
Heh, I'd keep up with a paid account, but I'm poor, and LJ is a low-priority when it comes to wasting money.
Oh, true - but it's at least a very low cost luxury. ^_^ And worth the relief on one's eyeballs from the nigh omnipresent intrusion of BLINKYBLINKYLOOKATME on so many sites; LJ's not gone that far yet, but one can only wonder how long that'll remain true, should some advertisers wave more moolah beneath their corporate snout.

Reminds me, I need to pick up some bubble bath sometime. ^_^
Through the combination of Firefox, Adblock, and the Adblock Filterset.G updater, I rarely see any ads at all on the 'net anymore. On LJ, all I see is the border for the div containing the ads and the "Customize" and "Feedback" links for them.
Ahh, right - I use OmniWeb almost all the time. Its ad filtering works reasonably well, with the major exception of flash crud - but that's almost always easily remedied by disabling javascript for the site, which also takes care of that annoying auto-"link" feature that popped up recently on quite a few, adding advertising links to words scattered through the body of the article, including mouseover junk. Gack. Makes me wonder what life on the web's like for someone with an out-of-the-box copy of IE.. but I'm not one for gruesome scenes. =:)
You can block flash in Omniweb by checking 'From blocked URLS' in the Adblocking preferences, then adding the expression \.swf to the top list...this way, if you want to load flash content, you will have to click it first.
It's too bad that the Midnight Spank commercials are far superior to anything I've actually seen during that time slot. I have to wonder though, why was the Guinea Pig eating a leg censored and replaced with the kidney eating GP?
Hee! That does seem to be the general opinion. So much for the "merger"..

Yipe! I've not seen either spot. ^_^; Did they fear an outbreak of people imitating the ad and attacking others' legs with condiments and cutlery?
I had a post linking to YouTube videos of the three MS commercials (the butterfly, deer, and guinea pig). Like a month ago I try to show someone all three and the pig one is no longer up. I come to find out, they changed the commercial and the older versions have all been removed.

It may just be because I have a sick sense of humor but I find a leg-eating guinea pig to be funnier than a kidney-eating guinea pig ^.^
Blah! That's one of the problems with the net, of course.. so easy for things to be spirited away. Normally, if I see something on YouTube or the like that seems worth keeping, I make a point of fetching the file with the assistance of KeepVid. (Being a laptop addict anyway, I like having local copies out of practicality - I won't necessarily always be within reach of a net.connection)

Mm, a kidney eater more conjures up Hannibal Lecter than anything else, for me.. there's just something innately funnier about leg gnawing. (Exhibit A: Kenya!)
*prints out yonder PDF and heads into the bathroom for a few minutes* That looks thoroughly entertaining.
And let's not forget Laura Bush's steamy lesbian potboiler novel.. ^_^

(On the other paw, having seen some of it, it's better forgotten)
OooO! Cool icon, where did it come from, is there moare-biggar?
Indeed.. voilà!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

An example to us all. ^_^

As for where it came from - 4chan, I believe, in one of their recurring bunny threads. It's one of 0r0ch1's works, of course. I'm toying with the idea of getting a tail tattoo based on that - if I can't have the real thing, that wouldn't be such a bad substitute. And no need to buy new swimwear. =:)
Perhaps you mean Lynne Cheney's book. But that doesn't compare to Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff and current inmate Scooter Libby's book "The Apprentice" which was reviewed by the New Yorker:
...the novel was rife with sexual deviance of the kind typically denounced by conservatives. It brimmed with homoeroticism, included scenes of incest, and featured descriptions of many different bodily fluids. Copies of the book sold for high amounts after Collins' article was published. While the response to the novel included much amusement, some readers found a few passages particularly disturbing. One in particular combined bestiality, pedophilia, prostitution, and biastophilia in just two sentences:

At age ten the madam put the child in a cage with a bear trained to couple with young girls so the girls would be frigid and not fall in love with their patrons. They fed her through the bars and aroused the bear with a stick when it seemed to lose interest.
Another passage introduces necrophilia, as three hunters copulate with two freshly killed deer.
66 used and new copies available on Amazon for as little as one penny! I'll buy one if it's autographed!
Ahh, of course, yes - brain fart there. We are as yet, I believe, unacquainted with Mrs Bush's literary talents.

as three hunters copulate with two freshly killed deer.

Ye gods and little fishes.. I wonder if he'd waive copyright for its public immortalisation in Google's book repository? Such work warrants a much broader critical audience.

I'll buy one if it's autographed!

"With love"? =:)

Well, that's this year's Christmas presents taken care of.
That free hugs campaign looked inspiring ^^ Maybe I should start something like that in the residence here... though maybe I should wait until this stomach bug outbreak dies down...

Spandex has never really been a big thing for me, except for shorts. I want a pair of lycra short shorts... I'm too gay...
It's quite wondrous, ne? At the outset, I had the feeling it was going to be more cynical, or at least wistful - but the way it just developed.. ! (But, yes, good point with the outbreak :-P)

Only shorts? Ah, interesting! For me, it's more the other way around - I've got shorts as well, but it's leggings that hold the real allure. (It's also surprising how comfortable such lycra can be, even in winter - back in Minneapolis, I'd just wear two pairs at the same time, and I was perfectly comfortable) Other than regular mail order, of course, there's always eBay - often quite a good source, in fact, especially if you're wanting something more fun than solid black/navy/grey or such.
AHA! I was wondering when we'd get to hear someone like this. If I am not mistaken, he's what we would call a hormonal castrato. So-called "natural castrati" are born with hormonal disorders that reproduce the vocal effects of castration without the surgeon's knife. Radu Marian and Jorge Cano stand out as extraordinary "natural castrati". Both are gifted talents, providing the opportunity to appreciate voices that incarnate the past castrati.

Some uncastrated male singers are able to sing in the soprano register, apparently without the use of the falsetto voice; they are known as endocrinological castrati.

That's the only way a male could hit those notes: endocrynologically, something happened. But what a gorgeous soprano voice he exhibits up there!

Hey! Porsupah, if you think this guy is amazing, you should hear Yma Sumac!

Do I have permission to send you some Yma Sumac mp3s? :)
Ahh, that makes sense - he made even Freddie Mercury's earlier tonal span seem limited.. !

Oh, by all means! I'm always open to new music, and the link's easily capable of swallowing entire hectares of data.
But where do I send it toooo? :P
All is revealed in my user info. ^_^