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We all know Christopher Walken is supremely cool. But listen to him discuss tails with Conan O'Brien, and you might respect the man even more. ^_^ Clip here. He agrees that yes, if it were possible, he'd consider having a tail attached - a big, bushy sorta thing. So.. any con fancy inviting him as a guest? Celebrity furry makeover, yay! ^_^

Did you know there's a giant earwig rampaging across Germany?

discopanda might be interested in a happy panda hat. So cute!

momentrabbit spotted this adorably tiny Tetris game cabinet, based around a camcorder viewfinder for the display. ^_^

Apparently, "ῥαφανιδόω (rhaphanidoo)" is Ancient Greek for "to sodomise with a radish", as employed by Aristophanes in "The Clouds".

And rabitguy noticed more Rickay (and Thrash) from BunnyBoyz, by Max BlackRabbit, here. Yay!
Ahh, right! Mmm, I think I'd agree - the brim goes better with the beard.

Yay BNC! Such a good connector, such a pity the cheap'n'nasty RCA phono style won out at the low end - but, I suppose with margins there being as they are, every economy gets taken. (Though assembling a BNC connector onto a cable can be some degree of entertainment, if only for observers)

I'm sure I recall someone on my f-list mentioning they have or had a Vectrex.. tilton maybe (who seems to've more or less deleted his journal?). Such a neat idea for a system, especially around the time of its launch, given the state of raster graphics at the time.
I'm sure I recall someone on my f-list mentioning they have or had a Vectrex..

I do too.

*helpful kitty*