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, , , , , , , , tiny tetris Date: 2006-09-28 17:37 Security: public calm
We all know Christopher Walken is supremely cool. But listen to him discuss tails with Conan O'Brien, and you might respect the man even more. ^_^ Clip here. He agrees that yes, if it were possible, he'd consider having a tail attached - a big, bushy sorta thing. So.. any con fancy inviting him as a guest? Celebrity furry makeover, yay! ^_^

Did you know there's a giant earwig rampaging across Germany?

discopanda might be interested in a happy panda hat. So cute!

momentrabbit spotted this adorably tiny Tetris game cabinet, based around a camcorder viewfinder for the display. ^_^

Apparently, "ῥαφανιδόω (rhaphanidoo)" is Ancient Greek for "to sodomise with a radish", as employed by Aristophanes in "The Clouds".

And rabitguy noticed more Rickay (and Thrash) from BunnyBoyz, by Max BlackRabbit, here. Yay!
Yeah, I remember on SNL like a year or two ago that Jay Mohr repeated some conversation he had with Walken on the set of Suicide Kings. It's funny how he'd so rather have the tail than the ability to fly :P
Oh, I think I'd go with the tail over wings, too. Flying would certainly be very cool indeed (and practical!), but the tail.. well, and ears, of course, given that's where much of rabbit language resides, with accentuation provided by the nose.

I'd like to see a good, long interview with CW sometime. One where he's not there to promote anything, just chatting about his life and observations.

I wonder if he could be tempted onto Second Life for such a purpose.. difficult to imagine he'd spend time on something without compensation, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to ask..
Well they didn't actually mention wings, just the ability to fly. And Walken's response was something like, 'I can take a plane anytime I want, but with a tail...'

I had posted more on that on santa_fox's lj the other day :P