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We all know Christopher Walken is supremely cool. But listen to him discuss tails with Conan O'Brien, and you might respect the man even more. ^_^ Clip here. He agrees that yes, if it were possible, he'd consider having a tail attached - a big, bushy sorta thing. So.. any con fancy inviting him as a guest? Celebrity furry makeover, yay! ^_^

Did you know there's a giant earwig rampaging across Germany?

discopanda might be interested in a happy panda hat. So cute!

momentrabbit spotted this adorably tiny Tetris game cabinet, based around a camcorder viewfinder for the display. ^_^

Apparently, "ῥαφανιδόω (rhaphanidoo)" is Ancient Greek for "to sodomise with a radish", as employed by Aristophanes in "The Clouds".

And rabitguy noticed more Rickay (and Thrash) from BunnyBoyz, by Max BlackRabbit, here. Yay!
Why can't the English language have a word for "to sodomise with a radish"?
Well, I did notice someone else in the comments claim there's an English word involving ginger instead.. ^_^
Well, what about an English word meaning "to sodomise with a habanero"?
Reminds me of the phrase encountered the day after a feisty Thai curry, or a phall or vindaloo: "the ring of fire".. ^_^;
I've never had curry, actually.
Eep! And mycroftb was just saying the other day he hadn't either. Maybe I should set up a lunch truck touring around the curry-deprived states. ^_^ Thai curries are coconut milk based, and fairly differently spiced to their Indian counterparts, of which there's a wide variety, many based on tomato. Between them all, as you might expect, you can encounter a range of heats from Minnesotan up to solar corona.

'Course, in compensation, you've probably got easy access to mouth-wateringly delicious barbecue.. :-9
Actually, there is a good Indian place around here, but I haven't found it (I only found out that it existed on Tuesday, so...). Don't think there's much in the way of Thai food, though.

Actually, the good barbecue is on the other end of the state, which is about 500 miles away.
Ooh, that could be fun to try out when you're next out as a group. 'Course, I suppose much depends on how they interpret degrees of heat - some places' "hot" can be quite mild, whereas some really mean it. And then there's the inevitable variability of restaurants - with Indian particularly, some places can be a bit free'n'easy with the oils, and some chefs are just better than others. All part of the adventure. ^_^

Hm! Maybe you need to open a place locally..
I learned about the restaurant when my intro to ethics prof ended up using his love of eating (and cooking) Indian food as an example for something (forget what, though). Since, in this case, he's the expert on Indian food, I'll have to take his recommendation. Might be worth it to drag him along so I can have recommendations on what to eat in particular (as well as the side-effect of maybe getting him slightly biased towards me when it comes time to give me the grade for the course).
I don't know. Christopher Walken with a big bushy tail would still kinda scare me. ^
He wouldn't be him if he didn't. ^_^ (Has he ever been on Sesame Street, I wonder?)

What species would CW be? I'm thinking snow leopard might suit him well - fits his tail preference, too. Red panda would as well, but.. no. ^_^
Yeah, I remember on SNL like a year or two ago that Jay Mohr repeated some conversation he had with Walken on the set of Suicide Kings. It's funny how he'd so rather have the tail than the ability to fly :P
Oh, I think I'd go with the tail over wings, too. Flying would certainly be very cool indeed (and practical!), but the tail.. well, and ears, of course, given that's where much of rabbit language resides, with accentuation provided by the nose.

I'd like to see a good, long interview with CW sometime. One where he's not there to promote anything, just chatting about his life and observations.

I wonder if he could be tempted onto Second Life for such a purpose.. difficult to imagine he'd spend time on something without compensation, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to ask..
Well they didn't actually mention wings, just the ability to fly. And Walken's response was something like, 'I can take a plane anytime I want, but with a tail...'

I had posted more on that on santa_fox's lj the other day :P
Interesting hat. Then again, I already have a different hat... (warning, 1808x1216 image) :)

As for the tetris game, I'd've rotated the screen 90 degrees and displayed the game vertically, instead of horizontal with all that dead space on the sides...

Although what /I/ think would be cool is if someone rigged up an old Atari 2600 controller with Asteroids inside and just a BNC jack on the back (or maybe even a retractible cord with a BNC plug in place of the original cord) to output the graphics in X/Y format. :D
Ahh, right! Mmm, I think I'd agree - the brim goes better with the beard.

Yay BNC! Such a good connector, such a pity the cheap'n'nasty RCA phono style won out at the low end - but, I suppose with margins there being as they are, every economy gets taken. (Though assembling a BNC connector onto a cable can be some degree of entertainment, if only for observers)

I'm sure I recall someone on my f-list mentioning they have or had a Vectrex.. tilton maybe (who seems to've more or less deleted his journal?). Such a neat idea for a system, especially around the time of its launch, given the state of raster graphics at the time.
I'm sure I recall someone on my f-list mentioning they have or had a Vectrex..

I do too.

*helpful kitty*
I don't think there is a generic word for to sodomise with a root vegetable either!
Obviously, one must be coined. You could be famous!
uuummm... root-a-bang-ass? :)
Aniseroot. ;)

...Is he... humping that log? o.O
Walken is da bomb!

What an awesome interview. Who knew? Christopher Walken may well be furry. And for further evidence, I found this quote:

"Bear costumes are funny... Bears as well."

I think that's a really fantastic idea you've put forward there: a con invite. This needs to be pursued. ^_^