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The quite inimitable otter3 pointed out this outstanding outcome of a bet, of a lapine nature. We need more bunny journalists, I say.

And I'm indebted to tgeller for pointing out the very thing I'd been curious about: a furry domain registrar, HareLink.

ysengrin noticed Arduino, a microcontroller in the vein of the erstwhile Basic Stamp, but rather cheaper - around $4 per microcontroller, against some $50 per Stamp. Better still, as the IDE is open source and gcc-based, it's cross-platform, available for OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Rather cool - the NY Metropolitan Opera offered a simulcast of Madame Butterfly on a huge screen in Times Square. The journo also noted 'Alongside the giant image of his character BF Pinkerton proclaiming that "a Yankee travels the world, he drops anchor wherever and whenever he pleases" a recruitment video was playing for the US armed forces, complete with a picture of a stealth bomber.'

It's apparently one part of the Met's attempt to reclaim a fresh audience for opera, with the cheapest tickets down from $26 to $15, HD simulcasts to cinemas in the US and Europe, and downloads (including, yes, ringtones).

Can't really make this stuff up.. in advance of the Borat movie's release, the Kazakh government's taken out a four page promo for the country in the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune. ^_^

Cute. AllSimps links to every episode of the Simpsons, in streaming Flash video. Be prepared to endure load times.

Lio is a particularly good strip, despite being syndicated. Here's an example of what I enjoy about it. =:)

That is weird timing indeed. I wonder if it's possible NetSol - given the kind of company they are (it is?) - stores such whois failures and notifies third parties of that potential interest so they can swipe the domain? Technically, that'd be trivial, if massively unethical. Still, not a big matter here.

I wonder if they do use GoDaddy for the back-end, or if that similarity's due to the TLD registrar (NetSol, for .com and .net)..

Ah, if I'd only thought to get a good lapine domain back when I first set up mine, back in Dec 1996 - but, there are some quite good ones still available, though not including fluffybunny.com or bunnytail.com. With any luck, I should be able to see about that next month sometime, though I'd likely keep the current name active anyway - it's one of the very few elements of my life that hasn't changed, and my email address is almost part of my name now. ^_^