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xkcd shows what can happen when geekdom meets romanticism. Aww. ^_^

My, what wonderful freebies one can find.. I must thank the sweet and innocent fleetfur for pointing me in the direction of this wonderful diveskin (which also comes with swim fins, scuba tank, and dive light) from Jump's Dive Shack in Furnation Aqua. It's non-modifiable, unfortunately, but for no cost, I'm happy. ^_^

I've found my birthday present. ^_^ Elgato's EyeTV hybrid tuner, handling analog and digital broadcasts, as well as providing RCA & S-video inputs for other video sources, all in a tiny USB stick. Not dirt cheap, at around £100/$150, but looks like an excellent all-in-one worldwide solution.

It's only at the prototype stage, but it seems to be looking feasible: a new kind of inkjet printer that has an entire sheet of inkjets, rather than a print head, printing a page in one go. Obviously, this has the potential to be quite fast; a 12x12cm prototype is running at 1000ppm.

Frog paws look like they'd have some fun costuming applications, though they're only available in black. But for $20 ($28 outside the US) a pair, they're cheap enough for experimentation. Casting some out of a suitably soft silicone might be fun, too. As moth_wingthane notes, however, it doesn't look as if their ordering system is secure - caveat emptor.

Please behold Beijing's penis restaurant.

My room is a portal of randomness sometimes. I just found five Turkish 175,000 lire stamps, despite never having yet been to Turkey. However, I did rediscover my copy of Wildlifers. Yay!
The penis restaurant sounds interesting, although I'd probably not eat in any restaurant that sells parts of endangered animals, no matter how much they claim that the animals in question only died of "old age" etc.
True, I keep imagining a bit of a wink and a nod as they say that. Surely much easier to find a live tiger and make it a dead one than happening upon one already thus.

I'm disappointed the correspondent in question didn't go into a proper culinary review of the offerings. ^_^ Seems like it'd have quite an odd texture..
Probably... but I guess it also depends on how it's prepared. :) It'd definitely be something I'd like to try, though; the only problem is that you're probably unlikely to find it in the Western world at all, and if you do, it's going to be rather expensive. (That's one reason why I never tried bull testicles, for example: I saw them on the menu at a tex-mex restaurant in Hamburg once, but they were so expensive that I said "that's not worth it").
Yeah, I was reading along going "okay, a penis place. Little unusual, but hey, everyone's got their own deal" until they got to the tiger part, which completely alienated me.

I get the feeling you can probably get stag and ox penis up in the city, and probably fairly inexpensive, but obviously that's not how I usually think of putting cock in my mouth, so it's far from a priority.
(Deleted comment)
Ah, but this you can take with your PowerBook anywhere in the world! And be able to capture video from non-DV sources. The latter's what would swing me, if I had the money - I've still got a fair amount of footage on Hi-8 that'd be cool to bring into the digital realm. I'd have to check whether its output is suitable for iMovie, though - I'm guessing probably not, without transcoding, though requantising MPEG-2 can be fairly fast, as Toast's DVD-5 shrinker demonstrates.
You'll have people *believing* I'm a sweetie! :)

That new inkjet will probably cost more than Comet's entire inventory of standard inkjets! Cool idea though.

At the other end of the scale with $100 laptops ... wouldn't the developing world rather have $100 worth of farming tools, wells and food?
*giggle* Shhh. I won't tell if you won't. =:)

I wouldn't be surprised that once a print sheet like that gets into mass manufacture, it might wind up being very cheap - just look at the routine complexity we take for granted in color CRTs, LCDs, and hard drives. Which is not to say HP et al won't apply a suitable premium for ones that work well.. it's the ink cost that's kept me from buying an inkjet. With prices falling as they are, I'd be more tempted by a color laser.

Not a bad point - but there's a lot to be said for being able to tap into the worldwide repository of knowledge and porn that is the web. Ideas for new techniques, pooling resources, etc. Therein lies a crucial missing part of Negroponte's efforts, though - connectivity. A difficult matter to solve, given the patchy condition of African telephony, due to lack of funds and the harsh conditions - in more populous areas, it seems cellphones are very popular, precisely because of the lack of dependence on a wired network. (I was surprised to notice Zimbabwe's backbone appears to be provided by Inmarsat, rather than some undersea cable, but again, if they can swing a suitable deal, it's presumably a good bit cheaper to put up a ground station than lay thousands of miles of armored cable)
Mugabe probably uses AOL, just to be 'special'. :)
Wonder if Kim Jong-Il does too. ^_^

Gods, imagine the day when North Koreans can freely visit a cybercafe, and see all the web has to offer.. I've occasionally wondered what fun might result if the West were to airdrop thousands upon thousands of Iridium satellite phones, with prepaid airtime, or even GPS-locked to operate for free within the DPRK. (For one thing, lots of enterprising Chinese using free satphones along the border =:)
Supposedly Kim Jong Il is an avid watcher of what the world says about him on the interweb. The rest of the time, he watches any movie he wants to, because he's all powerful and dictatorial. And probably likes popcorn. ^_^
I see the Sheet Printer as one of those toe-in-the-water projects. It's nice to see a whole-page inkjet array, but that seems fairly exclusive. Why not hark back to the days of line printers? Instead of flying a head over the page, you could have a bar of jets spanning the width of the printer. The paper then moves past them as it normally would and gets printed in a single motion. Less movement, less noise and probably much faster.

Hmm. Could you print like that without the stepped paper motion? At the moment, you must stop the paper while the head flies across, but if you're printing a whole line at a time, could you time things accurately enough that you won't blur things if the paper just moves steadily past?
Indeed, that line-at-a-time principle's what LED printers employ - but they don't seem all that widespread, though as that article notes, that may be due to vendors just calling them laser printers anyway.

But if a sheet printing assembly could be mass produced cheaply - and I'd imagine that's not outside feasibility - then you're looking at something very fast indeed. Wonder if such sheet printing's only monochrome? Probably wouldn't matter for a lot of applications, especially in the office.

Of course, you won't be able to play music on them as with line printers. ^_^
That's OK. You can just use your scanner instead.
Oddly, I've been trying to find this sort of thing for a while because I want worldwide TV + DVB-T for Europe for when I visit.

Alas, most of the hybrids don't support SECAM-L correctly - and thus do not work in France, which is a must for me - but obviously, may be irrelevent for you.

Oddly, the one you point to looks a LOT like the WinTV HVR-900 from Haupauge - although Haupauge's version doesn't come with the breakout cable - although you can clearly see on the photo that it has the same port on the side...


Annoyingly - you can't get the world-wide hybrids here in Canada easily.
Agh.. looks like there's some clarification needed. At the bottom of their page for the EyeTV Hybrid INT, I see "Available in countries supporting the PAL/SECAM standard (including Europe & Australia) and in countries where digital terrestrial television (DTT, or DVB-T) is broadcast. Single EyeTV units do not support all standards; purchase EyeTV in the country you intend to use it in, to ensure support of your local standard". And there's a separate EyeTV Hybrid US.. *sigh* I think I'll wind up dropping them a line to be sure, as I'd really want a single unit that's good for PAL and NTSC (whatever happened to 819 line broadcasting in France?). A single standard would still be useful, but certainly not the simple solution I'd prefer.

I wouldn't be too surprised it's Hauppauge's hardware rebadged - or whoever the actual original manufacturer is, given it's pretty much all from Taiwanese and Chinese emporia to begin with. ISTR someone working on an open source OS X driver project for USB video widgets like that.. (might be a fun project to dive into, for that matter)
Have you seen the Cinergy devices? Soooooo close... the hybrid does everything - except France... and the analogue one does everything except DVB-T. :)

I'm already resigned to getting two - a good solid universal one for analogue and a DVB-T one for that. Then there's ASTC for HD in North America.

You'd think that starting fresh with digital, we could have picked ONE standard.. but NOOOOOO... :)
Those paws do beckon to have something costumey done with them, though I worry they might get gross and clammy after a while. Regardless, I emailed them to see if they take PayPal; will let you know what comes of it.
Please let me know the outcome of that too if you could? When one is pondering doing an otter costume, this would work very well (just need to see if I can bribe anyone in the US to buy it for me... 40% extra on international orders is very very excessive for a place like Canada)
Just heard back. Bah. No PayPal option, just Visa or Mastercard, either through the insecure form or by fax. Bah.
For now, I suppose fax looks like the best option. Wonder if they're within service range of tpc.int..

A bit of googling around suggests they don't have much by way of third party distribution, either; I'd been wondering if they could simply be ordered elsewhere.
BTW, the similar "paws" are available from www.skintightrubber.com for £4.60. Expensive shipping tho.
Oooh, nice catch! And their catsuits aren't too badly priced, either.. I'll have to mention them in an entry. ^_^

What are their postage rates like? The site seems silent on the matter, and I didn't really want to go creating an account just to try finding out via checkout.

Pity they're only available in black, but I suppose that goes with anything..
Postage was £11, but I ordered some other small things too. Dont know if that's flat rate. Oh, please don't credit me for the find as I dont like my certain interest being public.

PS. You on any messengers? I'd like to chat with you if that's ok.
Ook! That's a bit extra, indeed. No problem with the non-accrediting, naturally.

*sigh* If only it were as cheap to pick up a catsuit or diveskin RL as in SL.. still, for a significant purchase like that, I'd probably be better off waiting a few months anyway, even if I currently had the means.

I do use AIM, though I tend to prefer email over IM - the info's in my LJ profile. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Eep! You've tried downloading the latest client (which will be obsolete after Wendesday's maintenance, 0700-1200 PDT), I presume? Might be worth seeing if their support folks can help - a crash at startup isn't just client instability, more something completely unexpected being missing.

Let me know how that goes - I'd love to actually meet you there.
*speaks with a presumed Turkish accent* "Perhaps one who stays in room will find stamps, and accidently drop them on baby. Then, when he's making a booze run maybe he will accidently put baby in post. Then the baby will be mine! Bwah ha ha ha ha haaaaa!