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No longer a virgin, for this eve, mine eyes were shown, at last.. an essential classic - and, at this point, Loganberrybunny and Enteirah should perhaps be sitting - was seen. For, finally, I have been able to witness, and revel in the beauty of, Watership Down.

I don't really know why I've never seen it before now - it's hardly a title I'd been unaware of, either in animated or printed form. (Indeed, a dead friend lent me a copy of the book when I last visited) Perhaps the famed song was a little foreboding for me.[1]

(FWIW, the recent WD quiz pegged me as Pipkin, although I think I might be closer to Hyzenthlay)

Does it need to be asked how I felt at the end? I've read of descriptions thereof along the lines of "bittersweet".. and, well.. I don't know. It seems more towards the latter, for me. And just to contradict myself, yes, I was shedding tears at the end.. of happiness, I think, at a life so fully led, and with such great hope for the future of the warren, with all the kits bounding around in such comparative safety.

[1] An alternative pseudo-karaoke version emerged from the legendary UK SatAM show Tiswas. It is not quite of the same character as the original. ^_^ (Needless to say, I must locate a copy of the clip)

How on earth do I follow such an experience as this? Ye gods. Well, as the sage said, "If in doubt, wash".
Woo! Bunnies!

I haven't seen that in so long... I remember wondering why the bunnies had white stuff coming out of them along with their blood, but I realise now it's probably froth from their muzzles...

Anyway, for the longest time hearing Bright Eyes used to make me cry... It still does sometimes..
Yep, Bright Eyes is a truly moving song.

(Oh, and I love the new usericon! =:D Yes, that was the main thing I wanted to say. =;))
Indeed.. I wonder if it wasn't that tragic beauty of the song which fended me away from the film for so long. (How odd to finally discover its context.. if I'd only known!)

I can't help but envisage Kero-chan besmitten by your new icon.. I might have to try drawing that at some point. ^_^ (Sadly, I've no examples of my *cough* artwork - all the moving around has taken its toll. But I'm trying to locate a pic or two from FNC and Rowrbrazzle)

I wonder if I could get the roomie to watch Rock & Rule (coming soon to DVD!)? Not impossible, though he seemed to wander in and out while A Goofy Movie was showing on satellite a few weeks ago. (A title I picked up on laserdisc, yay! Ahh, the possum park..)
P.S: Do you have some form of communication other than LJ? Your userinfo is vague. :)
It's more fun that way. ^_^ Well, one system I have an account on is irresponsiblecybernetics.com, and the username's trivial to guess. ^_^
Not yet. ^_^; I've been known to poke my muzzle into Hotline and IRC from time to time, though the latter basically for anime fansubs. And HL too, for that matter - pity there's far fewer servers around now than two years ago, as it's an appealing combination, offering public and private chatting, message boards, and file serving, all in one bundle.
*grumble* Which IRC server?
Gods only know. ^_^ It's been a while.. think all of the anime groups migrated from enterthegame a while ago. I recall #anbudom (ANBU's channel) had some particularly fast servers available, but I've been receiving my fansubs exclusively over BitTorrent for the last six months or so.

I wonder what furry-related IRC channels there are? I could be tempted to wander along, even if I'd likely be all quiet an' shy. ^_^;

I did try signing up for an AIM ID a few weeks ago, but I think my long-expired .Mac account must still be reserving the name. Maybe I'll pick something else that's sufficiently ringtailed. I don't think I've ever actually fired up this copy of iChat.. (mercifully sans webcam!)

Ooooh, pretty.. oh, I'm going to be doing this all night. F9-F11, by default, operate Panther's Exposé features. Shift-F9 to 11 do the same things, but in slow-motion. It's so shiny!
I still have some of your artwork buried in my collection. Should I scan it and send it to you? :)
Oh, finestkind! Yes, absolutely, please do!

Who knows? Maybe I'll even get around to playing with this new pen and pencil at some point.. 'course, scanning anything will be slightly inconvenient, as I've only one SCSI cable, which is normally used by the CD-R, and that doesn't support hot-swapping, meaning a restart or two. But, I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.
Excellent! Another one has joined our dark movement. Now there is only a limited amount of time before we overthrow...

I mean, I'm glad to hear you've finally seen this (Assuming you're talking about the Nepenthe film). It's a wonderful film. I know it lacks a few details from the book, but without a doubt they still did an excellent job to cut such a long book down into a 90 minute film... in fact, I think I may have to watch the DVD of it again now. (It doesn't take much to persuade me! =;))
I'd have shown it to you had I known.
By all means, I'd still enjoy you doing so. ^_^ (Can Vicky come, too? We'll be the sensation of the Circle line! ^_^)

The more I think about it, the more I feel there needs to be much greater furriness in everyday life.. and [dramatic pose] I may be just the fur to do it.
*smiles* I can't really add much to what enteirah has said in his own comment, but I'm very happy to hear that you've got to see the film at last, and that it had such an effect on you. Overall, I think it's a wonderful adaptation. =:D

Anyway, must stop now. I have to see a rabbit about a dark movement. =;)
Yay you! Though I've only seen it once myself (*ducks and runs*) it truly is a favourite and a masterpiece of animation and literature. :)

Oooh, I've been meaning to read that someday. I hear it's good. Even if it doesn't have raccoons.
There aren't many raccoons in Great Britain, no...
There are according to Disney's live-action 101 Dalmatians *shudder*
I'm told that there are Raccoons in Germany. Hermann Goering imported them in the 30s, and they spread.
Yeah.. I can't imagine how horrible that must be. It's no wonder so many colonists came to the new world. As I understand it, it started with the vikings setting up a colony in Newfoundland or thereabouts, but it was too far north. Without raccoonery, there was no reason to stay, and the settlement was abandoned.

Centuries later, we have Columbus setting sail to find a better route to the Indies, around which the red pandas are to be found. Of course he never made it there, but ended up discovering a land full of raccoonery.

From then of course came more settlers over the centuries looking for a better, raccoony way of life, or fleeing procyonid persecution. Or just looking to make it rich in the land of shinies.
Funnily enuff I watched WD on Saturday night, having bought the DVD just after Christmas. With me were klepsydra, watching it for the first time in 20 years, and wardy, watching it for the first time ever.
Gah, this is appalling. OFBUN's targets are that 104% of seven-year-old furs should have watched WD at least hrair times by the time they're six. =:P
Is there also a target for increased bedwetting and Scary Dreams?

You know, I actually saw Watership Down the cartoon when it aired ... sometime in the 1980s, I think on CBS. It just didn't really hold my interest, somehow.

I did get around to reading the book in the middling-to-late 90s, but honestly didn't get that much charge out of it. I think by that point I'd seen enough bits of it absorbed into the general culture of furry bunnies that it ended up being the explanation of a couple running in-jokes and not much else. I didn't care for the way exposition was balkily blended into the narration.

That's not to say you're wrong if you enjoyed the book or the cartoon, of course. My tastes are far enough out of alignment that I liked Marvel's New Universe line of comics, after all.