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No longer!

No longer a virgin, for this eve, mine eyes were shown, at last.. an essential classic - and, at this point, Loganberrybunny and Enteirah should perhaps be sitting - was seen. For, finally, I have been able to witness, and revel in the beauty of, Watership Down.

I don't really know why I've never seen it before now - it's hardly a title I'd been unaware of, either in animated or printed form. (Indeed, a dead friend lent me a copy of the book when I last visited) Perhaps the famed song was a little foreboding for me.[1]

(FWIW, the recent WD quiz pegged me as Pipkin, although I think I might be closer to Hyzenthlay)

Does it need to be asked how I felt at the end? I've read of descriptions thereof along the lines of "bittersweet".. and, well.. I don't know. It seems more towards the latter, for me. And just to contradict myself, yes, I was shedding tears at the end.. of happiness, I think, at a life so fully led, and with such great hope for the future of the warren, with all the kits bounding around in such comparative safety.

[1] An alternative pseudo-karaoke version emerged from the legendary UK SatAM show Tiswas. It is not quite of the same character as the original. ^_^ (Needless to say, I must locate a copy of the clip)

How on earth do I follow such an experience as this? Ye gods. Well, as the sage said, "If in doubt, wash".
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